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  1. SOLVED (possibly) Regional Division Scoring - Using the Stadium Co-ordinates Regional Division Calculation - Using the City Co-ordinates Guess which one I didnt have set up? So i'm currently in the process of entering co-ordinates for all of the stadiums
  2. Another intresting tidbit, when I look at any regional divisions already in the game (National North/South, Welsh Cymru North/South, Swedish Divsions 1 & 2) the 'Regional Divisions Scoring' appears to be working correctly, it is giving each of the teams an individual score so the correct divisions can be calculated
  3. I am having the exact same issue. It appears to calculate the distribution for regional divisions 2 ways 'Regional Divisions Scoring', thsi doesnt seem to work, it gives all of the teams the same score, and picks random teams to move about, often the most unsuitable ones Regional Division Scoring', this gives the correct answer from what I can see But then the game just defauls to the 'Regional Division Scoring' list and ignores the other one Apologies for using my file as an example, but teh team highlighted are the most southerly, and most suited to Region 1, but
  4. I'd completly missed the one in the General Tab, cheers It seems to have partially solved the issue, but there is something not quite right when I run the test. Ive run it for 10 years to get a fair amount of movement When I look at the calculations for the 2031 season for League One i get the following Skadling Town is the club on intestest, it is the most southerly club. as shown above, it has the higests region score and is recommended to go into region 1 (south, region 0 is North), and the game chooses this But one you look at the Stage for the League One North, t
  5. Has anybody found teh correct solution to ensure that teams are placed in the correct regional divisions. Now I know this it will never be perfect, but it can get frustrating haveing the most southerly team appearing in the Northern Division For all the clubs in my database I have the regional divisions set I have the regional boundries defined and I have tried playing with all varieties of these options but these don't seem to make any difference
  6. That is exactly what I ended up doing. I've also noticed that if you add key staff to the teams at the start these overwhelmingly have Spanish names
  7. The simplest way to do it is 2 rounds Round 1 - 96 teams play 48 matches, 48 teams get a bye Round 2 - 48 winners play the 48 teams who got a bye.
  8. There are multiple ways to do it, how are you wanting it to work? A simple knockout, knockout with different teams entering at each round or a group stage? If you can decide what you want it do I can explain how to work it out.
  9. Digging into this a bit more, I have fine one issue, that may or may not be a problem Even though I have deleted the city of Gibralter from my data base, about 50% of the regen are still being born there
  10. 25 years in and this is the situation Total players from Custom Nation - 9348 Number with second nationality - 595 (6.3%) Break down as follows Australia - 2 Basque - 2 Belgium - 1 Canada - 1 Colombia - 5 Czech Republic - 1 Denmark - 3 Egypt - 9 England - 361 (60.7%) France - 5 Germany - 4 Ireland - 11 Israel - 1 Mali - 1 Martinique - 1 Morocco - 80 (13.4%) Paraguay - 1 Poland - 7 Portugal - 1 Qatar - 1 Scotland - 7 Spain - 63 (10.6%) Sweden - 8 Turkey - 2
  11. Ive just run a quick 5 year test, the majority of the Newgens coming through have British names, there are a few Spanish ones included but not that many Looking at the Data base of under 18 players Total number with Custom Nationality - 3079 Total number with second nationality - 233 (7.5%) Total second nationalities Colombian - 2 Danish - 2 Egyptian - 4 English - 134 (57.5%) French - 2 German - 4 Irish - 6 Moroccan - 26 (11.1%) Interesting Polish - 3 Scottish - 4 Spanish - 22 (9.4%) Swedish - 3 Welsh - 11
  12. Based on my past experience, some of it is doable, other bits are not. European club competition is the easiest, the game just works this out itself, it just adds another country with a coefficient of 0 and 1 place in the Europa conference. As you move in the ranking you can gain the extra places as expected, and the lowest ranked county ends up with one spot. World cup qualification also sorts its self out, it takes the best 55 nations from Europe, so if you add a new country, as long as you aren't the worst in Europe it will take part. The Nations League can be edited to add t
  13. Back trying to resolve this issue, ive tried every option I can think off, anybody got any ideas?
  14. That bit is working OK, 2022 covers the 2022/23 season, and this competition takes place right at the end of the season. The teams qualify on the 15th April, with the first match on the 29th. It all gets scheduled, it just doesn't take place.
  15. As part of my fictional national league I have a series of under 21 competitions, and for some reason they are only playing every 2 years and I cannot find the reason behind this. They are set to play every year, Samsara 3.03.fmf Also at the end of the group stage there is a playoff for the champion of each region. Then each of these teams qualify for the ntional finals, I can get them to qualify, but the cometition just is not played
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