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  1. Started a Your World save so I could sell a few and bring in different players with all that money and am doing pretty well with a 433. So I have a 433 Attacking High Line/Pressing, 433 Rest version and a 4141 Defensive. I tried the 433 A on an away game at Burnley and lost bad so I find the 4141 D actually works well away. Yeah, the staff is pretty much depleted so a lot of time needs to go into sorting that out. Haven't had too many injury issues , yet. What mode are you guys starting with? I think I should restart to Original mode and only buy players scouts recommend, hire staff through adverts only to make it a little more challenging.
  2. Were you playing a rival? I noticed when you play a rival and depending on what you say in team talks the aggression goes through the roof.
  3. If you hire a Technical Director to do your staff hiring for you then you should be equal to the AI in terms of quality of staff.
  4. Have your DOF handle all transfers or at least have the DOF negotiate the transfer meaning you can't backload contracts. Only hire staff through adverts, only target transfers recommended by your scouts and never use the player search and last use a skin that hides attributes so you rely more on your scouts and player stats.
  5. I'm playing as a top club in the EPL and have hired a Technical Director to handle all staff hiring on all levels. I am currently at the end of January and have a lot of open staff spots mainly in the lower levels. Main- 4 vacant staff openings U21- 6/8 coaching team openings have staff, 1/4 medical openings have staff- 5 vacant openings U18-5/12 coaching team openings have staff, 3/7 medical team openings have staff.- 11 vacant openings Why is the TD not filling all the openings for staff?
  6. Head over to YT and watch Bust the Net vids and learn.
  7. Started a save in which the Technical Director handles all the staffing, Scouting Director handles all scouting details and DOF negotiates, signs players and renegotiates contracts. I played a month and noticed staff weren't being hired in the Under 21 and Under 18 squads, scouts weren't being assigned and star players weren't being resigned. I then went on vacation until Christmas and nothing has changed. I'm aware the scouting bug is known. The game file is called DOFChels.
  8. Yes, that's going to be insane but is the payroll p/w going to increase also otherwise we're going to need to sell some players.
  9. wetfred

    Career Stats

    It's all about stats now. Please add more stats on the Player-History-Career Stat page. There are only five stats that are recorded from year to year and with all the new stats that are available during the season it's a shame I can't see them in the player's history. I want to be able to see my CB's tackle ratio for the last 5 years. We need a deeper record of player stat history.
  10. Is there any way that stats can be added to the Player-History-Career Stats page?
  11. Check morale and increase it with praise for recent training, form or schedule a friendly with a subpar club.
  12. Me too ,also my chief scout doesn’t assign scouts and my DOF doesn’t hire any staff for my under 18s like I told them to and set in the responsibilities section.
  13. SI posted," new features include AI will adapt to the changing nature of a match with more intelligent tactical tweaks to keep you and your team on their toes. The AI managers will now be more open to chasing leads , and will react more realistically when playing against an inform team." You have to watch the match and react to how the match is going and pay attention to how the AI is playing you. With Chelsea coming on a 12 game winning run, with a positive mentality, attacking fullbacks and most likely a high D line I'm assuming the AI is sitting back and counter attacking you. You don't have to change your whole formation just a few tweaks. You have 3 tactic slots make one for your regular tactic then one for a less attacking one maybe with balanced mentality, FB on support, pull the line back a little and rotate based on how the match is going. Just a few suggestions.
  14. Another way is to make your own custom SQUAD VIEW with all the training info you need.
  15. Like Jimmy said I would suggest you pick a club in the EPL because most guides on YT are going to be explaining the game/rules based there. Draft,roster,etc in Euro and MLS are very different and it's going to be hard to find MLS guides. There's a lot of let's play vids on YT so watch them ,get a notebook and enjoy.
  16. I don’t think OOTP will ever get this in-depth. Especially after he sold it. Enjoy the journey my friend!
  17. I found out about FM from the OOTP forums over 14 years ago. FM is the best sports management there is. I see you playing MLS have you tried the EPL yet?
  18. I’m not sure but I think you have to respond with the walk away
  19. You should be able to renegotiate in a few weeks or so also check on his agent for any info. Being new maybe make a new save before making major decisions until you get the hang of it. Are you the psucolonel from OOTP?
  20. @GIMN Great skin, Left side looks like some info is cut off. I'm running 2560x1440 at 110 zoom. Cleared cache and reloaded.
  21. To add to that the Coaches and Scouts are all horrible.
  22. Lollujo on YT just posted a 100 year save and goes over the development issue at about the 20 minute mark
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