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  1. Not been on the thread for a while but thought I'd pop back in to share my Premiership and Champions League double success Finally did it in the 2016/17 season and I've quite a few amazing regens in my squad but the real players were: GK - Areola RB - Barboianu LB - both regens CB - Verkhovtsev CB - Jorgensen DM - Sandro MC - Lansbury / Krivets MC - Verratti AMC - Barazite FC - Cristaldo FC - Lukaku / Necid Areola is world class now, his stats for the season were p37 c19 cl20. Krivets and Lukaku really came alive with Krivets getting a record number of assists and Lukaku banging them in. Anyway I think this is the first time I've won the Prem since FM06 so I'm pretty happy with myself having had failed Leeds games for the last 3 versions! I'm now taking a break by managing a Belgian 3rd division amateur side
  2. Yeah I sold Kisnorbo at the end of the first season and my must by would be Verkhovtsev. He's just been named my player of the season and been selected in the Premier league team of the year. I signed him for around 1mil halfway through the first season. As Geesus said play Howson at DMC, averaging 7 in the Premier league playing there for me. Cristaldo is an amazing forward if you can get him but his price goes up fast. Areola for GK, Barboianu RB, Mellis MC, Barazite AMC and Necid as a target man (loan first probably).
  3. I've been playing Howson as DMC for 5 seasons now and he always averages around 7. If I have a tricky away game then I'll play him in MC but he's been a consistent performer in either position. Veloso is at Chelsea on my game so there's probably little chance of them selling. My scouts have just found a regen who they rate as 5 stars so I'll go for him as soon as my new season budget comes along. Or there's also Sandro who they rated 5 stars a couple of seasons back. My assistant manager Tony Carr, of West Ham youth development fame, just retired Just signed some Spanish dude on a free with nice stats so hoping he can do just as good a job. I also signed Muniesa for 3mil from Spurs, not looking up to much yet but I'll give him another season to develop.
  4. Bit quiet in here lately, how's your season going Geesus? Just finished my 7th season and ended up in 3rd place behind Spurs and Arsenal. After a slow start again I went on a rampage through the middle part of the season before a lame finish cost me my title challenge. I reached the semi final of the Europa where Man City beat me 1-0 on aggregate. A bit disappointing seeing as I put out Arsenal and AC Milan convincingly in the previous 2 rounds. Highlights included Lansbury and Barazite (yes he is Dutch )winning their first England caps and Necid getting his best haul of 23 goals including 5 against Scunthorpe (9pts has to be a record low total). Verkhovtsev, Cristaldo and Necid were all selected in the Premier team of the season and Necid also came second in Footballer of the Year. My regens were all amazing and the big boys are sniffing around trying to unsettle them. With 102mil in the bank the board better give me a proper transfer budget this year cos 30mil doesn't cut it. Anybody got a recommendation for a top drawer DMC? Although I might just wait as Stepanenko is gonna be available for free after 31/12. Btw Geesus, Verratti was amazing considering it was his first season and he's in the Italian squad for Euro 2016.
  5. Well just finished the group stage of my champ league debut. Managed to finish off with a 3-1 win over Inter but big away defeats meant that I missed out on goal difference only. Might have a shout in the Europa if we can sort out our away form. Sitting 5th in the league with 15 games gone, Verkhovtsev is getting a load of motm awards. Tottenham are running away with a 13, 1, 1 record so far, will be interesting to see if all-conquering Chelsea can catch them.
  6. Yeah Seleznyov didn't get a permit in my game either Necid just hit a hat trick away to Everton and Verratti got 3 assists in my 2nd league game. That's 5 in the first 4 games for the big man
  7. Slow start curse still in effect, got a last minute equalizer at home to Newcastle Dispatched of Dynamo Kiev 5-2 to qualify for the CL group stage where I've been given Inter, Lyon and schalke.........easy job then
  8. Necid is really starting to perform in my game and I only had to pay 2mil after having him on loan for a season Try Mathias Jorgensen for DC, should only cost 4-5mil if he hasn't moved. Had a great season for me averaging about 7.15 with 5 goals. I also just landed Lodeiro on a free so my midfield is looking good with him and Verratti. Don't you love pre-season friendlies. I beat a whole raft of top european clubs then lose to my feeder club, Colchester Hopefully I can carry some form into the new season as I keep having slow starts.
  9. Nice results Kyle and Outrun I just took down Bayern, Man Utd and Liverpool in a friendly league. Nearly killed my players but we got 3 wins and 55k attendance at every match bar one. Arsenal, AC Milan and Valencia in the next one, seems to be a great money maker
  10. Funnily enough I just bought Verratti for 18mil, his stats are obscene! He's been at Lazio for 6 seasons so I guess they trained him up pretty well
  11. Well I got my breakthrough this season by just sneaking into 4th spot I was only 2pts behind Man Utd & Spurs and 2pts ahead of Man City & Arsenal so it was a bit tight. Cristaldo won the golden boot and Areola was immense with stats of P43 Cn41 Cl17. Jorgensen proved to be the quality DC I was looking for to partner Verkhovtsev and my regen AMC got P37 S11 A16. He's been with us 5 seasons and he's still only 22 so I've got some young talent in my squad.
  12. If you want to see how good Cristaldo gets check this out. I don't think he's gonna get much better than this. Came second in European striker of the year last year behind Rooney but ahead of Dzeko
  13. Just finished my morning session. Disappointing end with a 1-0 home defeat to Spurs (who are top) but I did go on an 11 game unbeaten run with 10 victories and 9 clean sheets Current team: GK Areola (FB! 10 clean sheets in 15 games) RB Barboianu (Cheap Romanian international, check him out) LB Regen CB Verkhovtsev CB Jorgensen DM Regen CM Howson CM Barazite AMC Regen FC Cristaldo SC Necid Backup players are: GK Enyeama CB Leo CM Lansbury / Krivets FC Villalva SC Lukaku Finally got to the League Cup quarters where I have Chelsea away next. Beat them 2-0 in the league but their attack unit of Kaka, Dzeko and Suarez is fairly handy. Currently sitting 3rd in the table after 15 so hoping I can keep it up. PS Doesn't look like you need to worry about player roles with your results mate
  14. I think I've seen the error of my tactics in my game. Always tried to play Cristaldo back a bit because he has great AMC stats as well but switched him to poacher with Necid or Lukaku as the target man. Result was 4 wins in a row including a 3-0 victory over Arsenal at the Emirates. Hoping for Champions League place at least if I can keep this up.
  15. Good stuff Blue, looks like a very decent squad you have there. I've had 3 inconsistent seasons in the Prem now, just finished 10th in my 5th season. Lukaku and Cristaldo didn't get the service this season but I'm not sure if it's my tactics or midfield players. Gonna blow the budget on a top DC and Vilalva is joining for 13mil. I've not even got past the 4th round of either cup in any season so far