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    FMT DoF

    Currently, the DoF can suggest players for you to sign on a transfer, on loan, end of contract or free transfer for a given position or role. Would it be possible to add an option where by the DoF can also suggest players with potential in a given position or role?
  2. When managing a team in England and setting the scouting responsibility to chief scout from the 7 available scouting team he sends 6 to do UK & Ireland and 1 for Next Opposition. Why doesn't he spread the 6 doing one location to have 6 scouts scouting 6 locations. My Cheif Scout is Italian, I've managed in Spain (4 years) and Germany (4 years). I have a dual nationality of English and Israeli. I am currently managing Man City in the Year 2029 and have plenty of money. Seems like a bug and has nothing to do with scouting knowledge or available funds.
  3. Just an idea for a new unlockable for Football Manager Touch. To have any bid submitted accepted by any team. Maybe to prevent £0 bids you could make it so the minimum accepted is the player value.
  4. On the DoF screen so far we can ask him to suggest "Transfer", "Loan", "End of Contract" and "Free Signing" for different positions. Why not add another option which would suggest potential players to sign?
  5. During my first few seasons with Wigan in the build up to and during the transfer window I would get news articles about players Wigan were interested in buying, e.g. David Davis from Birmingham for £1m. I would then scout the player and possibly sign him if the report was good, David was linked because I was weak at DM position. This was kind of helpful as it was very similar to a feature on a previous FM (can't remember the year) where on the team report it'd have 3 potential signings to help improve the team. The problem is as I moved on to West Ham and then Real Madrid the news articles stopped, when I noticed it I did a test run where I had a very small squad size (less than 11 players) and still no "potential signing news article" would be forwarded to my inbox. Is this a bug in the game? Can anyone help explain why? Thank you
  6. Part way through a season I noticed that the players in my Under 18 squad weren't playing for my Under 18s I right clicked a few players and on the "available for Under 18 squad" option none of the choices (45mins:60mins:90mins) were ticked. It then came to their next match and when given the news item to select players it wouldn't let me "Set Accrington Under 18s as Available" Has this happened to anyone or is there a reason why it has happened?
  7. Can players leaderboard scores get reduced? I was working my way nicely with Stockport winning Skrill North and then Wrexham getting promoted from Skrill conference. I was up to a million points, but since I missed promotion with Accrington in League 2 I went all the way down to 500,000. Has this happened to anyone else? Ben
  8. It would be great if you could edit more than one player at a time, i.e. setting the whole squad match fitness and condition to 10000. It would be a lot easier then editing a 21 man squad one at a time.
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