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  1. you were right! it was because I had custom files added! does that mean that from FM18 onwards we will not be able to select clubs to manage if we install custom files like new leagues? we can only pick clubs to manage that are from the officially licensed FM leagues? Otherwise, we'll have to start unemployed if we install custom leagues? Bugger!
  2. I knew I wasn't missing something obvious! I've NEVER seen that screen!! What's going on!? Plz can someone from SI help me out here!?
  3. Here it is..... Every step along the way of me starting a Career game, and not seeing an option anywhere to pick a club to manage..... instead I am just taken to the game as an unemployed manager, having to apply for a job available as opposed to choosing one when starting.
  4. I'll take screenshots (later today as I'm currently at work) at each stage to show you what's going on as I'm following all these steps, yet it skips the select team to manage screen, and goes straight to the game having loaded with me being unemployed.
  5. It's unchecked, but still have this issue. No idea!!
  6. Manager profile has been created, leagues loaded etc. The club page is the one I see after all that. P.S. I've been playing Championship Manager since 97/98, and all FMs since. I just can't understand what I've BLATANTLY done wrong during this process, if it's so obvious I can't see it, or something is indeed a miss!?
  7. The club screenshot is after 'Start Game' has been pressed and all the leagues loaded. Where's the button to pick the club to manage?
  8. I must be blind because I can't see anywhere when loading a new game and choosing a team to manage, how I can actually manage a team!? Where's the option that says 'Pick club to manage'!? Please can someone point out to me the obvious of obvious and tell me how I can select a club to manage? I double-checked my settings and the option 'Prevent teams which already have managers from being controlled' is unticked!
  9. I seem to have located the problem and it seems after the latest update avast antivirus (for some reason) has an issue with FM16. I closed down Steam completely and disabled avast, then launching FM16 and it manages to load fine (putting Steam in offline mode). Once FM16 has loaded and I have loaded my saved game I then re-enable avast antivirus and they both seem to be working fine in this instance. Although I don't like disabling my antivirus it's only for a brief moment just to launch the game and then I re-enable it. It's not ideal but at least it seems to resolve the issue. Hope this problem gets fixed somehow as I've noticed there are a few others using avast antivirus and having the same issue.
  10. I've been playing Football Manager fine for a week or so now but since yesterday have encountered the following problem: When attempting to launch the game I get this error message "Failed to start game (app already running)" when in fact it is not running at all. I've tried the following: - Updated all drivers - Restarted my system following the updates - Opened the Task Manager to see if the Process is still running but it is not visible - Attempted to kill the process or kill the process tree using Process Explorer and Process Hacker 2 but get the following message on PE "Error terminating process: Access is denied" and on PH2 "Unable to terminate fm.exe: An attempt was made to access an existing process." NOTE: It seems there are two fm.exe processes somehow open and I am somehow not able to terminate them. - Opened Administrator: Command Prompt and attempted to end the process using C:\WINDOWS\system32>Taskkill /IM fm.exe /F but get the following message that the process can't be terminated and that the reason is because "There is no running instance of the task." NOTE: Again it seems there are two fm.exe processes running for some reason and that they can't be terminated. I can't uninstall or reinstall the game either as when I attempt to do so it says the game is already running and that it needs to be closed before I could uninstall. I have verified the integrity of the game cache with all files being successfully validated. I uninstalled Steam and then reinstalled it which in turn required me to reinstall Football Manager 2016 but when the installation was complete I pressed 'Play' and Steam just froze and closed down completely. I really don't know what to do? I don't want to reboot my entire system because I feel that's not really fair to completely reorganise and basically start your entire system from scratch to fix an issue from a game and not the system itself. Please if someone can help me I will be extremely grateful!!
  11. In a current game is it possible to change the name of a competition? I have the in-game editor but it doesn't give an option and I have also changed the name in the database and the name still does not change in my current saved game. Any suggestions on how to make this happen?
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