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  1. "Use Fake Players"

    i think the best way is to tick fake players and then just holiday for 30 or more years, this way all teams will be different and the semi fake players will probably be all retired, i play like this and its really fun when every player is unknown and you don't know who the best young players are
  2. Group D: Sweden vs England, KO: 7:45pm

    lucky goal
  3. i made a holiday save to get to 2040 and im currently in 2032, i frequently pause to see how things are going, and there is actually a lot of talented players from a lot of countries, you just have to develop them correctly, here are a few examples of the best players: http://imgur.com/a/Coci3#0
  4. Changing attribute colours

    make sure skin cache is ON, do not reload the skin after changing the colors
  5. is it possible to add the attribute analyzer in the profile page? i cant use the profile page in the game because i rely a lot on the attribute analyzer, and i had to change to the attributes page to be the main page to avoid having to click all the time on the attributes tab is it possible to add it in that blank space: http://img641.imageshack.us/img641/329/atrib1.png or even anywhere else in the profile page?
  6. Since fm 2010 ive come to rely a lot on that polygon graph thing that shows the players attributes faster, but in fm2012 profile view, even when using a big resolution, it does not show in the attribute area of the profile, making me have to click on the player's attribute panel to be able to see it, i know you can change in the preferences to go to the attributes part whenever you click a player, but i like the new profile view because it shows other infos about the player. Ive noticed there is a small area empty in the attributes part of the profile: http://img641.imageshack.us/img641/329/atrib1.png is it possible, by editing the xmls to add it there? http://img510.imageshack.us/img510/8093/atrib2.png
  7. Funny Screenshots Thread

    weird name
  8. Screen Flow FM12

    there should also be an option for it to go to the backroom advice
  9. yea but many chances he has are when he dribbles his marker and shoots, usually at the entrance of the penalty area, so i dont know if using places shots would make the shots too weak to be effective from this distance
  10. i have a very talented striker which is scoring quite frequently, still, he is missing some chances as he sometimes shoots them on the keeper, however, those that he scores, are mostly from dribbling his marker and finishing with power since he has rounds keeper, kicks ball past opponents, and is now learning runs with ball often. Some of his goals are from weak, accurate shots, but usually only after dribbling the keeper. however, im not sure if he should learn places shots, or shoots with power, since most of his goals are from blasting the ball, but would this actually make him miss more chances like blasting them over the goal or too wide? Since he has high composure and finishing, would it be a good idea?
  11. Changing a newgens hair

    If youre bothered about bald regens just do the following: 1. Take a screenshot of the player profile, preferably with a skin that has a dark background, since its going to make it easy to cut his face from the picture later 2. Open the screenshot in photoshop or similar 3. cut his face out of the screenshot on the same size of a facepack that fits your skin (i think its 96x96 or something like that), and also remove the background, so you will end up with just the player face 4. now you can just put whatever hair you want, or whatever else you want to draw, if you want you can also open the hair pictures in the game's facegen folder, and also apply it to his face 5. after youre done, you have to save the image on the same way you would if youre creating a facepack for the player, you need to check his ID in the game, and then make a xml file with that ID (there is a tutorial for this on the graphics forum) 6. the face will show up in the game after you installed it correctly another way is to install the OLT hair pack and/or FMF hair pack, after you install it, every player randomizes their hair
  12. This is UNACCEPTABLE!!!

    i had this bug as well, and ive made a whole thread about it: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/249690-Player-refusing-my-130-000-offer-and-accepting-a-36-500-offer-from-a-weaker-team! for some reason my offer was going down in the transfer centre too, but ive tried like 6 times, and the offer finally stayed the same as i really offered him, and then he signed for me, but still, it has to be some bug because there is no indication from any news item or the board when this happens, it just suddendly shows up that your offer is lower. i suggest you save before offering a contract and keep trying until the offer doesnt change out of nowhere.
  13. thats a lot of shots off target, are those long range shots? post a screenshot of the match statistics
  14. Appalling Match Engine

    lol CM 2010 was so bad it was funny [video=youtube;x3mQTm70vdY]