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  1. Its stupid that we need a workaround. I hope this bug will be entirely fixed...
  2. Is it too much to ask that this bug is fixed without "holiday workaround", its stupid, ok lets go on a holiday and i dont know, havent tested but what about next job, quit and go on a holiday again, come on. I just want this bug to be completely fixed and i think its fair to ask if i payed a full price for the game.
  3. ohhh mattinho, please tell me is it, i dont know, hahhaha. Look realistic or not a problem still persists in the terms of job apps and it is a bug. If you are fine with that ok, but iam not, so please dont quote me or similar because i know what iam talking about, it is not about stockport, it is about this bug that hasnt yet been fixed...sorry SI but i must say that i consider this a game breaker.
  4. I just started a new game on 14.2.1 new update with all the leagues from top five leagues, also croatia, portugal, russia, turkey. I started unemployed with sunday league reputation and only job i could get was SJ Ver from Portugal 3 divison, not even stockport or other low tier clubs want me. Has anyone else started a new game, what clubs can you take over with the same reputation ?
  5. This is a very rare that a second "big update" makes so much problems. We now have problems like ME and contract bug and ofc the unemployment bug. All of these thing i dont think cant be fixed within a normal time. I havent played FM since the update and i dont know how long will all of this gamebreaking bugs persist. I wish we can just rollback...
  6. hey i found a thread, many people have the same problem so iam waiting for a fix. P.S. I tried with the same clubs i took over before the update.
  7. Okay now here is the thing, before the patch i could have started the game unemployed and with sunday league footballer rep and get a job almost anywhere in the third tier. Now after the update i started a new game with the same reputation and cant get a job at those same clubs. I tried "the skrill" england league and they wont hire me at stockport, last english tier. Why cant i get a job now, please help ???
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