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  1. An issue has been raised about this on the bugs forum. I've sent a copy of a saved game and some screenshots and they're going to look into it.
  2. Hi Ben, I've uploaded a save game plus a screen grab with the issues that people are having. The files are called: David Powell - Grays.fm and Grays Athletic -NLloan issue.png Thanks.
  3. I've had the same problem as well. I've checked Messi's level 11 file and that seems to be OK. The FM editor file has a similar problem. May be a case of the rules regarding loans needs to be changed as I noticed Messi's had the loan rules set up. Other than that only issue I found was on your fixture list at the start of the season you had a mixture of league games and friendlies in the first month of the season rather than starting with all friendlies before going on to league games. This didn't bother me too greatly but seemed different than usual.
  4. That's a bonus with all the games being snowed off tomorrow!!!
  5. In real life, there is no relegation from the Essex Senior League and the Essex Olympian Premier is based at step 11 of the pyramid although many of the sides in the EOP could compete in the ESL on the playing side. Essex Olympian teams can apply for promotion to the Essex Senior but many only do this if they have a groundhare with a senior club. Most clubs at Olympian level play on little more than park pitches with no floodlights so have no interest in progressing up the pyramid.
  6. Impressed if you got to Leiston on public transport. Have always managed to get on the team/supporters' coach to that one.
  7. The train line up to Norwich has been a real pain the last few months. Constant engineering works and replacement buses.
  8. Did you go to Lowestoft, Dan? That's a helluva journey from Burgess Hill!!!
  9. Bit of money in the bank though and a half decent crowd. Merstham beating Ebbsfleet really surprised me.
  10. Cheers Dan. We're in a bit of a rut of results after having a fantastic run in which we went top after winning 7 in a row. Our disciplinary record is dreadful and we're missing several key players due to suspensions which isn't helping our form. Scoring a few but we look shaky at the back although we have a decent keeper in Conor Gough. Good result for Burgess Hill against Merstham at the weekend. BH seem to be holding their own after coming up last season. Will be interesting to see where the two sides are come April.
  11. I don't think the game was supposed to go lower than level 8 possibly even level 7. Good win for Burgess Hill today, Dan. We started well with the wind in our favour but you looked the better side once you equalised. Second half, there was only one side in it. Nice set up at Burgess Hill. Cosy little clubhouse and a tidy compact ground.
  12. Cheers Dan. Most our support who are on the coach will probably be in The Windmill so expect I'll go there pre match after a quick pint in town.
  13. My first visit to Burgess Hill. Going down on the train. Any good pubs in Burgess Hill?
  14. My first visit to Burgess Hill. Going down on the train. Any good pubs in Burgess Hill?
  15. Hopefully you'll find time to get to the Burgess Hill game on Saturday, Dan!!
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