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  1. Stars and numbers aren't everything. I remember way back signing a striker from a Norwegian lower league club for a tiny fee. I think I was playing with Elgin City at the time. He had a finishing stat of 6. He couldn't miss and scored over 30 goals for me in his first season. I kept him after we got promotion (we were forecast to end up bottom), and he did exactly the same the next season as well! As I said he really couldn't miss. If I remember correctly he had a very high Composure stat, which may go some way to explaining it!
  2. I tend not to rely on star ratings at all, anyway. They are the opinions of your scouts or coaching staff and will only be as good as those scouts or coaching staff are. I manage in the lower leagues where the staff are pretty useless. In many cases they give star ratings which are bizarre. If you have two strikers, for example, they might rate one as a three star man and another as a two star. However, if you actually go through their attribute stats you find that the two star person outscores the three. I always do the hard sums and make up my mind on that basis!
  3. I'm sorry, but that is not what I read. Nothing was mentioned either about voluntary leaving or pat/mat leave. A solicitor categorically said that such ads were legal in 2014. Are you really suggesting that it would be realistic for a club to sign a player whom they had never scouted, nor seen playing in any way, not even on trial? I cannot in all seriousness believe that. But that's exactly what you can do if you use Player Search. I'm not wanting to see a change in the way the game works. To put it that way is grossly misleading. I want to know why a change was made for no apparent reason to the way in which the game HAS been working, perfectly satisfactorily, for some length of time. That's completely different!
  4. It certainly hasn't. Prior to the latest patch it was possible to advertise with a full complement of staff. It's a thoroughly unnecessary change which only serves to make life a bit more difficult for those of us who enjoy playing by LLM rules. In effect you are forced to use Staff Search where you can sack a coach and get one appointed almost immediately. That, however, is not the way in which we want to play. It's a change which absolutely serves no purpose whatsoever! It makes the Job Centre virtually redundant. Incidentally, Lucas, I am not at all certain that you are correct over the law regarding job adverts for filled positions. The latest info which I have is from 2014 and it was certainly entirely legal to post them at that time. Whether the law has subsequently been changed I don't know, but I have found nothing to indicate that it has. I respectfully suggest that you have another look at this one! In any event, why replace something which might not be completely realistic by forcing people to do something totally unrealistic? Using the Staff Search is exactly that. It's because it isn't realistic that LLM players don't want to use it, just as we don't use Player Search, which isn't remotely realistic either. You don't sign players whom you have neither scouted nor seen on trial IRL!
  5. My original point remains. Up until the patch it was possible to place an ad and avoid the inevitably cherry picking procedure of using the Staff Search. It's now practically impossible to do this. Either you operate with no coach at all or you are forced to use Staff Search which renders the Job Centre redundant. Neither of these options is satisfactory for those who play by LLM rules. Nothing whatsoever has been gained either in realism or player choice by making this change that I can see. People who didn't like the Job Centre route were never obliged to use it. All that this change has done is to cut down the options available for LLM enthusiasts without gaining anything whatsoever. If we're really after REALISM then we ought to get rid of the Player Search and Staff Search altogether. It's not 'realistic' to have access to details of loads of players and to be able to sign people whom you have never scouted or given trials to. Far from it! For maximum REALISM everybody ought to play by LLM rules. But if a serious suggestion was made to get rid of these Searches and only allow entirely REALISTIC procedures, how would that go down? Not very well would be my guess! So my question is still, 'Why?' And I'd like an answer please, SI.
  6. I fully understand what you are saying. I am not claiming that the situation is easy. However, as I said in an earlier post on this thread, the fact is that, in the MMORPG world, it is the norm to have hotfixes coming out combined with routine maintenance. Usually these take place on a weekly basis. Thus, it's not a matter of a few large patches but a cascade of relatively small ones. Indeed, patches are hotfixed outside the regular maintenance pattern as well. You pick up the little patch as you log into the game. Basically, they seem to solve the problem which a bug presents and once they've done so they fire off a hotfix and go on to the next bug. There may be good reasons why this approach wouldn't work with FM. I don't know. But, on the whole, players in the MMORPG world are largely kept on board by following it. That's been my experience.
  7. Very much to the point. It does seem odd that an update should have been able to start a bug which I drew attention to as well. I have found several teams where the U 18 squads have disappeared since the patch. That makes me reluctant to start a save using any of the clubs in question. Now I know it's apparently only a few low level clubs where this seems to have occurred. It may be more widespread and reach clubs higher up in the pecking order, I don't know. But it is annoying and makes me wonder what other problems are lurking around. It's pretty basic and, to my mind, symptomatic of inadequate testing having been done before the last patch was released. I fully understand that there are only limited man hours available. But remembering that 'a stitch in time saves nine', perhaps an even more careful testing procedure might not be a bad idea?
