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  1. Could be a problem with his (hidden) adaptability stat. I've had similar situations where scouts gave mediocre reports for foreigners but they looked amazing. Usually it means they can't adapt well and/or have low determination.
  2. Yeah, I'm guessing that the case for the OP is that his board had a transfer budget set at the start of the season, say 30m, and the percentage of that available is all that will be considered. Transfers made after the budget is established won't be considered towards that transfer revenue. At least, this is how it has seemed to be for me in the past.
  3. I did get a 10.0 once, back in FM09... Sergio Aguero scored 6 for me (QPR) in the Community Shield vs. Aston Villa. His debut, no less! Never had anyone else make it above a 9 or so.
  4. On one hand, I definitely wish that the game presented a more realistic challenge - i.e. a much longer timeframe for dominating success. On the other hand, I'm at the point in my life where I don't have 1000+ hours to devote to a game save. If the game were to become more realistic re: timeframe to build a world-conquering team, I'd never be able to achieve success. I like knowing that it will probably take me only a few seasons to reach the Champions League and win, or to achieve promotion to the top flight and become a domestic force.
  5. It should run it alright. It looks like your processor will likely be the limiting factor in the game's speed. I'm not sure how fast you're accustomed to the game running, but for me personally I would be comfortable loading a large database with some 25-30 total leagues.
  6. Very valid point. What other game can many of us say we have year and years and hundreds of hours of experience playing? Naturally over time FM becomes easier for us, just as any other task or hobby does with repetition and practice. That's life. Furthermore, I disagree with those who think that every team should be a significant challenge. If you play with Man United or Man City, for example, it shouldn't be hard to win the league and to do well in the cups. Look at Man City in the tables now. The beauty of FM is that it tries to replicate real life. If you want a challenge, play with a team that is predicted to struggle in their division, plain and simple.
  7. Actually, for me FM12 runs faster than FM11 and comparable to FM10, and I played all three through Steam (on Windows 7). Perhaps your game performance is down to changed drivers on the computer, a new program added that is competing for resources (aside from Steam), or that the new match engine in FM12 is more taxing on your system. Also, if you're running more leagues with more countries loaded now than you did in FM11, it would make sense that you'd see a performance drop. Of course, it could also specifically be down to Steam, but don't rule out the other possibilities.
  8. So which way is this thread heading? Are we constructively criticizing Steam or SI's decision to use one activation/copy-protection method for FM12? Because those are two different debates. The pro Steam cloud has obviously voiced why, as an application on the computer, Steam offers many useful features to people desiring those features. As far as using a solitary activation and copy protection method, the way SI has respond it seems as though Steam was the single way to ensure copy protection and to limit pirating - no other method of activation could match it. As someone mentioned earlier in this thread, a defense is only as strong as its weakest link. And offering a method to play the gave outside of Steam's "locked-down" environment, if you will, was evaluated as simply not being strong enough. I don't interpret SI/SEGA's decision as one to intentionally limit consumer choice. They concluded it was simply the only adequate option that would provide their desired level of piracy protection. Phone activation, key code entry, etc wouldn't cut it. Perhaps if a suitable protection method appears in the future, SI/SEGA will use that alongside Steam.
  9. My best attempt at answering this is that many people here play long-term saves, perhaps 20 years or more. A lot of those people begin managing in a league that would not be considered one of today's top four/five. With DLR, if someone is managing in Ukraine and begins doing progressively better in European competition, the Ukrainian league will get a higher reputation. Higher reputation equals the ability to attract bigger talent (including staff members), higher paying TV deals for clubs, better youngsters joining clubs' academies, etc etc etc. Presumably, DLR was difficult to implement in a balanced fashion because it impacts so many different areas of the game.
  10. Years people have been asking for that, but it seems impossible as I'm sure they've tried. All you need is a normal difficulty and let anyone who wants a fantasy game have a lower level and those who need more of a challenge a higher one along the lines of what I've written above. Do you mean that by selecting a higher difficulty level, the game would simply hide some player attributes across all players, across only your team, or that the game would actually adjust your entire team's skill level downward?
  11. Not to mention your nationality (and thereby, language abilities) will also determine what teams offer for you. I started unemployed with international experience, and my nationality is American. I received offers from clubs in Argentina, for example, because Americans get both English and Spanish languages from the start.
  12. Have you held a team meeting? I'm happy that it's finally an option to call a meeting whenever. In previous FMs this usually helped focus the team.
  13. I personally am against difficulty levels for this reason: I want realism. I don't want, when beginning a new game, to have to ponder which setting will allow me to play the most accurate representation of the leagues. I think the way for SI to make the game more difficult is to keep working on the AI ability to generate solid, balanced teams and to pick great newgens going forward, improving the long term saves.
  14. Nice! I'm such a youngin', only buying FM09 onward...
  15. I do often reduce tempo (as a result of shifting from Control to Standard or sometimes Counter) and often have retain possession on. My thinking with hassling opponents was that many early goals came because some midfielder from 18 yards out had a few seconds to think on the ball before shooting. Maybe I'll stop that though and see if it improves positioning on set pieces. Thanks for the help, all.
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