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  1. Hearts1874

    FM15 'Big' Euro Challenge

    Don't no if this is right place to ask but has anyone ever had a Lowland team make the relegation playoff in Scotland or is it only ever Highland league teams?
  2. It's been almost two and half months since FM has come out and I just can't get into it. I've tried all different types of leagues,clubs,diff reps but just can't get a game going, the closest I've got was 2 games into the season but I board. Now I don't no what to do so I wondering if any guy could help. Thanks
  3. My team's just turned full time but my player's are still part time contract's. But I don't no what's the best to do leave on part time or changed them to full time. Wondering if anyone had any help. Thanks
  4. Hearts1874

    FM12: What Team Should I Be?

    Need help picking a team in the Blue Square Bet North or South with good potential but not to easy. Thanks.
  5. Hearts1874

    Cross To The Back Post

    I've tried the man on the post but the instruction only works when the free-kick is from shooting distance not form 35-40 yards out.
  6. I need some help with this as am conceding to many goals from long range free-kicks. Nearly 9 times out of 10 the other team scores and I don't how to stop them. Thanks.
  7. I've just taken over lower league team Sweden and looking at the squad there all pretty bad, So I was thinking about relasing them all and starting from scratch. I'm just wondering if someone has done this for before and is it worth doing or will make it harder for me. Thanks
  8. Hearts1874

    [FM10/FM11] Metallic Logo Megapack

    Am really need help with this I've download it but I don't no where to put it. I've look for the graphic's folder but I can't find it anywhere, I've open up Football Manager folder but all thats in there is Unistall Football Manager folder. I download Football Manager from steam if thats helps but I really don't no what to do.
  9. I've just Download a Training Regime put I don't no were I have to put. I download from the Steam if that helps. Thanks
  10. I no this an old post, but when I press run in offline mode it comes up saying it can't because there's no Internet connection. Which I don't get because that's why I said run offline line mode. Does anyone no why it say that and how I can get it to play. Thanks
  11. I've played lot's of different save but now I don't no what to do. I've played as my fav team, i've started unempolyed, i've took a team back to the top and i've done a journeyman career.But now I dont' no what to do So can anyone help. Thanks
  12. I just accepted a job offer from an Austrian team a league which I've never managed in before and the first thing I notice they have lot's of players. So why is this and what do I do with them all? Thanks.
  13. I looked for a thread but can't find, is there one? Thanks
  14. Hearts1874

    FM10: Scottish Premier League

    Anyone now how Ally Love of ST Mirren turns out?
  15. What do I do with players who are unhappy because want to move to a bigger club. I've no problem leting them go but I hope to get there value worth, so how would I do that? Thanks