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  1. I think what pushed it over the tipping point was there was my transfer support was always real low. I was doing a youth save so I wasn't signing anyone and I got rid of quite a few on the roster after taking over. Dont know if that was a factor but I was suprised to it came so early. Never gotten the boot that early in a season after survival in any FM before.
  2. Welp survived my first season in Turkey. Lost the first 5 games the next season and got the sack lol. Deciding where to go next. Might give my Dafuge save a go before trying again.
  3. Good to see some of the same names back in every year. Good luck Sweden can be a fun save Same going for me in Turkey. Just above the Relegation line with 6 to go and I got the "could be last in charge" news article. Luckily won that match 2-1. Just finished the games and finished 3 pts above the drop. Taking 7 of 9 pts the last three games saved us. Tough to survive the first year going youth save. Hopefully hte board keep me around long enough to get a footing.
  4. I have returned for another go this year. For the first time I will be playing in Turkey and have taken over Manisaspor. In this attempt I will be trying to give the new Development Center feature a go and will try this as a youth save. Could be quite a long or very short save lol Intro Profile Club Leagues
  5. Anyone seen other than East Killbride come up in Scotland? Restarted multiple times and they keep coming up.
  6. Love seeing what you are doing with Viikingit @The_Gato_In_Goal They were the team I used for the old Gundo challenge last year. Got close to completing it with them. Fun save. Fixture congestion is tough though.
  7. Bikerod Season 02 - 2020/2021 Roster - Transfer - Finances - Group Table - Relegation Table - Youth Intake We had an inconsistent season. Compared to the first season we increased our goals scored by 6 and conceded 10 less but finished with fewer points. Again we finished 9th in the group stage and were sent to the relegation group. We finished strong going 3 wins and a draw in our last 4 to finish 5th in the relegation stage and clear the relegation zone by 9 points. Overall we finished 17th. Chris Jacobsen was our top scorer with 19. Rasmus Gasberg was good on the wing with 6 goals scored (all pens). Tobias Jepsen(1B) and John Bech(1C) both had strong second seasons. Christian Christensen(2A) is the pick of the intake this year. Basically is one of the top players at the club day 1 but could not use him the 2nd half of the season as he didn't turn 16 until after the last games. Dennis Myhrmann(2B) will also see some time next season once he turns 16. Season League Position Europe Training Youth JC YR Notes -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2019 2.Division 15th No Basic Poor Minimal Basic 2020 2.Division 17th No Basic Poor Fairly Basic Fairly Basic
  8. Bikerod Season 01 - 2019/2020 Roster - Transfer - Finances - Table - Youth Intake The team to start is pretty void of talent. We actually had a good first month picking up a couple unexpected wins but we hit a hard patch midseason. We finished the prelim phase in 8th out of 12 and were placed the in the relegation stage. In the relegation stage we finished 3rd of 12 although we only cleared relegation by 2 points due to the midtable being very tight. Overall we finished 15th. Our youth intake was very helpful in keeping us up. We had 3 guys basically go straight into the lineup the second half of the season. GK Andreas Andersen, CB Tobian Jepsene, and CM John Bech all saw good minutes. Season League Position Europe Training Youth JC YR Notes -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2019 2.Division 15th No Basic Poor Minimal Basic
  9. Hello everyone! Never really done a Youth Challenge but this year is the year to try. I will be making my first attempt in Denmark with Bikerod. Have a couple seasons down and will be posted shortly. Announcement Profile
  10. Hey all. Ive been horrible about posting updates for my FC Viikinigit save this year. Mostly been just playing it offline. I did get to year 2030. Won the Finish top league 6 seasons in a row. Got into Champs league as well. This was my final game of the save.
  11. @rlipscombe thanks. been enjoying the save to much to stop and post but figured i better throw them up today. @The Art of Drowning i have a feeling im going to be in the same boat as you this upcoming season. Good luck!
  12. FC Viikingit Season 03 - 2020 Review Squad - Transfers - Finances - Fixtures - Table - Season Review Team Leaders - Team Awards - League Leaders - League Team Leaders - Team Records So to start the season it seemed like we would steamroll everyone. We won our first three league matches by a combined score of 24-3 and won 7 of our first 8 matches including a club and league record win. It seemed though that teams started to pickup on how to get at us and the form dropped a bit. The defense was still a bit to leaky so I kept tinkering a bit moving from the straight 4-3-3 to a more 5-2-3 the last couple months of the season. A good run of form in there got us back into the Championship race but ultimately we fell short and finished 2nd to FC Ilves by one point. We completely smashed the league goals scored in a season record as well. By finishing second we got into the two leg promotion playoff with top division 2nd to bottom finisher FC Honka Espoo. Leg 1 was at home and we made no doubt who would be going through by crushing them 6-0! The 2nd leg gave us another 2-0 win to win the tie 8-0. We are officially promoted to the Veikkasliiga! Hopefully the move to the top division will make some cash available to the club as the finances are not to good. The chairman sold out young striker Kuusisto out form under me. Key Players: Andi Haliti - Youngster got into quite a few matches scoring 3 and setting up 3 from the midfield. Getting U20 caps with Kosovo Daniel Kollar - Free from Gnistan Helsinki. Was really looking to upgrade our keeper and Daniel came in and did great. Demba Camara - One man wrecking crew. 28 goals and 18 assists. League Player of the Year, lead league in Goals, Assists, and POM Elias Tuomela - Role changed a bit this year but still great production Faraz Ahadi - Expected a couple more goals for his role but still did well in the middle Niko Ikavalko - The old man keeps on producing with 15 goals and 13 assists Tom Linjala - Free from Miki Mikkeli. The youngster stepped in and scored 11 goals with 3 assists. Will have a main role next year. Teams already trying to get him Tommi Korkeakunnas - Biggest surprise of the year. Brought in last year as depth youngster. Stepped in this year and was our best defender. Next years goals - Survive the top division
  13. FC Viikingit Season 02 - 2019 Review Squad - Transfers - Finances - Fixtures - Table - Season Review Team Leaders - Team Awards - League Leaders - League Team Leaders - Team Records - Best 11 All Time Our second season got off to inconsistent start. We just couldn't get players going consistently. Midway through the season I decided to scrap the 4-1-2-2-1 and go straight 4-3-3. This lead to an almost instant turnaround. We won of our final 13 matches to finish in 4th one spot lower than last year and 10 points behind the playoff spot. The formation switch lead to quite a bit larger squad than I like to run as it was tough getting rid of those unneeded. Overall our squad is stronger than last year but still not strong enough on the back-end for my liking. Key Players: Alex Lehtinen - Free from FC Ilves. Came in and made the left back spot his own. Bob Diasonama - Another strong season from our right back. Not sure how long he will feature in the future though Demba Camara- Did not score as many goals as last year but did lead the league in assists Elias Tuomela - Our best player this year. Managed 4 goals and 3 assists from midfield Faraz Ahadi - Free from KTP. Brought in to be an attacking mid option. Scored 4 and setup 2 Niko Ikavalko - Free from KTP. The veteran stepped in and lead the team in goals with 13. Inconsistent but very good when it was his day. Peter Ojala - Free from FC Espoo. Signed as just a depth youngster when he got he in produced with 8 goals Rasmus Holma - Defense is still a question mark but again he was our best Next Seasons Goals - Aiming for the playoff spot again
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