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  1. Happy to see that someone got cracking with the major problems Aussie footy have had in this game. Not only on lower divisions but much much worse on how many players had no birthdates and no positions. I do hope you found correct info on this and will happy try out this after I bought the game. Still stuck and wanted to finish an older version with my own limited fix of birthdates and who plays were. It was very sad to see how bad it all was when I started to edit. Knowing that, I'm confident you have done a massive work. Thanks even before I have a serious look. Finally one might be able to play on this continent with more realistic results.
  2. Is it possible to create this new U20 Elite League that replaced the old U20 Nations League. Think it should have been in the fm2018, but not sure. Perhaps it pops up in fm19, but still is it a problem since U20 teams for European countries are not in the start of games ? Also it's a tournament covering a longer period fitted in at similar dates as the new Euro Nations League.
  3. Is there a view in any skins that will show you games that are played on a certain day. Hopefully all the leagues you got in your setup. Kind of like this from transfermarkt.co.uk https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/aktuell/waspassiertheute/aktuell/new/datum/2018-05-12
  4. FIFA U20 ? England vs Portugal ? In 2017 they never met, All teams have numbers between 1-21 in real but in game you got that old system 1-11. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2017_FIFA_U-20_World_Cup_squads Have a look. I was just asking how to make this for ex. FIFA U20 and perhaps some others too. If someone tried what I asked using "Uses Squad numbers (Used for inactive comp only)"
  5. Still in FM2017, so not sure if it's OK in FM18. However when looking in FIFA U20 you got numbers 1-11 in every game, and I think even in others like UEFA U19 and U21. Naturally the players should have 1-21. I would like to remedy that without too much problems. I hope it works OK in FIFA World Cup and European Championship, but not sure. I found a little square that can be crossed in "normal" settings for these tournaments called "Uses Squad numbers (Used for inactive comp only)" Of course the word INACTIVE springs up. I don't have these tournaments inactive so before just testing it would this be known, OR will I have to create something more clearly on this torunament alone. Settng it up with a new file ADD INTERNATIONAL RULES and clicking in the Squad square in that. Together with all the rest. This looks too complicating, so hopefully the little square in the "normal" edtiing for just that tournament should be enough.
  6. I got another question on the Australian A-league setup. I see that you ticked both Have No Reserv and Youth fixtures for the A-league teams, and that you made all NPL team connections as B-team. Strange enough all the A-league teams do have a youth team but no league for them to play in. Aussie leagues are strange in that the B-Reserve-Youth team of A-leagues are in fact the team playing in NPL PS4 leagues. Since you now got a youth team "within" the A-leagues players do not move down to the NPL B-team as they should. Resulting in that teams like Sydney (NPL), Adelaide (NPL) got almost no "real" players. They are populating these teams youth squads. Question is if you tried out setting these NPL teams to other things, such as sub-teams or eve II clubs. Anything to get them more players to field in their matches. The setup in the standard untouched DB is set to Normal Affiliated teams, but that doesn't sound very correct either. Getting rid of the youth teams for A-league looks to be impossible, but like to know any suggestions on the problem as a whole.
  7. I got a question on Australias NPL leagues and their correct seasons. Still stuck in FM17 so it might be different in this FM18 package, but I doubt it. The A-League is set correctly of course but all NPL leagues have their season from Febr/Apr to Sept/Oct. Not sure if setting them up correctly is even possible within the editors system. The intake of youth players would be hard too, since now it's a summer setting for all leagues. IRL the NPL leagues have their big youth testing about this time each year I think. If this is working good in FM18 I better get me a brand new FM18, but appreciate if you tested it, made it work or just given up on it Claassen Thoughts on it mate ???????????????????
  8. I told you I was stupid. I started Steam Community via Google and not the direct Steam Client on my PC. Of course I got another view. Now I found the correct menu and managed to go offline without stopping internet. Thanks mates for trying to help out !!!!!
  9. Hm, why do I not get that upper line, with Steam Account View. I only get the lower one with Store, About, Community, Support in block letters. No surprise I can't find this very easy thing. I had to disconnect Internet totally before I start, but find it crazy indeed. This is why I hate Steam. A third party trying to dictate stuff and making some money on it. Any hint on how I get this "upper" meny-bar ? And yes I did sign it of course, so now you have it all from the idiot himself However I manage to find what's called Steam Guard, which was the culprit in my dilemma. I stopped it, so if I can get the offline to work I would be good. Getting to that Account Swettings is very different than shown in you picture.
