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  1. Just got Materazzi in for Colorado can't wait to get the season started. Any suggestions on who else to sign as a DP? Could do with a central midfielder preferably, was going to bring in Lucho Figueroa but I'm quite spoilt in the attacking department what with Casey, Cummings and Folan seriously debating playing 4-3-3
  2. You are genuinely sorry when you have to release Dale Tonge when he has helped your York side to successive promotions from the Conference to League 1 that you remain upset for the rest of the day. You then search him on facebook and add him (which he accepts) and on social interview the question comes up 'Have you done anything to Dale Tonge that you want to apologise for?' to which I answer, 'Dale, I am so so sorry for releasing you from York, I hope it hasn't affected you or your family in anyway.' Then a few days later you decide to have a nosy on his profile and find out that he has deleted you off hus friends!! 100% true story
  3. When you tell all your friends that you expected Boruc to mess up v Northern Ireland because its a bug
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