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  1. So, @Rashidi would you generically say, that playing with a fluid team shape (where fluid or very fluid) is advisable when looking to break a team down, and a structured shape, would be more amenable to defending a lead, and looking to exploit space left by the opposition to counter? I understand that there could be different strategies for different scenarios, but as a starting point, would the above be correct? I've tuned into your Youtube vids for a while now (now have now subscribed to your Patreon page), and my understanding of the game has improved, in particular the idea of team shape. Although I now understand the theory more, putting that into practice and getting the results to show for it, is taking a little more time!
  2. It's still a work in progress, but it's shown some promising signs so far. And I'm by no means a tactical genius, or guru. I have really struggled to be successful in FM16, and this is the first save that I feel like I have some control over my tactics, and how i want to set up, and my team to play. I tend to almost entirely stick to the Defensive mentality, and Structured shape. I fear that by going fluid, I could end up getting camped into my own half, and struggle to get out. By going structured, it ensures that my team is compact from a defensive point of view, but offers enough stretch vertically, to ensure we've always got options in an attacking sense. GK - Standard Goalkeeper. Instructions to Slow Pace Down, and Distribute to Full Backs. In League One when playing the narrow formations, I had poor defenders technically (McCrory aside), and I actually asked the Goalkeeper to Distribute Over Defenders. I had a tall striker, but also I had 3 or 4 midfielders sat centrally to pick up 2nd balls. In this side though, I want to encourage us to play from the back. DR - Full back (Support) - No additional instructions. DC 's - Both Defend - Only PI - Pass It Shorter - Defensive mentalities, increase defenders passing length, and shortens attacking players. Wanting to encourage patient possession play, I instruct both to pass shorter. DL - Full Back or Wing Back (Attack) - Dependant on formation, whether I go with FB or WB. Against formations with AMR's (4-2-3-1, 4-1-2-2-1) I tend to opt for FB, against more 4-4-2 like formations, I may go WB. Only instruction is to play Wider. My ML sits narrow, so this just ensures we have some width down that side. Central Midfield. I was very keen to have a double pivot in there, and with a CM (D) and a DLP (S), that provides it nicely. The CM (D) has no added instructions, and the DLP (S), has More Direct Passing & Play Risky Passes. This pairing, can change dependant on the situation of the match or opposition. Occasionally, I opt for a RPM (S) instead of a DLP (S), or in games where were dominating, and struggling to break teams down, a DLP(D) RPM(S) combo has been very effective. MR - Just a bog standard Winger on Attack on the right. Only PI - Increased Closing Down. ML - Wide Playmaker (S) - I did initially have this as a WM(S), with instructions to mimic an inside forward. But this has evolved into a Wide Playmaker. Because the attacking players have short passing by default in Defensive mentalities, I've made his passing more direct, and instructed him to play riskier passes. Also asked to Close Down More. AM - AP (S) - It's the one role I'm not totally happy with at present. Maybe it's Playmaker overdrive. Again, because of what the mentality does to the passing length, I've asked him to be more direct, and play risky passes. Also ask him to Close Down More. S - Poacher at present. Has been a DLF (A). The only instruction is Close Down More. It's no wonder tactic, but it's a steady one that, as part of a trio (the others been the 4-4-2 and 4-1-4-1) has helped me consolidate nicely in the 2nd season after nearly 20 games. There's probably better or more cohesive roles to be had (the Striker/AMC combo can definitely be improved), but it plays the sort of football that seemed to be the type you are wanting to implement. Certainly a mentality & approach to consider.
  3. The most effective way to build patient, possession based tactics, I have found, is to use the defensive mentality. Im currently Burton Albion, in the Championship, and gained promotion from League One, and survived the following season (despite having the lowest budget in the league by a distance...the 2nd lowest budget, was still twice the amount of Burton's!) by playing a defensive mentality, whilst been in the top 3 for possession %'s over the course of the season. I dont tend to play with top heavy formations however. I have played with narrow 4-1-3-2, 4-3-1-2 & 4-4-2 Diamonds for the first two seasons. I'm now playing with 4-4-1-1, 4-1-4-1 & 4-4-2 formations. Get the roles right, and give your creative players the instructions to play more direct, risky passes, and you can create some astonishingly attractive football. To negate the totally defensive approach, I tend to have my most advanced players, instructed to close down much more, to prevent the opposition from dictating play too much.
  4. 3-4-2-1 or a 3-2-2-2-1 I'd surmise. -----Chester (DC(S)) ---- Williams (DC (D)) ---- Davies (DC (S))------- Gunter (DW (S)) ----Allen (DLP (D))---Ledley (BWM (S))----Taylor (DW (S)) -------------------------Ramsey (AM (S)) -------Bale (AM (A))----------------- -----------------------------------Robson Kanu (DS (S)------------------------- Or in a 3-2-2-2-1, just drop Gunter & Taylor back a strata and have them as wing backs. The tricky bit would be the Ramsey & Bale combination. They are the key, and both get up and support Robson-Kanu, but Ramsey definitely has more defensive duties than Bale. I'm not sure a AM (A) is exactly how Bale plays for Wales, but with the addition of a few shouts, Move into Channels & Roam from Position, you could replicate the freedom he's given. Although he's Wales main playmaker (everything goes through him), his role doesn't really reflect that of a typical Advanced Playmaker. It's a very effective system that Coleman has got them playing brilliantly. Would be an interesting challenge in FM to try and get it replicated.
