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  1. i agree - this needs attention
  2. The biggest anti-SI people are those that pulished an unfinished product. very poor indeed.
  3. DonOne

    FM2009 deserve 2.0 out of 10.0

    1 / 10 - woeful first attempt at 09. a step backwards.
  4. ran a brand new game on a xp system, did not select any italian leagues to run or play, and suprise suprise - it crashed on 24th July 09. This is not a Serie C problem. SI games have let everyone down with this product.
  5. just release the patch. thanks to si games for their honesty - no thanks to the blind few who continue to defend a sub-standard product.
  6. ITS CRASHED AGAIN. SI games - im starting to lose faith.
  7. if my negative attitude is making it crash then i apologise if my duo core proccessor and windows vista is making it crash - then i shold go back to my old pentium 2 400mhz proccessor do some of you work for si games? what has happened is disgraceful. Si games have lost alot of loyalty over this - its going to hit them in the pocket next time.
  8. DonOne

    Crash dump 24th July 09

    it happens on the 28th may 09 without serie c selected. disgrace. i dont pay £30 to get told 'wait for a patch'. si games have lost my loyalty over this issue.
  9. i agree with you - its a joke at best a disgrace is more truthful. it will be forever known as the worst football management game si games released. I am playing 08 again, at least it didnt crash at the end of the 1st season.