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  1. With regards to shots on target, If I'm creating good chances inside the box but my players are not even hitting the target what can I do. I know subbing them off is an option, but that isn't really viable 30 minutes into the game, Should I be using touchline shouts to encourage them/calm them down? remove work ball into box/add shoot on sight?
  2. Go to tactics then select opposition instructions from the menu bar. You have a list of every position and can add as many instructions as you wish.
  3. Are the playmaker roles necessary? I've been working from the counter attacking base from the other thread but I've found that some it isn't proving to be very potent against the more defensive teams, Gonna try to take some of the things from this thread to produce a plan b. Can the 4141 produce enough or shoud the wide players be pushed forward? I especially struggle against the 4-2DM-3-1, I try to exploit the flanks but with the middle being so packed it breaks down when it comes back in. What else can I try?
  4. The plan is to eventually morph it into a 4411 but my current squad is more suited to a 4231/41221. I have the wingers training for ML/MR and will move them back if I have a healthy lead but as they're awkward at the minute I want to wait a few months before it becomes my starting formation. I've tried using 4411 but I've found it tends to be a bit toothless against teams that aren't likely to attack me. I use work ball into box if I'm taking too many long shots, but I've had them result in a few wins from games where I wouldn't have otherwise found a way through so I don't use it as a continuous instruction.
  5. I've evolved the tactic and it has become more solid, but I'm still struggling with defensive teams. I expect teams to be defensive against me and have adopted a lower mentality/tempo with the intention of trying to and create a few good chances, but it isn't going as planned. I'm not creating enough CCC's and this is leading to too many of my shots being off target. formation TI's PI's CD's have pass it shorter and GK has distribute to FB's It's start of season two and while results have been good that has been more a product of the players overcoming my tactical inadequacies PKM's https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0_YJ-QA55ITUlhOQmEzUGl4ZGc/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0_YJ-QA55ITVUQ4TVMxTV9KczQ/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0_YJ-QA55ITSEc4Sk50cTA3QVE/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0_YJ-QA55ITSHdmSjRXR1dxMTQ/view?usp=sharing I also sometimes have problems when my players are having a bad game, how should I try to counteract this?
  6. It's the Analysis tab, found in the tactics screen.
  7. Is there a Prozone Analysis guide anywhere? I've watched Foxy's youtube videos and it makes a bit more sense but I would really benefit from a written guide.
  8. You'll struggle to get help without adding a fair bit of info to your request, read here to see what you need to include: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/327822-Asking-For-Help-PLEASE-READ-THIS Speaking generally, for a 4231 you'd be best off having two sitters in midfield (DLP-S/D and CM-S/D works quite well). Defensive/Cunter mentalities are more suited to structured/rigid philosophy.
  9. I may possibly be exaggerating with inordinate, but I'm getting a lot more offsides than I would like or expect. I've seen one of my fullback on WB-S in an attacking system getting 5-6 offsides a game, strikers as AF-A and CF-S getting more than usual in a few games but that was in a game where the other team was clearly using offside trap. IF-S and W-A getting as many as I'd expect. Using higher tempo, mixed passing directness and play out of defence.
  10. I'm getting an inordinate amount of offsides, so far as to be getting them regularly with my Full backs. What are the options to cut down on offsides? increase tempo? dribble more?
  11. Name: Bernardo Silva Position: AMRC/MC Club: AS Monaco Value: £18.5m Release Fee: £21.5m http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=549253990
  12. Thanks for the input. Eple, your analysis does make sense for the interceptions but I did also see what i felt were a lot of aimless passes instead of using the easy option. Clarets, Yes, I did change his instructions. He was supposed to be giving it to my full backs but I'd noticed he kept hoofing it long, I'm not sure why it wasn't active from the start of the game. I've made a few changes. RB has been set to WB-S, the CM roles have been swapped and the BBM has been changed to a CM-S, AML is now a W-S and the SS has changed into a T-A. TI's has seen Tempo, Defensive Line and Closing down drop down a notch with look for the overlap added. PI's has seen GK get distribute to fullbacks(should have been on already but was missing when I checked), CD's have pass shorter, AMR has stay wider and AML has roaming. I'm hoping the T-A will either be in or creating space while the AML draws the full back infield leaving room for the CWB-A to attack, on the other side I expect the AMR to still cut in on occasion but also to offer an outlet while having the option of a lay off to the RB. Lets see how this develops.
  13. Managing United as a throwaway save for the Beta. I felt a loss was due having won every game until this 1-0 loss to Stoke, although the manner of the goal annoyed me more than the actual loss itself. My back four was set as the ball was played out to the right winger, he was closed down by my left back who he then beat and played a cross into my box. At this point their lone striker is man marked by one of my cb's as the other one sits deeper to cover. The cross bounces at the front side of the six yard looking as though it will be an easy ball to claim for my keeper when he appears to dive under it as my cb's stop dead and allow the striker to control the ball unchallenged and tap it into an empty net. I could see my system wasn't working in this particular game and was trying to decide if it was more of a tactical or motivational problem. Looking back I think I should have switched to a more defensive system and looked to control possession but I lost my head after the goal and made too many changes trying to get back into the game. I was suffering from quite a few injuries and this game was in between Champions League group games so I played a weakened team, I made one change to my tactic pregame in changing the role and duty of Wilson to Advanced Forward - Attack to better suit his abilities. Things just went wrong in this game, De Gea choosing to kick it straight to their defenders everytime he got the ball despite having a back four who were all completely unmarked. Players dwelling on the ball when there was a number of easy options available, passes going nowhere near their intended target. Everything that happened in this game was frustrating and contributed to my irrational handling of the tactical changes I made. Tactic http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=548783468 Instructions http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=548783414 Match https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0_YJ-QA55ITZWZET3pZMXBnWmM/view?usp=sharing
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