  5. I'm having the same issue with the text. Everything is too small (except 200% which is massive, and won't fit within the panels etc.) Whats the resolution to this? I don't understand the above comment.
  6. I thought it had been said on here, and confirmed, that when a counter attack is on (I.e. An outnumbering of attacking players) the mentality, tempo and passing style is maxed out in order to maximise the counter effect. Existing TI's only come into play when there is no counter attack available. So, in the case of the Retain Possession, it'll encourage the team to keep hold of possession in normal circumstances. Obviously certain TI's could increase (or decrease) the likelihood of a counter attack occurring.
  7. Sounds like you want a DLP(D) in the DM strata. He'll look for the ball, be a deep creative influence (like a Regista) BUT screens the defence rather than go hunting. A DM(D) is a good screening option, but will only keep things ticking offensively. He'll opt to play simple short passers, rather than be a deep creative influence like you're wanting from the Regista.
  8. I'm starting to think it's a bug. There's no option to Request Tutoring when I try to interact with Owen either.
  9. Anybody have any insight into this? I've tried changing the squad status to Important First Players and still no joy. It's a real shame, as I have two players with Resolute personalities, that I cannot get to pass onto my youth players. I have a vision to get the club I'm managing producing its own players, and I want to try and get the right personalities instilled throughout the squads.
  10. In the exact same shape as the OP. The DLF-A still is a deep lying forward. It's in the name. Just instead of solely been a link man, he gets into goal scoring positions. It's a nice all round role to have, without the need for a high range of speciality attributes required for the Complete Forward roles.
  11. I find a DLF-A a very effective lone striker role. It still drops deep, closes down, links up play and look to create chances for others. But also it's more of a genuine goal scoring threat as well. It seems to be a simplified Complete Forward role in essence, which is useful for perhaps lesser players (or lower league) that don't have the all round attributes to carry out a Complete Forward role.
  12. The youth player I want him to tutor is a "hot prospect for the squad." When I go to the youth players development profile, it says theres no suitable tutors. 7 are too young to tutor, 3 don't have a higher enough squad status. He's 30-odd the resolute defender, so it must be squad status. So I've raised it to squad rotation, and it's still not having it?! Do tutors have to be important first team players at the very least?
  13. I have an ageing centre half, who's personality is Resolute. He's a backup for the first team, but I renewed his contract with the view to get him tutoring some of my young defenders. However, when I go to his development page, it says "No Suitable Tutees." He's played over 300 games at either League One or League Two level, so I can't see his reputation causing the issue. Any ideas?
  14. Yeah, like I said I misread the post to say you couldn't have a defensive strategy that presses. It was that article that inspired me to try and get a defensive strategy to be successful. When I took over a poor but hard working Dag & Red side, I thought it was the ideal scenario to get it to work. My base tactic is basic, flat 4-4-2 with a 4-1-4-1 & 4-3-3 variant. Initially, it was turgid. Very acceptable from a defensive point of view but struggled to create chances & score goals. But after tinkering with roles & shouts, it's become a very effective tactic that is creating between 6-10 CCC's a game & enjoying good possession statistics, whilst still remaining relatively solid. It's the first time I feel like I understand a tactic and its strengths & flaws for a good while.
  15. My mistake I perceived the post to argue that you couldn't play defensive with a high pressing game, would perhaps produce the sort of play the OP is wanting to achieve. Obviously, it isn't "compact" as such, but the Defensive strategy reduces mentality, Yeah the style I play differs to how the opening poster wants to slightly, and to be honest, it's seems that the OP is wanting to play a style that ticks a lot of boxes that contradict each other. The set up I use, although by no means excellent and I'm no tactical master on FM (quite the opposite!), could produce close to what the OP desires. It isn't "compact" per se, but with a Defensive strategy, which lowers mentality & creative freedom, players get back behind the ball and press once in shape. The already deep d-line that is pushed up via a TI, still wouldn't be classed as a high defensive line, but allows the pitch to be squeezed enough to make pressing effective. I do, however, have a very hard working, energetic side (without not many more qualities to boast!)
  16. I disagree with this actually. The defensive strategy is a set of instructions that suit a all round, cautious, defensive game. But what if you want aspects of a cautious system but not an entirely defensive approach? As far as I know, a defensive strategy, drops the d-line, lessens pressing to deeper inside our own half, slows the tempos, shortens the passing, and reduces mentality. Is it not totally achievable to have a side to play patient, possession football (which defensive gives you) with a higher d-line and a more aggressive pressing game? It's taken me a good six months (game time) of tinkering, but I've got my Dag & Red side playing that way, and it's producing some very nice football in attack, and aggressive pressing higher up the pitch. A defensive strategy with the TI's "Push Higher Up" and "Close Down More" can produce a system that is actually quite attacking in nature, but with a defensive FM strategy.
