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  1. Hi, I’ve just got to January in my first season and currently sat 4th. Im after some advice, Salah hasn’t really done anything for me although he’s been injured for 1-2 month but nothing when fit. I signed Volland for RW/ST rotation and he’s got into double figures but I’m missing an out and out striker as Firminio isn’t scoring much. Am I missing something or is there a tactic/role to get him scoring? Or can anyone recommend a striker who will get me the goals. I have around about 35m to spend and want someone in to try challenge for the league in last half of season. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hello, Im trying to install FM onto my Mac from the disk. Im clicking on the disk which brings up the option to install the game, When I press on this it says it brings up the license to read. I press continue and accept the terms/licence and then it just goes off and nothing happens. Any help?!
  3. Would you retrain Ozil as a false nine type player? Maybe play him up top with a target man like Giroud, also can't see the photo but i'll take a look at him cheers!
  4. Currently mid way through my second season and as i've know for a while I haven't got a world beating strike partnership. Im wanting to get two new strikers with the idea been the modern day Henry/Bergkamp can anyone recomend some players to fit that mould cheers!
  5. Started a game with Arsenal and I'm just about to have my first game of the season against West Ham, this is 95% my starting lineup give or take injuries/form. GK- Szczesny RB- Coleman CB- Vermaelen CB- Mertersacker LB- Gibbs CM- Arteta CM- Wilshere LAM- Lallana CAM- Ozil RAM- Cazorla ST- Giroud I've brought in Klose as an experienced backup striker and also have Podolski and Walcott who can play there but I don't know whether to get another striker? Had bids accepted for Drogba (backup) and Martinez (first team) at 17.5m. Does anyone know if he's any good or do you think it's best to get Drogba and wait till January/Summer for another main striker? Cheers!
  6. Just started a season with Liverpool and could do with some advice. I want a RW for my team but don't know who too get :/ I've had a 15m offer accepted for Townsend and Farfan but somethings holding me back. Or would you recommend sticking with Sterling and pushing Sturridge out wide until a better option is available? Any ideas welcome!
  7. Having an absolute nightmare start to my second season, Lost the first two games to Palace and Southampton (finishing with 10 men both games) before going on a three game winning streak in the league and beating Watford in the cup. Started my Champions league with a 1-1 draw at Monaco before Barca tore me apart and it finishing 4-0! Then came Man U and they got a 2-0 win at Old Trafford, had a few draws and a win still but can't seem to hit form and Suarez is still playing shocking, can't get him to score for ****!
  8. Can anyone recommend a left and right midfielder, had a bid accepted by Juventus for Asamoah but at 20m im unsure
  9. Got my funds boosted to £54m when I selected my season expectations, so far signed Papadopolous £12m, Khedira £12m, Verrati £18m (thinking a steep price but already missed out on Ramsey and Shaqiri to City and Chelsea)
  10. Hi Tony, my current computer is a dell laptop, that sounds easy enough to do cheers!
  11. End of my first season and were champions! Also won FA cup after a tense final against Everton to add to my earlier League cup triumph Looking to build on my team now but don't know where to start, Any recommendations on a keeper (potential young/backup) was thinking Butland? Also need a quality CM or two to play with Gerrard and Lucas although Allen and Henderson have progressed. Thinking of going for a big name striker too tofire me to the league again but only been given £40m so needing a few signings im going to have to do some selling. Up the Kop!
  12. Hi, I've recently bought a mac book and was wondering if I can transfer my Liverpool save from my old laptop to this?
  13. Hi, i'm just starting a season with Arsenal and was wondering if anybody could recommend a few signings? I've had 15m bids accepted for Sven Bender and Nemanja Matic as I feel I need a DM (i'll only sign one obviously) or can anyone recomend a better DM? Also going for Mario Manduzik from Bayern at 15m, signed him before and banged a few in! Any advice would be appreciated
  14. Hi all, apologies if this is in the wrong place or already been asked but will and when will the january transfer update be? If there isnt going to be one has anyone made one with the changes that can be downloaded? Cheers
  15. What's the difference between the two? I've just got the game and don't know which to choose. Started one game on full and the game length took a ridiculous amount of time i was bored.
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