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  1. cards? no, just normal, getting a few yellow as usual! Question: Lets say i train my players into position, at the beginning the circle appears to be red, then gradually it becomes brown and then green. Does it eventually become full green? Meaning, would it be easier then i buy a natural player of that position? I started using this tac at the Bournemouth game. None of my right foot players is good to play LMF, and none of my left foot on the RMF. So far I consider it has been very good results! The Man city game i have been lucky to win. They were on the upper hand. I sco
  2. What if the opposition getting a lot of middle through ball and getting lots of 1 on 1 vs my keeper? What should be changed in the tac to avoid that?
  3. Very detailed and good OP. Been doing great, winning a lot of matches without conceding goal.....
  4. Timo Werner has the speed, the PPM ready for this to work. I haven't tried to play him or his team yet. Am still testing several tac to see which is the most stable to play with
  5. Tried this tac and went on holiday. Got promotion on the final day of the season narrowly. I guess if i would have taken control. Playing only fast striker with fast wingers should have better results? Was told in another post that this year FM 2020, the deal is to get fast upfront players who can dribble, learn skill such as Run past the other guy, and go round the keeper.....forgetting about finishing skill.... Will try to find 3 very fast guys to learn these skills to see if it works this way!
  6. Trying the 424 tactics on holiday. Lower league management. Expected to finish at 16th. Got a place in the play off but lost in the semi
  7. Quite good results.....been testing it Still testing if using Left or right footed as wingers. And with the 2 strikers....with right foot on the left or left on the left?!...
  8. Guys, I have been playing FM since CM2 time. I have been always searching around for tactics to play. I did make "china creation" and some other not so popular tac in older time. My conclusion to his event today: - He has been contributed alot since Day 1, however if somebody committed a crime, then he should be punished. - If the admin said he must deserve a 2nd chance, then u are running the country liked Putin or the chinese. You set the rule (in fact no rule), you can say yes or no whenever you want...... - Honestly having 7 accounts under 1 IP isn't
  9. which one is it exactly? I see on page 1 that there are 5 names are similar with SypathyXXXX.......if u have a link on ur specific one?!
  10. Dont understand this game anymore. Won 5-0, 3-0.....then lost the next game 5-1 against chelsea...
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