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  1. True. I tend to play both ends of the spectrum. Start off as the team I support....Rangers. Then once I'm bored of that, play as a lower league side. So yeah, my experience of playing as a Blue Square North side, for example, is realistic. But when I do go a bigger side, like Rangers, I'd like a realistic, challenging experience. At the moment FM isn't offering that in my view.
  2. I view FM as the managment game that favours realism where possible. If you want an easier, more straightforward experience, go buy one of the alternatives. But one area where I feel they are getting it completely wrong is transfer funds..........it's just too easy to get your hands on a fortune to spend. I've gone Rangers, for example. You start the game skint.......fine, that's realistic. The summer passes with little chance of activity unless you sell. But then in my first January window the board gave me £10m. Then in the following summer, they gave me a further £10m at least from memory, and with player sales I ended up spending over £25m. I've only gone Rangers so far in FM10, but my experience of past FMs going other sides is the same. Clubs far too quickly accumulate huge sums of money to spend that they would never be able to spend in real life. I think most of us choose to play FM for a challenge, we want to be tested. The financial side of the game is taking away from the challenge.
  3. I am currently playing as a lower league side. I'm currently well within my wage budget and not spending a penny on transfer fees, but we are losing money every month. I started off in debt, and that debt is rising month after month at a fairly substantial rate. So......I'd just like to know, can I be sacked if the board feel the debt has risen to an unacceptable level ? Or am I safe as long as I stay within my wage budget ?
  4. Perhaps it's just an Old Firm problem then. If that's the case, as a Rangers fan, I really hope it's looked at before the next version comes out.
  5. I understand that, so I think we are all agreed that there isn't an issue when you play as a lower league club. But for those that want to start the game as a Premiership or Old Firm side, for example, there is an issue here that needs to be addressed in my view. It's not just about realism, in my view the game is more fun when you have to work within a tighter more realistic budget and seek out bargains.
  6. Yeah, I think in lower league games it's fine. I've gone Blue Square north sides and it's been fine in this respect. But I think once you start playing towards the top end, say EPL, Championship, SPL.......it's too easy to pile up a huge transfer kitty. Fair enough if you're having to sell to build up cash, but I think the boards shouldn't be so generous. I mean the board at Rangers giving me almost £20m in one year, not including any player sales, is just laughable.
  7. For example, I've gone Rangers in the SPL. To start with it's all very realistic, I have no money to spend and only 30% of money coming in from sales will be added to my funds. But then in the first window I was just handed something like £9m-£10m for January. Then the summer after I was given another £9m-£10m. After making a number of player sales to further top up my funds, I was spending a ridiculous amount of money considering Rangers current real life financial situation. The board were basically allowing me to spend around £18m-£20m NET in my first year. There are only a few clubs in the world that could afford to spend like that at this time, never mind Rangers. I assume that as time goes on in the game and my finances improve, the board may become even more generous. Would be interested to know other peoples experiences from other leagues. Do others agree that the game is too 'generous' in this respect. For me, it takes away from the challenge of having to try and work with a realistic budget and find bargains.
  8. I hope it's tougher to sign players. In FM09 as Rangers, I found it a) too easy to sign players and b) crucially far too easy to build up vast amounts of money to spend. Rangers are skint in real life, but the board chucked me £9m in my first January window, another £9m the summer after......not including the players sales money I brought in. Not bought FM10 yet, will this weekend, and my biggest hope is that these two factors are more true to life.
  9. In FM09 I was Rangers manager and really struggling badly. Someone mentioned to me that I should change my managerial status as having been an international player......you can do this when setting up the game manually........as the players will respect you more. If you don't set up the game manually I think you just go in as an unkown rookie, and I think when you start the game as a high profile club like Man United as you are, this can lead you to struggle, at least in the early stages. Could be wrong with that, but if you haven't done that already I'd give it a try because it seemed to have the right effect for me. If I was starting as a lower league team I wouldn't do it, but I don't see it as cheating when you are a big club because they will generally higher managers who have a decent profile in real life.