  8. You certainly accused MatthewS17 of deliberately misconstruing what was said. If the use of the word 'deliberately' in that context wasn't 'having a go' then what was it exactly? How do YOU know that he was doing it 'deliberately'? You have used exactly the same get out with regards to what I said as well. Exactly what have I 'misconstrued', please? This really isn't a satisfactory response to people who have perfectly genuine reasons for complaint. And the information isn't really 'there' is it? No time frame and no explanation are forthcoming.
  9. Yes but he has given no indication of any time scale. Nor has he indicated WHY they can't fix it now. Nor has he given any indication of how SI decides on priorities. Just having a go at MatthewS17 doesn't cut it!
  10. Yes but it hardly ever seems to be a case of rolling out a hotfix, that's the point I'm trying to make. People take the trouble to alert SI to a bug and post about it and upload files and so on. All that seems to happen is that it's acknowledged and is then marked as 'Under Review' or something. And frequently that seems to be about it. Maybe the issue does get fixed for the next iteration. But that doesn't actually help people who are being annoyed by the bug right now.
  11. I don't see why SI would apparently be dead set against releasing hotfixes. In many, many games this is the norm. MMORPGs, for example, generally run a weekly maintenance when the servers are down for a few hours and mini patches are applied which fix bugs. What's more, they actually give details of what's been fixed and so players feel that notice has been taken and something has been done to address problems, which keeps the player base on board. If there's a major and obvious bug with a reasonably manageable solution then for goodness' sake, SI do a hotfix for it. You don't have to wait and produce a massive patch that tries to fix everything at once. What's wrong with a trickle of mini patches to make the player base think you actually care about their game experience? This would do wonders for 'Player Morale', the 'players' in this case being ourselves, your customers and likely buyers of FM21! Go on! It won't hurt! Promise!
  12. When you take over management of a club you are told that current members of staff will accept termination so that you can bring your own staff in. As things stand now, you can go to the Staff Search, find a coach, get rid of the current incumbent and get the new coach in, all within a day or two at the most. That's ridiculous. You USED to be able to advertise in the Job Centre, get a shortlist of applicants, assess them, agree a contract and then invoke the termination clause. That was a much more protracted process and far more realistic in terms of time. Furthermore, it prevented 'cherry picking' of unrealistically good staff for Lower League clubs, which LLM players want to avoid. What I fail to understand is why it was decided to change the procedure at all. If the previous procedure using the Job Centre wasn't realistic enough then how is virtually compelling people to use an even LESS realistic method supposed to be better? All it has done is to mess up things for LLM enthusiasts. What was the point?
  13. If we want it to be realistic then it's not 'realistic' to be able to instantaneously sack a coach and immediately appoint his successor. There are things such as giving notice which you would have to do in reality. If you could, in fact, give your coach a period of notice and then run the ad whilst he was working his notice then THAT would be realistic and enable you to retain a coach until a replacement showed up. As things stand, you can replace a coach instantaneously by using the Staff Search but not by using the Job Centre which makes no sense at all.
  14. But by referring to this as 'dumbing down' you are assuming what has to be proved. I made the point in a post above that I felt that the plethora of features was possibly getting in the way of people believing that they were in control. So many different factors were affecting how things went that people felt that results were random. By taking so much else into account, the human manager's ability to alter the course of matches was being eroded because his or her input was being outweighed by other factors. What you call the 'full experience' may actually be less responsive to the manager than what you refer to as the 'dumbed down ' one. In other words, piling new feature upon new feature won't be giving a fuller experience, simply a more complicated one. Is that the right way to go necessarily?
  15. Exactly! I suppose new features are a selling point. But I'd really like to see more concentration on getting the existing features 100% right rather than adding new ones and a genuine look being taken about whether all the existing features really help with the enjoyment of the game. I remember my Grandad telling me that during WW2 a particular type of plane was suffering heavier and heavier losses and the designers kept adding more protection features, heavier armour and so on in an effort to reverse this. But things got worse and worse. Until some pilots, on their own initiative, started having the extra features, armour and so on, taken off their planes. And losses started to drop. The planes had become too heavy and cumbersome and as the layers were stripped away they flew better. Maybe FM is over sophisticated? Just a thought!
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