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  1. Sign Up Sheet Name: Jimmy Eastwood Nationality: English Height: 188 Weight: 92 Club: PSV Eindhoven Foot: Right
  2. Name: Ian Ruskin Nickname: Nationality/Second Nationality (optional): Australia (declared) / N. Ireland D.O.B: 05-08-1995 Place Of Birth: Darwin Height: 188 Weight: 80 Foot: right Preferred Position: Goalkeeper Secondary Position: Centre back 2 Technical Attributes at 16: Ariel ability, command of area 2 Technical Attributes at 15: Kicking, handling 2 Technical Attributes at 14: Eccentricity, tendency to punch 2 Mental Attributes at 16: Positioning, concentration 2 Mental Attributes at 15: Consistency, anticipation 2 Mental Attributes at 14: Composure, flair 1 Physical Attribute at 16: Jumping 1 Physical Attribute at 15: Agility 1 Physical Attribute at 14: Balance Player Preferred Moves (Pick 3): Gets forward whenever possible, argues with officials, tries long-range freekicks Future transfer to Burton Albion
  3. What sort of formation are England u19s playing? I saw 3 of the sweepers started. Did they just play 3 across the back? Hope my guy starts to get a few games!
  4. Glad my Luton Sweeper is excited to work under Redknapp. Slightly gutted he unlearnt his arguing with officials haha! Any look like changing into D R/L/C's?
  5. Put contorversy in at 20! Lets see what happens
  6. I'll stick with Luton then!
  7. I'm on FM09, thought I might have a shout with a striker I've had since he was about 19 and played pretty much every game of the season. In 12 seasons he's made 520 appearances. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  8. The constants that all Sweepers will be give; Player Name - Keith I'anson Player Nationality - English Second Nationality - Canadian Place of birth - Luton The variables that you can set for your sweeper; Preferred foot (main foot set to 20, weaker foot set to 10): Right Up to 8 visible player attributes to set to 18 (all other visible player attributes will be left to be randomly generated) Visible Player Attribute 1 - Tackling Visible Player Attribute 2 - Heading Visible Player Attribute 3 - Influence Visible Player Attribute 4 - Determination Visible Player Attribute 5 - Positioning Visible Player Attribute 6 - Passing Visible Player Attribute 7 - Stamina Visible Player Attribute 8 - Pace Up to 3 hidden player attributes to select and set to any number (all other hidden player attributes will be left to be randomly generated) Hidden Attribute 1 (and score) - Natural fitness - 20 Hidden Attribute 2 (and score) - Ambition 20 Hidden Attribute 3 (and score) - Adaptability 20 One Player Preferred Move - Argues with officials Blue Square Premier Club - Luton Town Preferred Squad Number - 19
  9. McLovin

    The Re-Anglicisation Of Manchester United

    Any plans to re-Anglicise the backroom staff too?
  10. McLovin

    The Re-Anglicisation Of Manchester United

    Bring back Phil Neville! What about Kightly for right wing?
  11. McLovin

    The Re-Anglicisation Of Manchester United

    Cool story so far. Nice idea!
  12. McLovin

    Duncan Ferguson Ate My Doctor Who Scarf

    Really enjoyable story! Look forward to seeing it progress.
  13. Name: Jimmy Gunnarsson Nationality: Finnish Team: Woking
  14. McLovin

    *OFFICIAL* FMS Introductions Thread

    ...lifelong Red Devils fan. Crawley Town??? ;-)