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  1. Anyone watch any youtubers for fm? Are there any?
  2. I find it hard that a 570 4gb card can't cope with the preset graphics. It's hardly the most demanding.
  3. Seems to have worked fine once loaded. The 3d graphics aren't as good for some reason the 570 4gb isn't enough for this demanding game. Frame rate and buffer issues.
  4. Ok so if I'm using 109% that's using just over one core? I'll try and play some more tonight and see how it is
  5. It's almost as soon as it starts up. It just seems dead slow compared to the pc.
  6. Only tried FM it's a Mac who plays games on a Mac!!!
  7. not sure if anyone has experienced this before. Ive got the latest imac i5 16gb ram and the Radeon 4gb 750 card so its not really a slouch and should cope fine. it started to run a little slow and the processor on utilities shows over 100%! when loading up its 199 and then when loaded its 109! it seems a little high to me to be honest. ive not had this issue on my pc which is running i7 2600k 16gb ram and a 1070 8gb card im finding it hard to believe my 6 year old processor is better than the new i5 both do have lots of extra graphics added. any suggestions?
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