  17. I'm playing as Dagenham & Redbridge, having taken over them halfway through the second season. They were 4th bottom, expecting a mid-table finish. Having looked at the comparison page, we were amongst the worst in the division in most categories, but strong in the teamwork and stamina areas (especially in midfield). We were also had a pacy strikeforce (12th-pace, 6th acceleration). Based on the players I had, and the strengths and weaknesses of the team, I opted for a pretty basic 4-4-2 formation. Strategy wise, I went with the Defensive option, due to our relatively poor side. So I set up like so: Shape/Roles - Down our left hand side, I envisage my Wing Back getting forward, creating overlaps. I've asked my Wide Midfielder to "run inside with ball", to a.) open up the space for the LB to advance into and b.) to utilise the space often found in between midfield and defence against 4-4-2, 4-4-1-1 formations. Down the right hand side, I have Zavon Hines, quick, good dribbling and crossing attributes, he's a winger every day of the week. Initially I had a very poor right back, with little technical attributes, so decided to stick with a reserved Full Back (support) role. In midfield, I needed creativity, shape and industry. After reading the Pairs & Combo's, I settled on a DLP (D) and opted for a BWM (S) which fits in with my pressing game. Up front, nothing too adventurous. I've a couple of pacy strikers, so an Advanced Forward seemed obvious, and so, opted for a DLF (S) to drop off and create space and chances for the AF(A). Fairly minimal team instructions. I want us to make the most of our high work ethic and stamina, so pushed the defensive line upfield, to encourage a more effective pressing game. Opted for "more direct passing" because we lack any much technical attributes, and thought it would help in quicker transition from defence to attack. Pro's: - Relatively pleased with my defensive record. We aren't shipping a lot of goals. - DLP - I've been forced to play a couple of players in that position, but it seems to be doing the job I anticipated. - Left wing seems to be operating as expected. Plenty of overlaps. More pleased with the full backs performances than the WM(A), but I'm content. Issues - - Right hand side. Cannot get Hines functioning at all. On the Attack duty, he never sees the ball, so switched him to Support, but he seems reluctant to run at players, which is his strength. - Creating chances. Really struggling to create anything. We seem to go from having games where we see a lot of ball, but do nothing with it, to the other extreme where we struggle to win possession and seem unable to take advantage of any space the opponents have left. - Disciplinary issues - We've had three red cards in 7 games, numerous yellows. That is despite having the "Stay on Feet" option activated. - Home record - Struggling to win games at home, especially against poor sides. I've tried going to Standard/Attacking against poorer sides, but always seem to enjoy more of the play, create no more CCC's, but look more prone to counter attacks. I want to try and keep the relative solid nature of this tactic, but make it more effective going forward. I accept I'm not going to win every game with the squad I've got, but at present it just doesn't seem to be clicking. Anybody on here see anything glaringly obvious that could be the issue?
  18. I'm using the same shape with Torquay. I'm currently over-achieving, and the key is my midfield three. I have a limited workhorse playing the Anchorman role at the base, with a DLP (S) and a B2B (S) ahead of him. The Anchorman sirs and tidies up, the DLP picks the ball up off the defence or A (D), and the B2B links defence to attack perfectly. He's up & down and finds himself I'm both boxes. Has chipped in with a couple of goals, but with a player with more technical ability, you could see them score a lot more. I use either a DLF (S) or a AF (A) depending on which striker I start with. I think the system suits a DLF more, because he finds a lot of space in front of the defence, and creates a lot of chances. Although the AF is more of a genuine threat, and perhaps lends itself to a slightly more direct route to goal (with playing direct football per se).
  19. I'm currently playing as Coventry City, and after getting promotion from League One, I had a initial good run of form followed by a poor run of results and more importantly, performances. At this point, I saw this thread and was intrigued by the three "classes" and I absolutely was "Relegation Battler." My wage budget is the third lowest in the division, and I was predicted 21st by the media. I opted for the 4-1-3-2, 1.) because it was recommended for the "relegation battler" and 2.) I had a shortage of quality wide men. As advised, I got familiar with the attacking, standard and defensive options. Initially, the performances improved, but results were sparkling, however, as familairity increased, the results improved, and I'm currently two games from finishing the season and four points off the drop. I'll be delighted if we end up surviving. I would like to point out though, that my away form has been unbelievable. 5th best in the league I think, and have pulled off some major coups...mainly playing the "Standard" option. However, my home form has been poor to say the least. I've only won TWO home games all season, and only one used these sets. I've drawn my last SEVEN (!) home games. I have mainly played Attack, and have dominated the chances count...but failed to win games. Lately, I've changed to High Pressure, thinking I might be too cautious playing Attack...but my performances have suffered...and often had to revert back to attack to get a draw form the game. Obviously, should I survive, I need my home form to improve next season. Any ideas???
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