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  1. Atlanta is my favorite American city that I have visited so I plan to play a career there at some point. I was hoping that I they would be in this version but they just got a name and logo and colors a few short months ago and their stadium plans are not even finalized yet so it is understandable that they are not going to be in this version. But it would be really nice if the Jan update could include them.... As a European, it was a very cool city to visit and it will be interesting to see if Football can make it there.
  2. Intel Core i7-6700HQ My Haswell laptop has a serious problem with heat and thermal throttling but I have had no issues with the Skylake CPU as of yet.
  3. If their technique is low then there is no point in teaching them to place shots. If strength is low then power shots are not going to be teachable. There is also composure to take into account. A low rating in that can mean that they buckle under mental pressure and miss shots not due to skill but due to mental focus. I use these PPMs for select players. I usually teach place shots to smaller, weaker finesse players and power shots to larger, stronger target men. Also note that a combination of attributes and tactics can determine a players 'shot IQ' i.e. from where he chooses to shoot from. Some skilled players are frustrating because they choose to shoot from poor angles or from far away. PPMs and tactics can help a bit with these players but ultimately you have to decide if they are worth keeping since they can waste your teams chances by shooting low % opportunities.
  4. I purchased a Lenovo Y700 for under 1000 Euros three weeks ago. Running every league and every nation, almost 170,000 players and it runs fantastically. 3-D match quality is also superb. I was going to go with the Surface Pro 4 but could not justify the huge expense.
  5. I am playing in the Finnish top division (Veikkausliiga) and my team finished 2nd in the league and qualified for the Europa League. I don't expect to be playing in it past August or September at best, but if it we happen to make it into the group stages. We will be playing in the winter months where normally no football in Finland takes place. I played a pre season cup game in late Feb and it was -9 C or 16F Does the Europa league require under soil heating in real life or does it matter in game? I am always looking to get extra stuff out of my board and I wonder if there hand could be forded by continental cup play. I did find this bit on UEFA.com as a .pdf for Europa Cup rules. 13.06 The home club must make every reasonable effort to ensure that the pitch is in the best possible condition for play. If the climatic conditions so require, facilities such as pitch heating must be provided, to ensure that the field of play can be made available in a suitable condition on any match date. If the home club does not implement the appropriate measures and, as a consequence, the match cannot take place, the home club bears all the costs of the visiting team (travel, board and lodging expenses). I am guessing that more pertains to on the field frozen precipitation accumulation and not necessarily how a deeply frozen field would affect ball bounce and player safety. In any event, I want to get my field heated. Seems odd that a top division club in Finland would not have done so already.
  6. Glad to see a user who has a i7-920 My desktop still has that CPU and it is a workhorse. It is aged by now but still capable. I have OCed it up to 26% (3.62 GHZ) before and my system was stable. I have since backed it down to 15% (3.37 GHZ) and it has been in service now for 7 years. I have upgraded that desktop to 12GB of ram and a Geforce 770 GTX and it is still a great gaming system. For a 45nm chip it is fantastic. It might be the most solid all around chip Intel has ever produced. It is limited today by aged cache and other technologies but the clock speed is still acceptable since you can OC the crap out of it and it just smiles and marches on. It is the 34 year old defensive midfielder who anchors your team of the processor world. There are even guides out there that with proper cooling people have OCed it all the way to 4 GHZ and had a stable system.
  7. I have seen Dortmund relegated but bounced right back up only to be relegated again before they finally patched up the ship and got back to the Bundesliga. But the two years in the wilderness hurt them as they lost valuable players for less than they were worth and lost money. They increased their debt and now are mid table at best. Bayern in the mean time benefited (of course) and have won 7 Bundesliga titles in a row and won the treble 3 times in 7 years. They are also now the most repuatble club in Europe in that save. But the most spectacular collapse I have seen was in FM 13 and Benfica ran into some sort of trouble. I never did figure it out, they were relegated from the Primeira Liga to the Segunda. That is shocking since in Portugal there are the top three and the clubs near the bottom of the first division are a world away in terms of talent. Then even more shocking was they finished I believe 5th in the Segunda and then everything went to hell from there. They bled money, again for unknown reasons and the next season were put into administration and were about to be relegted from the second division but saved it on the last day of the season. But from there they were a mess, their money situation was abysmal and their youth system was still producing great players but they could not even sign professional contracts due to wage restrictions. So they would leave almost instant for 15-20% of their value. I wish I still had that save because I am almost sure some sort of bug had to have occurred. But it was a spectacular mess.
