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  1. Samsara Welcome to the nation of Samsara, an island nation located in the North Atlantic and home to almost 70 million people. An open and inclusive society with cultural ties to Western Europe and the Nordic Counties. A traditional sea faring nation with important trading links to Europe and North America the county is home to people of culturally diverse backgrounds, as is evident in the settlement, and football club, names, with British, Dutch, German, and Scandinavian roots being evident. Home to thriving football league founded in 1888 that until recently has remained isolated from the international scene. But with popularity comes money and recently the entire league system has been flooded with cash and has turned fully professional. With this has come entry to the European and International Competitions. Historicorically the leagues have been dynamic, with teams rising and falling through the system on a regular basis, will that now change? and can the teams become strong enough to compete with the European Elite? Football System The league system consists of 5 tiers with 192 teams, multiple cup competitions, as well as a prestigious Under 21 competition Premier 1 – 16 Teams, 3 relegated Premier 2 – 16 Teams 2+1 promoted, 4 relegated League 1 – 2 leagues of 20 teams, 1+1 promoted and 3 relegated each League 2 – 2 League of 20 teams, 2+1 promoted and 4 relegated each Conference – 8 leagues of 10 teams, 8 teams promoted from a 64 teams playoff system The cups Samsara Cup, National cup open to all 192 and the 16 best U21 teams from the previous season Premier Cup – Premier 1 and 2 teams, group stage then knockout League Cup – League 1 and 2 teams, group stage then knockout Conference Cup – Conference teams, group stage then knockout Conference Championship – 8 League winner, part of the Playoff system to determin an overall champion Regional cups – 4 preseason straight knockout cups (clubs in European competition do not take part as it clashes with the qualifying rounds) Under 21 All 192 teams split into 8 regions, each of these are split into 4 groups of 6 Play other teams in their group twice and the remaining teams in the region once 4 Group winners and next best 4 teams in each region qualify for regional finals Regional winner and runner up qualify for next season Samsara Cup 8 regional winners qualify for national finals, straight knockout Teams of intrerest Historically the most succesful teams, in Premier 1 unless noted Forde Dockers - 12 League Championship, 10 Samsara Cup, 12 other trophies (recently relegated tp Premier 2) Trebroer Forent - 9 League Championship, 7 Samsara Cup, 9 other trophies Arsenal Trebroer - 9 League Championship, 6 Samsara Cup, 9 other trophies Boven Rovers - 3 League Championship, 4 Samsara Cup, 10 other trophies Forde Locomotive Works - 3 League Championship, 5 Samsara Cup, 14 other trophies (League 1) Boven Villa - 4 League Championship, 4 Samsara Cup, 8 other trophies Forde Dockers, Arsenal Trebroer and Boven Rovers have never played lower than Premier 2 in 120 seasons of the league. Conference ever present teams, 44 seasons since its formation Kenmore Clansmen Baarle Zwervers No Trophies Baarle Zwervers Laksvaten Sportsklubben Most Sucessful under 21's Dunheeda City - 3 national and 8 Regional Championships Project details This has been a personal project I have been working on since 2012 on and off, lockdown has given me chance to really get my teeth into it, im just happy to finally have it to a stage where I can share it. The nation itself and the league system is based on the British isles, though the fact the map is similar is purely coincidental, I had to rotate it 90 degrees at one point to fit it in the North Sea, before I has to move it so I could scale it up, and it was then I realised. I had been hoping to release this sooner, but I got lost in the data editing aspect, including all league standings and club records. This should have been done about March time, but that came and went, so I thought I might as well get this out there now. With the vast bulk of it completed, I am hoping to transfer to FM22. As a personal project I have created 120 season of football from 1888/89 to 2019-20, including all league tables and all results (this is about 500,000 matches in total) and I thought it was about time I added this to Football Manager. I have replaced Gibraltar to do this, it just seemed simpler than trying to add an extinct nation to the European Championships. Money should be no issue in this save, with a total of £1Billion being awarded in TV money and Prize money every season Know Issues None of these are gamebreaking, but are more of an annoyance, probably only for me All the cups, except the Samsara cup are seeding based, but this breaks down in the later rounds, as am example in the Premier Cup the qualifiers are all ranked 1-16 based on group performance. 