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  1. Getting back to the original post for a minute, I'd just like to thank Cleon again for being so helpful! It's made me realise that you actually don't have to keep fiddling about with TIs and PIs! Wth Truro (NOT the greatest!) I've been trying a simple bog standard 3-5-2 on Counter or Defensive (depending on circumstances) with no TIs or PIs at all. Indeed, the only thing I'm doing is to give OIs to mark the opposition forwards tightly, close 'em down and show to weaker foot. And that's it. Result is that team is playing nice flowing football, scoring goals and giving nothing away at the back. Simples....!!
  2. Yep! Itried it for about 5 mins and took the instruction to the goalie out!
  3. Thanks again! Keeper has kicking 13 which is actually pretty fair for the Vanarama South!!
  4. Thanks for that, it certainly makes things clearer!! Two other things spring to mind. 1 Does the 'Pass into Space' TI encourage players to knock the ball behind the opposition defence and, if so, is it worth putting it in? 2 Similarly, does it help to instruct the keeper to launch the ball behind the opponent's defence line? Thanks very much!
  5. You have brought up the sort of points which confuse me as well (I'm easily confused!). The tactical advice which people give is, I am sure, absolutely sound, but I honestly quite often find it hard to understand. Now I have an idea of how I want my team to play but am very unclear as to how to do it. So I'll put a few simple questions and would be very grateful if some kind soul could answer them in as idiot-proof a way as possible, so that I have some chance of getting my head round them. I want to defend stubbornly and hit teams on the break (having lousy players). I'm likely to use a 3 CD at the back plus wingbacks setup of some sort. As I will be managing a lower league team, my players will not exactly be geniuses). So: 1 Should I set to Fluid? 2 Should I use Direct passing, Mixed or Shorter? And, linked to this, will the 'Retain Possession' TI be counter-productive? 3 Should I use Faster Tempo? 4 Should I set my defensive line to Much Deeper? 5 Should I set the mentality to Counter or Defensive (which seems intuitive) or use a 'Defensive' sort of setup with an Attacking mentality (which I think someone said was the way to go but seems very counter-intuitive to me, somehow!). 6 Will the 'Work the ball into the box' TI slow my counter attacking (of course, my players will be pretty lousy finishers which means that if they shoot from a less than ideal position they are liable to hit the corner flag). Sorry if these questions seem to be very basic. But, as I said earlier, I am easily confused! Thanks in anticipation....
  6. I have found this thread to be full of useful ideas and very helpful in trying to set up a similar tactic with Truro. I've ended up with something very like the last version in displaced_seagull's post, except that I am using a CM (attack) rather than an AP and use a sweeper and two DCs instead of 3 DCs ( I just happen to LIKE sweeper formations). So far seems to be very promising, so thanks for all the great tips!!
  7. I just had a pre-season 'friendly' where there were 5 injuries (3 to my side, 2 to the opposition) and a total of 7 yellow cards. Now I have watched my fair share of real-life friendly matches and I've certainly never seen anything remotely like this. In practice, refs normally don't give cards in friendlies and, in general, I'm pretty sure that injuries are rarer than in competitive matches because managers want their players to generally ease up on the tackling, etc, in order to AVOID injuries in non-competitive games. For a game which prides itself on its realism, this doesn't seem to be too clever, really:rolleyes: !
  8. I'm playing a main tactic of 5-2-1-2 Sweeper/Wingback. If I feel that I am really up against it in a match, I take out the AM and replace him with a DM, ie a 5-1-2-2 Sweeper/Wingback. So actually I don't play a diamond as such at all. I'm trying to adapt the approach to my own system, which I think is what Cleon wants people to do.