  10. I might be among the dumb persons. and hating steam. I ran into the problem of some codes required after some 6months playing only Offline. I found the codes in my mail and got everyhting back to be able to start FM again. HOWVER now I don't get the selection of starting Offline again. I can't remember how I did the first time I'm afraid and looking at the help section doesn't help at all. It says Go to Steam- Settings- Accounts and then MAIN Steam Window select Offline. I'm not able to understand what is the Main window since what I see got no Offline to select. I did look at both Steam and this sites help section, but I am not very good with PC. I can find my profile accounts but nothing about some Settings. Nothing in View Profile and so on. I AM LOST PLEASE HELP. I spent hours on trying to find it. Should it really be this insane with a 3rd middle company as Steam. Better back in the old days. You buy your game, install and play.
  11. An issue brought up in this thread about starting a save in 2017 season and trying to keep the US league added after starting the save. The problem with a load of "fake" players added to US teams in MLS and others when the league eventually are to start in 1/1/2018 has nothing to do with this Expansion. I've tried without and even with other Expansions for US and the terrible thing of getting hundreds of fake players added when the 2018 kicks in is something SI hasn't been able to fix in their "last" 17.3.2 fix. It's a bloody shame since in the past (2015 for sure) you could add the US leagues directly "After NewYear" without getting this. Having a game with an option of starting all other leagues in the second half of a normal European Leagues season (that's start in 2017 in FM2017) should work even with US league. Not sure if they fixed it in FM2018 (lets hope it, haven't bought it yet) Talking about licenses is just crazy since starting in "normal" period makes the US league kicking in for that opening after New Year without problems. It's only if one keep the US dormant for that first year and then add it as a playable league this fill-up of players kicks in. If someone has come up with a solution to the problem I would like to know. (And that is not starting the save during the summer or fall). Uncle_Sam might think of setting the off-period (holiday) for US a little different so that teams are not in holiday-mode when the new year kicks in. That might make the teams to understand they have enough players on their rosters and NOT add the fake players. Just my 2 cent of thought. I must add this that not ALL MLS team get these "fake" new players, 5-6 teams doesn't even if they have all theirs on holiday, so the bug isn't about holiday but unknown. Same goes for teams in the lower leagues. One can accept those since some players do pop up without having too much of "history" in lower leagues, but the MLS should be "clean".
  12. Well, I just thought it was kind of stupid with 17.3. DB having all players in teams as of start of 2017. Will try in select the leagues I intend to have and leave MLS out in the start of 2017. Be sure to have ALL players for North America selected and try out if it's OK to just Add MLS after I start the league. That might work so that MLS get started with full schedule in 2018. It will be as if one just add any new leagues after a season or so in the save one is playing. I never intended to manage in MLS but like to have as many big leagues as possible in my save. It used to work in the past, so it's sad if the game gets "thinner" by every version. I know that MLS got a strange kind of license with FM, but this used to work in the past (after a little twisting). I recon that adding it later should work or will MLS behave as the Japanese league, but then you could not even start it in 2016 since it will stop working in 2017 or 2018. Got to run a test save on this and see what happens.
  13. Guess this has been issued before but I sure can't find it. Why can't I select starting MLS in 2017 ? Picking a collection of other leagues that has 2017 as start options works fine UNTIL I select USA with the MLS. Then it's shadow on all other nations with 2017 starting options I only tried this in 17.3.2 and I got NO extra leagues that didn't come with the game. This makes having US in my save impossible. Any help "before the FM2018"
  14. You say this is noted, but any new file that fixed this. Very curious since I loaded your file in the editor, deleted these players but the "new" Japan Master File doesn't work. The game crash without any message while trying to set-up a new career. Never seen this before, and yes NO other DBs are loaded. I know the FM18 is just around the corner but it would SUPER if this old FM17 file is as correct as it could be, AND work without doubles. Just to be extra clear I tried also to retire Ha Dae-Sung and I am using 17.3.2 FM2017 version. It works OK until I try to edit anything, then it makes the game crash. What came to my attention was that even if it includes a full new setup on the league not any possibility to Test and Verify the file. Reason ? I normally know my way around editing (even adv version) so this bothers me.
  15. No. And yes 17.3.2. As I am in "testing" mode I pick one file at the time. I made the changes myself so all is well and done, and working brilliant (at least at start). Will make some switching of teams since I think you got the 2016 divisions as it should, but I intend to start jan 2017. Since "secondary Divs" doesn't have the "next season" possibility I think I have to make to switches direct, but need to be careful of course. Got to say it's an amazing work you made mate. So much deeper than old files, which was good too. This time Serie D looks to be correct and not set until the spring divisions are finished. Lots of nice "smaller" cups that stops the huge lay-off many teams had in old versions.
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