1st seed should always play the lowest remaining seed at home, not always the case. Under 21 Regional Championship has a convoluted playoff system, in the penultimate round teams are getting drawn against the wrong opposition occasionally. In the U21 again, the league leaders are listed as champion not the play off winner Teams in the conference that reach the playoff do not get a league history recorded, works fine for the other leagues In the conference occasionally teams end up in the wrong division, teams from Kullerup usually. This corrects itself after a season but really bugs me. But as we know the game has never been the best at always getting teams in the correct regional division. Though the country has high ratings and so do several the clubs, as there are no people added to the database, the maximum player PA that is generated at the start is 130, though staff can go up to 200. After the first youth intake this increases, it is annoying to get a whole bunch of 160+ 15- and 16-year-olds dominating the teams. There will be the odd spelling errors and typos (sorry) Next Steps (Most Likely FM22) Correct club colours and kits, such a fiddly process Get stadium names sorted, can't see to find a list I'm happy with Create logos for all clubs and replace the Gibraltar flag Add players, I have 8000 ready to go, just don’t have the willpower right now to add them, could fo with an automated system for this Cup history for all clubs, more I wishfull thinking than anything else Add more towns and cities Add a lower league to add jepody to the conference If I do the above then I can add dynamic relegation (just learnt how to do this, it is a game changer) Thank you to everyone who have helped by answering my queries and given my guidance so I can now deal with the peculiarities of the editor Samsara 6.01.fmf (It does take a while to load in game and in the editor, there are 180k Database changes, if you want to mess about in the editor, once it is loaded, reload it without deleted changes, this does nothing but speeds it up, no idea why)
  2. When running the test in the editor it is very basic, it just makes sure the competitions are working correctly. When I run a seeded cup in the editor almost without fail the highest team will always win, when you run it in game this is not the case as the games are better simulated and there is always a chance of the lower seeded team winning. Always run a test in game once you are happy the editor is working, as it can either confirm everything is ok
  3. I ended up doing it slightly differently, I just had teams 2-6 in each group go into stage 1 (which I have now hidden), and from that justqualify the top 4 I could then just take this fate and apply it to Stage 0,
  4. I am creating a competition with a group stage followerd by a knockout stage, for the knockout stage I am trying to get the following teams to qualify Group winers from the 4 groups Next best 4 teams from teh overall table So I have 2 stages, Stage 0 has 4 groups of 6 teams with the top team qualifying Stage 1 then is an overall table with all 24 teams, I want it to qualify the next 4 teams who havent already qualified But all these is doing is taking the top 8 from Stage 1 plus any group winners from stage 0 who are not in teh top 8, so its sometimes qualifying 9 or 10 teams Ive tried changing stage 1 to 4 teams, but them I usually end up with between 4-6 team qualifying Ive also tried various aoption relating to Legaue fate actions and im getting no luck
  5. I have created a fictional nation and populated it with competition, cities and clubs, all of which works fine. The issue I have is that although I have copied the details to give the nation the similar stats to Portugal, when I start the game the teams are filled with players well below the standard I would expect. When the first youth intake happens the the Newgens that come through are of the quality I would expect, but this results in all the teams fielding full 11's of 15-17 year olds. Is there anyway to force the game to populate the teams with players of an appropriate level? Nation detals and an example of a top team