  10. I understand that, but the fact is I don't want to have to interpret sliders to do what I want to do. Nobody outside of the game world thinks about 'sliders' in their head. I just want to be able to say defend, attack , counter, short, long, press, stand off....whatever.....using normal terms.....and then the computer can set that up for me. There's a danger of FM trying to make football too much of an exact science, when it's not. There's already enough things to take care of in the game without making the tactical side needlesly laborious......doesn't add to the realism in any way. It just means that people that have good football knowledge have to come onto forums like these to ask what the heck you have to do with the sliders to give the most basic of instructions. The game should be set up so that a real life football manager could play for the first time and not really have to ask any questions........that is simply not the case the way the game was going.
  11. Not bought the game yet, but for me the tactics creater sounds like a more realistic way of playing the game. To fiddle with the odd notch here and there on sliders isn't simulating football management. Does Wenger or Mourinho give instructions to that sort of detail ? 3 notches to the left here....2 notches to the right there....whoops, one notch too far, you're f*cked. Became a bit too 'geeky' for me. Perhaps for some the game became too easy and the sliders represented more of a challenge......definitely didn't make it more realistic. There's got to be other ways of making the game more challenging whilst keeping the realism. For me, making it more difficult to find players (only being able to buy players from abroad that your scouts have found perhaps, or have a certain level of reputation as in guys like Ronaldinho and Beckham) and making the financial side more realistic (as Rangers manager in 09 I got barely a penny in the first window but then the board chucked me around £10m the next two windows before players sales were even given back to me......anyone that knows a bit about Rangers financial situation will know that's just a million miles off).
  12. I personally hate team talks and I hate media conferences. It's just a case of trying to get through the tedious nature of them whilst causing minimum harm. Ask a football fan about short or long passing, deep or high defensive line, 4-5-1 or 4-4-2.....and we could all use our own football knowledge away from the 'game world' to come up with very similar thoughts. But when a game attempts to replicate the interactions that a manager has with players......then we're getting into murky waters for me. You really have to be able to mind read what SI are looking for, as opposed to being able to base your choices on football knowledge. A part of the game which I find tedious and unnecessary. I can appreciate the attempt to make the game that little bit deeper and replicate the relations a manager has with players/media......but it's simply been too much of a grey area up to this point to make it seem like a part of the game that rewards your knowledge of football. It just feels merely like a part of the game that rewards the time you spend browsing forums.
  13. I've read about this before, and I think it's absolutely ridiculous if this is the way SI want us to interpret timewasting. Ask 100 football fans what they define timewasting to be, and 99 of them will talk about tactics used, usually later on in games, where a team which has a lead fakes injury or holds the ball in the corner to run the clock down.........you would barely find anyone that would describe time wasting as a means of improving your teams ability to score goals. This is really one of the areas in the game, if this is indeed part of what the time wasting bar is to be used for in the game, where FM simply fails in allowing a player who doesn't use the forums to pick up the game and understand what they are doing using their own football knowledge.....as opposed to requiring on-line forums to interpret things for them.
  14. Sometimes pre-match I am told that an individual, or even a number of players, are looking too cocky before matches and feel as though they can just turn up and win. Is there any particular way of dealing with this, or do you just have to accept it ? Is there a specific team talk you should give when these circumstances occur ? Any thoughts appreciated
  15. I realise there are tactical tweaks you can make to try and get your strikers scoring more goals, but my view is that FM09 generally doesn't allow your strikers to score enough....I realise there will be individuals out there who won't be finding that. I'm Rangers, I'm 20 games in and equal top with Celtic. I've scored a fair number of goals, more than anyone else in the league......but my strikers score barely anything. Pedro Mendes is my top scorer with 10 goals from centre midfield. I haven't got an issue with how many goals my team is scoring (although in the early days of playing FM I found goals very, very hard to come by !), but I do have an issue with what I see as an unrealistic distribution of goals throughout my side. In the SPL, no matter my tactics, my strikers should be scoring a lot more goals than they are just now. Again, I'm not expecting my total goals to be more, just for my strikers to be contributing more to that total so it feels more realistic.