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  1. STEAM "Achievements" - a BIG question.

    When I activated via Steam it installed it off the disc, presumably it checks if it's there first before downloading it. Although I hadn't previously installed it, so maybe if you uninstall FM and then pick the Steam option when installing again it'll do the same for you.
  2. When you start the game up, the version is on the main screen at the top.
  3. 2d greyed out?

    That will be more than enough, yes. If it's a graphics card you're looking to buy make sure your computer is able to accept it (with a PCI-E slot, compatible motherboard etc.) before you do.
  4. 2D match engine, Demo vs Full game

    Are you using 2D Classic or just 2D? Because 2D Classic will run a *lot* quicker.
  5. 2d greyed out?

    The 3D needs a minimum of a GeForce 5900 which is a GeForce5. You won't be able to play in 3D I'm afraid.
  6. Line going through the page - sounds like an issue with your machine - you may not have up to date drivers for your graphics card. I have no problems with mine. Player pictures - SI only have the licences for some. Check the English Championship and you'll find plenty. 3D match engine doesn't work - works for me. Works for most other people. If it doesn't work, then it's probably an issue with your graphics card being too crap. Or how about you ask politely in the technical forum for help and people will help you get rid of the line and possibly get the 3D engine working for you or at least figure out and explain why it isn't. And you don't need the internet, there's a phone activation option. It's a great game and you'll be missing out on it because you sound like you've got no manners or patience.
  7. help please si

    Tried here: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=61131 Punch in your code here using zero and one's and it'll tell you the proper code. Put that into the bit where it asks for your code and press Ok.
  8. skippyarms - you definitely have a DVD drive? Have you tried in the technical forum for someone with a similar problem to yours (which you didn't really explain other than "it doesn't load" )
  9. Activating by STEAM or not?

    Use the phone activation if you've no internet on the PC you want to play the game on. Just select that option when you're installing it.
  10. Shame...

    Likewise, no problems for me either. I'm sure there's thousands of people who are also having no problems, but they have no reason to come to the forum so we never see them.
  11. Check Reading in the English Championship, I know there's definitely faces on them.
  12. Help!!!!

    IE is obviously set as your default browser. In windows explorer go to tools -> folder options and then file types and change .html and .htm to open with whatever browser you want.
  13. Activating by STEAM or not?

    The files/folders will be in your Steam folder where you installed Steam.
  14. Yes, that's right I think. Everything's in lower case. On the key checker site, right? Is there a "games" menu for the activation bit?
  15. Help!!!!

    azbay - if you select the phone option when installing the game (on your non-internet computer) it will give you the number. dimi - try disabling your firewall, it sounds like it may be interfering with your internet.