  6. SOLVED (possibly) Regional Division Scoring - Using the Stadium Co-ordinates Regional Division Calculation - Using the City Co-ordinates Guess which one I didnt have set up? So i'm currently in the process of entering co-ordinates for all of the stadiums
  7. Another intresting tidbit, when I look at any regional divisions already in the game (National North/South, Welsh Cymru North/South, Swedish Divsions 1 & 2) the 'Regional Divisions Scoring' appears to be working correctly, it is giving each of the teams an individual score so the correct divisions can be calculated
  8. I'd completly missed the one in the General Tab, cheers It seems to have partially solved the issue, but there is something not quite right when I run the test. Ive run it for 10 years to get a fair amount of movement When I look at the calculations for the 2031 season for League One i get the following Skadling Town is the club on intestest, it is the most southerly club. as shown above, it has the higests region score and is recommended to go into region 1 (south, region 0 is North), and the game chooses this But one you look at the Stage for the League One North, they have been placed in there Looking at this a bit more, when it does the calculation it ends up with 16 teams with Region 0 as the best and 24 as Region 1 as the best, it then takes the 4 teams with the lowest score for region 1 and moves them to region 0, as whould be expected, these are the 4 teams in the south closest to the border. But it just moves 4 random teams, very odd. It seems to be pulling the regional division composition from this page so it seems to be using the 'Regional Division Scoring' list, map on the left, rather than the 'Regional Division Calculation', map on the right Obviouly the map on the right is correct, how to go about forcing it to use the 'Regional Division Calculation' rather than the 'Regional Division Scoring'?
  9. Has anybody found teh correct solution to ensure that teams are placed in the correct regional divisions. Now I know this it will never be perfect, but it can get frustrating haveing the most southerly team appearing in the Northern Division For all the clubs in my database I have the regional divisions set I have the regional boundries defined and I have tried playing with all varieties of these options but these don't seem to make any difference
  10. That is exactly what I ended up doing. I've also noticed that if you add key staff to the teams at the start these overwhelmingly have Spanish names
  11. The simplest way to do it is 2 rounds Round 1 - 96 teams play 48 matches, 48 teams get a bye Round 2 - 48 winners play the 48 teams who got a bye.
  12. There are multiple ways to do it, how are you wanting it to work? A simple knockout, knockout with different teams entering at each round or a group stage? If you can decide what you want it do I can explain how to work it out.
  13. Digging into this a bit more, I have fine one issue, that may or may not be a problem Even though I have deleted the city of Gibralter from my data base, about 50% of the regen are still being born there
  14. 25 years in and this is the situation Total players from Custom Nation - 9348 Number with second nationality - 595 (6.3%) Break down as follows Australia - 2 Basque - 2 Belgium - 1 Canada - 1 Colombia - 5 Czech Republic - 1 Denmark - 3 Egypt - 9 England - 361 (60.7%) France - 5 Germany - 4 Ireland - 11 Israel - 1 Mali - 1 Martinique - 1 Morocco - 80 (13.4%) Paraguay - 1 Poland - 7 Portugal - 1 Qatar - 1 Scotland - 7 Spain - 63 (10.6%) Sweden - 8 Turkey - 2 USA - 1 Uzbekistan - 1 Wales - 15 So in summary, only a small proportion of players in Gibralter get second nationalitys, the majority of which are English, suplimented by other Scotland Wales and Ireland (no N. Ireland though). Spain does get a large portion, but is lagging behind Morocco. So between these 2, its 25% of 6% of 10,000 players, a small numbers
  15. Ive just run a quick 5 year test, the majority of the Newgens coming through have British names, there are a few Spanish ones included but not that many Looking at the Data base of under 18 players Total number with Custom Nationality - 3079 Total number with second nationality - 233 (7.5%) Total second nationalities Colombian - 2 Danish - 2 Egyptian - 4 English - 134 (57.5%) French - 2 German - 4 Irish - 6 Moroccan - 26 (11.1%) Interesting Polish - 3 Scottish - 4 Spanish - 22 (9.4%) Swedish - 3 Welsh - 11 I will run this much longer and see what happens
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