  8. I just turned up the detail level in my save to where every international and European competition is on full detail and I put 21 other leagues on full detail. It does put my CPU under near constant 100% load. I am going to see if it is worth the slow down in terms of getting better results due to a more accurate simulation.
  9. Not a big deal. The Air 2 is Apples first tablet with a tri core cpu. It also has 2 gb of memory. The Air 1 and mini series have 1 gb. To my knowledge, no ios product yet has a quad core cpu
  10. I run every nation and every league in the simulation. 51 nations, 116 leagues and ~167,000 players I have done this for many, many, many versions. As FrazT said, speed is subjective. My game runs slow but I am always doing other things while I play. So it is not an issue. I have ran various databases of this size for up to 20 seasons and have always found the simulation time to be slow but acceptable. I think the extra accuracy and options that a large db offers makes up for the lack of speed. The best thing to do is create a new game, ignore the performance stars and play for a month. You and only you can determine what is acceptable.
  11. IPad mini are dual core. I have Tablet FMC on an iPad Mini 2 and performance is fantastic.
  12. I managed Toronto FC late last year. I retained an attorney on staff who was an expert in contract law. It was the only way I could keep up with the contract system. It was a fun but complicated game. I struggled to a playoff spot but our form had a meteoric rise in the playoffs and we ended up winning the MLS cup crushing many teams on the way. This was before the winter transfer update and Jermaine Defoe was a league wrecking ball. 33 goals and he was healthy the entire year. He even played well enough to earn a few caps with England!!! Michael Bradley was good when he played but had lots of moderate injuries. I also brought in Michael Essien whom I have always liked. He played very well, but injuries and red cards lowered his productive output. He had a cheap contract however. All in all, the MLS is a fun but wild place to manage. I do love the draft system however. Very odd but adds some flavor to the league. I have seen a lot of Brazilian-American regens be drafted. Some of them Have world class PAs. Pow anyone else seeing this? In future years the US national team could become quite good with their dual citizen wonder kids. In the end I had my fun in MLS but I resigned and moved my manager to Europe.
  13. Thank you for the compliment. I purchased the case (and LED screen) and motherboard from MSi and then put together the rest myself. I purchased the GPU and CPU as OEM parts. Putting together a laptop these days is not impossible, but if I could do it again I would choose a pre built model. It took a while to put together due to having to wait for the parts. The case was hard to get since places do sell just the cases but they do not openly advertise it. I also had to wait up to 8 weeks for the CPU and GPU. Places do sell individual components to end users but again they do not advertise it much since most notebook parts go to sellers. The GPU is an Nvidia 780m which is comparable to a desktop 680. It is a really nice system and I have been happy with it. It is comparable to a desktop from late 13 or early 14. I built it with the intention of being a desktop replacement and it has done the trick. My work has me in London 4-5 days a week and then on the weekends I fly back to Switzerland with be with my GF and children. So having a hefty notebook is nice since it is my 'desktop' for a good portion of the week. It has 1.5 TB of storage and I removed the blu-ray drive and put in a internal caddy and a 750 GB SSD. The memory is pretty slow on it. I have tried to OC the memory to 1600 and then 1500 and finally just 1400 but it was unstable at every turn. I finally left it at 1333. I did OC the CPU and GPU which produces more heat than the memory OC, so go figure. If you want details on the exact case model or anything else, I would be happy to provide them. Thanks again for the compliment. It is always nice when someone is nice enough to give a compliment.
  14. I have probably had quicker. But in my current save game I have taken over Palermo who were relegated to Serie B. In the pre seaosn we play against Bayern Munich and American Ike Opara goes in two footed on David Alaba at the 26 second mark. Instant red card. Also an injury to Alaba. I do not think much of it. We lose the game 0-5 without further incident. After the game, Alaba will miss 6-8 months with a broken lower leg. *sigh* This is why we can't have nice things.
  15. CPU: Intel i7 4800MQ CPU Frequency: 3900 MHZ OC RAM: 32 GB DDR3 1333 OS: Win 7 64-bit Storage: HDD 7200 RPM in Raid 0 Time: 5 min 16 sec
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