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  1. Say you have ten world class scouts (each with 17+ JA and JP, and 15+ Determination and Adaptability) from a relatively broad spread of nations, how would you distribute them and what conditions would you set on their assignments for the best results? At the moment I tend to have one in each major footballing region, looking for players with a minimum of 4* PA and a maximum age of 19, plus frequent national assignments with same conditions in countries which I know to have a history of producing quality players, such as France and Brazil. On top of that I have them scout the Under 18 competitions in my loaded leagues, again filtering out players with less than 4* PA. The thing is, this set-up doesn't seem to be turning up many results for me, and I even find that rival teams are poaching quality (i.e. 4* PA) youngsters before my scouts actually locate them. What the hell am I doing wrong here? Is World Knowledge a factor in this? I have 33% World Knowledge, apparently, which seems rather low considering the breadth of my scouting assignments and the variety of nationalities in my staff. Any tips to help me find those future stars before other teams are alerted to them or their price tags are inflated beyond reason?
  2. I got a demo disc free with a packet of cereal. I was young and easily amused back then and enthusiastically replayed the first season over and over until eventually receiving the full game for my birthday. I can't remember many details about my game but I was quite keen on Lomana Lua Lua, Stern John and Brett Ormerod. They each had 20 Finishing IIRC.
  3. Oh OK. I was under the impression that unfulfilled PA points were lost at around age 24.
  4. and experience drops in their attributes, do they permanently lose Current/Potential Ability points?
  5. Not sure if this is related to the update or if it's even a bug, but all of a sudden three of my players aren't being placed in the correct order on the 'Squad' screen. As you can see in the below screencap, I have them ranked primarily by their 'Pkd' status and secondarily by their position (the default setting), yet for some reason three of my outfield players are listed above my goalkeepers. If I double click on the 'Pkd' icon they revert to their correct descending order, but as soon as I leave the screen that's undone and those three out of place players are listed above my GKs again. Annoying. Screencap.
  6. could perhaps just be a case of confirmation bias on my part, but I just played my first match with the new ME and it was awesome.
  7. the tone options in the team talk section are not ordered logically any more. they used to be ranked in descending order from the most aggressive option to the least; now they are just jumbled randomly, as far as i can tell.
  8. it's annoying that you have to wait for a match report to be generated just to check a match's overview. in last year's edition it would only generate the report if you wanted to watch a highlight.
  9. 1. Newcastle 2. League Cup (x2) 3. Just about to start my 3rd 4. Cabaye, Gutierrez, Coloccini, Santon and Krul are all first teamers. Ben Arfa, Forster, Tiote and Ba are used in rotation. I'll probably look to replace Gutierrez and Forster in the next transfer window 5. 4-5-1 with AMR, AMC and AMLs 6. I'll be in the Champion's League for the first time this year so I'd like to get out of the group stages, and I'd also like to remain in the Premiership top four. Long term: I've hoarded a bunch of excellent youngsters who I'm hoping will develop into a true world force
  10. It stutters a tiny bit if there's a key highlight directly after the start of the match or half-time for me, but otherwise runs smoothly.
  11. The end of the free transfer deadline (which is obviously some months after the actual transfer window closes) prompts another transfer window round-up news item. It doesn't seem right as it just contains the same information as the previous round-up and nothing related to free transfers.
  12. I just checked and it's taken me 1 day and 12 hours (and 39 minutes) to reach the January transfer window of my second season. I tend to stick with just one tactic which I'm continually tweaking, so I don't spend a lot of time preparing for individual matches. I do, however, play all of them rather than holidaying, mainly because my AssMan is bloody useless. Oh, and I only watch the key highlights with no replays.
  13. what is the appropriate situation for each of these? Also, do you find Team Instructions are largely rendered redundant by Player Instructions anyway?
  14. Retired

    The longer you continue a Football Manager save, the probability of it being corrupted approaches 1. I've just reached 2027 and my players' histories have suddenly gone missing, I'm mentally bracing my self for the ol' "Game Cannot Be Loaded."