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  1. I've joined a new club around mid June and I was never offered to update the Code of Conduct and when I go to the Code of Conduct on the team page there is no option to create one.
  2. This seemed to have fixed itself mostly. Still buggy with Youth Players who join at the end of the season on trial.
  3. At key points of the season you are given a list of players who's contract is about to expire and usually at the bottom there is an option to apply DoF recommendations. Since the update, for the first team only, that option doesn't appear anymore. However, it did for reserves.
  4. When you select a player, on their main page along with the report is a coaches rating in starts and then text accompanying it. E.g. Decent Young Prospect, Exciting Young Prospect, Star Player, Back-Up Player, Fringe Player, etc. Is it possible to get these comments as a column on the squad page? I know you can get the ability and potential as star ratings, but these comments would be useful too rather than having to click on every player individually. Any advise or workarounds?
  5. Currently, the DoF can suggest players for you to sign on a transfer, on loan, end of contract or free transfer for a given position or role. Would it be possible to add an option where by the DoF can also suggest players with potential in a given position or role?
  6. Just an idea for a new unlockable for Football Manager Touch. To have any bid submitted accepted by any team. Maybe to prevent £0 bids you could make it so the minimum accepted is the player value.
  7. On the DoF screen so far we can ask him to suggest "Transfer", "Loan", "End of Contract" and "Free Signing" for different positions. Why not add another option which would suggest potential players to sign?
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