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  1. That bit is working OK, 2022 covers the 2022/23 season, and this competition takes place right at the end of the season. The teams qualify on the 15th April, with the first match on the 29th. It all gets scheduled, it just doesn't take place.
  2. As part of my fictional national league I have a series of under 21 competitions, and for some reason they are only playing every 2 years and I cannot find the reason behind this. They are set to play every year, Samsara 3.03.fmf Also at the end of the group stage there is a playoff for the champion of each region. Then each of these teams qualify for the ntional finals, I can get them to qualify, but the cometition just is not played
  3. I have managed to get this to work, I had to add another stage at the start to ensure the right teams went where I wanted The Championship Qualification (stage 0) works as follows Qualification playoff 4 Matches Winners go through to stage 2 Semi-Final Loser go through to stage 1 2nd round The Promotion playoff (stage 1) works as follows 1st Round (12 matches) 2nd roundl 8 matches 12 winners from the 1st round 4 Loser from the Qualification matches 3rd round (4 matches) winners are promoted The Championship pl
  4. Im having an issue with teams not getting an entry in their history page when entering the playoffs. I have 8 child competitions that have an end of season playoff as part of teh parent competition. But any team that enters the playoff has their league history for that season left blank, any idea as to how to ensure the history is filled in? I have other leagues where the playoff are self conatined within the child competition, and these function as expected
  5. Im getting the same error, i have not edited anything in relation to this competition
  6. Well I managed to edit the xml file to set the number of teams as -1 ok. Now just to get past the editor crashing on the date when setting up the competition without any explanation I have raised a bug report for this
  7. Thank you, definitely a case of not seeing the obvious answer right in front of me.
  8. I was copying this from an the FM16 rules for Spain, and I did notice that it had a -1, but as you say it won't let me enter it. Will try and export the file and edit the text see if that works.
  9. When running the Test Competitions the editor is constantly crashing on the same date. I know that a competition is trying to set up on thsi date an that there is an error with it, but it would be nice to know what the error is rather than the editor just crashing out. Ive attached the file allong with the crash log Samsara 2.03.fmf Editor 2021 v21.2.0.1499636 (2021.01.21 08.22.48).dmp
  10. For a fictional league I am building I am trying to create the playoff system previously used in Spain. Thsi is the Lowest tier in the file the Samsara Conference it works like this 8 leagues and at the end of the season the top 4 in each league qualify for the play offs. 1st place goes into the Championship Playoff 2nd to 4th go into the Promotion Playoffs The Championship playoff (stage 0) works as follows Quater Final Winners get promoted Losers drop into the Promotion playoff (thsi is the part I have the issue with Semi Final
  11. I am trying to create a group playoff for the champions of 8 sub-divisions, nice and simple, but would like to carry across the points the teams gained during the league stage, I suspect I am missing a simple options somewhere
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