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  1. He mentioned only the MC should have very good long shots and passing....... My Everton team followed your suggestion. Won Champions league and Premier League Again. The good news is that, putting control for away game helps. I conceded i think 17 goals the whole seasons. Probably the least i conceded in top flight football since any versions of FM since i started playing CM2. Not getting more stable results yet. Often losing 1-0 away or at home. Funny stats: Lost 2-0 away to Barca, then won 7-0 at home. Won 3-0 away against Spurs, but lost 1-0 at home. Lost 1-0 away at ManU, but won 5-0 at home......
  2. Seems needing to buy a very good AP.....see that he scores most of the goals.
  3. Amazing results u have there. It seems that you play someone with great long shot and tackling, with passing and creativity as AP? If you can suggest, what are the must have attributes for each role? I bought very fast and good strikers, but very very often, at half time, they dont score any, and their stats are only around 6.2-6.4.......really bad....
  4. Did often winning by 2-0.....and AI caught me 2-2, on several occassions....
  5. tried it towards last stage of the season. Came 2nd with Everton and won the champions league. Amazing! But often conceded a lot of late goals......
  6. Knap, which of these tac is stronger at the back: Beowulf 442 103 ECCC Or THis goodbye one that ManU just let in 10 goals? In fact i am everton and been using this manu one, still leak a few goals in....
  7. Cheers.....i see this tac is quoted as for underdog only.....there are so many can score and can win a lot tac....however only i have used a few others but defensively quite sad.....lets try this one as it is supposed to be for underdog....
  8. So your tac is this one: P103 ECCC 442 (Good for underdogs_ ? Quite amazed with your results.....although must have spent a lot of money on players....
  9. just retrying ur 433.....love playing 3 upfronts....however lets see the defense how they work tgt
  10. Rather than playing as wingers liked most other 442 tac, for the WM, are they more liked passer with nice tackling? And then rather the 2CM are more Box to Box player, they are Mezzala, that means they go up often to support and clear the ball in the middle also then....
  11. Seems a very good tac you have here..... For the 2 WM. Left foot on the left, or right foot on the left?
  12. what do you mean by horny? Do u mean PF has to have Aggression?
  13. I dont konw how u can get such good defensive record.....did u run the game urself or 'holiday mode'?
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