  9. Just a quick update: Thus far, I'm pretty happy with the way things are going. The approach seems to be working out pretty well and I'm especially glad that the side seems to be playing how I wanted it to, sitting back, absorbing pressure and then striking back quickly and dangerously. It's basically the sort of counter attacking I've been looking for. What's particularly good is the fact that I seem to have got rid of some of my fuzzy thinking. I know that these things must seem very obvious to lots of people but I am easily confused (not only about FM says my husband!). Some of my earth shattering discoveries have been: 1. You don't need to use a 'Counter' mentality to play counter-attacking football. 'Defensive' does the job very well. 2. Keeping Player and Team Instructions to a minimum helps things. 3. You don't need to use High Tempo in order to counter attack. 4. You don't have to play Direct in order to counter attack successfully. 5. You can use the 'Play out of Defence' instruction and still counter attack effectively. I've found that this really helps to avoid mindless hoofing. 6. The 'Short Passing' and 'Retain Possession' instructions do not hinder counter attacking. You'd think they would but they don't! So thanks for the great ideas, Cleon!!
  10. I'm starting off in the elevated heights of the Vanarama North with Leamington and have been very interested in the ideas and helpful suggestions from Cleon. Thank you! The idea of a solid defensive system with some teeth in attack appeals to me which is why I've been very grateful for the excellent clear discussion of the principles involved. I can't 'copy' Cleon's system as I don't have any players who are able to make much of a fist of the Regista or Trequartista roles. I am thinking of trying an Advanced Playmaker with a PI of Roam From Position in place of the latter (the general Team Instruction is Stick To Positions, of course). As far as the former is concerned, I wonder whether playing a Libero with a Support role (as mentioned below, I am interested in sweeper systems) might be worth a try if I can find anyone who can do the job? I wonder if you have any pearls of wisdom about your approach when you are clearly stronger than your opponent? You don't alter the mentality, which, under other circumstances, might seem to be a logical thing to do, so what changes do you tend to make, if any? Of course, having chosen Leamington, I don't expect this to happen very often, but it just possibly might very occasionally. I've made life even more difficult for myself than usual by indulging my liking for sweeper sytems by trying a 5-2-1-2 SW WB formation. Obviously retraining is the name of the game as sweepers at these levels are as rare as hens' teeth, so I can use all the help I can get......
  11. Hmmmm!

    Yep, I understand that it is just possible. But my guy's jumping and heading ability is the worst that you can get (he also lacks bravery (3)) and the opponent was an awful lot better on all counts, so it still strikes me as an odd one. I'm not complaining, as I said though.
  12. My reserve left winger has just scored with a header . The commentary says that he 'outjumped' the opposition defender and, indeed, he did appear to. What is making me scratch my head a bit is that my winger's Jumping and Heading abilities are both.....1! He's outjumped a central defender with Jumping 12 and Heading 14. I'm not complaining mind but......hmmmmm :confused:
  13. Too many injuries?

    I know we are told constantly that the number of injuries is statistically approximately correct. I am not sure whether this also applies to their relative severity. I have the impression that there may be rather too many medium to long-term injuries as opposed to shorter ones but this is only a feeling. I suppose given the poorer physios and facilities in the lower leagues it's likely that more injuries may take place there but again I don't know whether the number of injuries is accurate as a global figure or whether it's also representative league by league. Again, I have the impression that there seem to be rather a lot of injury prone players around, perhaps rather more than I would have expected. Edit: starting a new save I have had 4 injuries in the first two friendlies - minimum length 3 weeks. To avoid having my small squad mown down further I have cancelled the remaining friendly games. I do feel that excessive numbers of injuries do take place in pre-seasons, where, in general, players go easy on tackling and don't burst a blood vessel chasing down lost causes in real life. I never play matches against my reserves either - I've been caught too often with stupid injuries because my assman obviously has the reserves on 'maximum crunch' in the tackles!
  14. Yep - I just wonder why on earth it can't be seen at the start. I hope they sort it out in FM14, that's for sure!
  15. I agree HUNT3R. Why isn't the body language information of the team made available during the warm up? It was in previous editions. If you knew at the start that various people (or the team in general) were looking complacent you could obviously take this into account in your pre-match team talk. I wonder if someone could explain why this change was made? Of course, they may have done so already on some other thread, but not being blessed with second sight or the vast amount of free time necessary to trawl through the forum looking on the offchance, I'm not aware of the reason.