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  1. I thought the sidebar...

    I'd rather the sidebar was just icons too, if I download a new skin will it be save game compatible?
  2. Sacked for not dropping a player???

    Yeah, what annoyed me the most is the fact that he was an unused sub for the previous 3 games, and hadn't started a game for about 2 months since that original conversation. I had saved the game from a few days earlier, tried re loading and dropping him to the reserves etc but it changed nothing, really frustrating bug. Ah well, in the end I just created myself as manager again and finished the season off, just a shame I've lost all my stats, shortlists etc.
  3. Sacked for not dropping a player???

    This has just happened to me. 39 games into my first season at Leeds, top of the table, 7 wins on the spin, just signed a years extension on my contract and as the game roles into April 1st, sacked for not dropping Becchio, who has been an unused sub for the last 3 games. Gutted. Can I fix this bug in anyway?
  4. New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    But I'd get an experience? Is there anything in that price range?
  5. New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    Evening lads. I'm looking to pick up a new laptop for running FM13 and web browsing. That will literally be it. So when looking at all these i5 models for £400 upwards it all seems pretty steep for what I plan on getting out of it. To give you an idea, I've been running FM on my HP Compaq 6720s for the last 3/4 editions with an Intel Caleron 1.73ghz processor. So anything up from that is surely going to seem like warp speed! I'd like to have the option of using 3D but its not make or break, can these desires be achieved for less than £300? Any help appreciated. Steve
  6. A few things that I have picked up on after a couple of days play - - Load / Save screens = These are non existent in my game, like when the game plays out other fixtures and you used to have a blue line showing you how far it was progressing. Is this just me? Because I like to know how close to the end it is. - Matchday Screens - So dark, why so dark? Will there be an option to change this? - I cant seem to untick players in the reserve team, i.e I have first team players set to play for the reserves but I cant take the option off. - The goals from crosses, it really is a bit silly how many there are. But on the whole great game and thanks for the beta release.
  7. Will there be a massive difference in performance between these two laptops, is the HP actually any good? http://direct.asda.com/HP-15.6%22-Laptop---3GB-RAM---32GB-storage---Windows-7-Premium/000503417,default,pd.html#descriptionSection http://direct.asda.com/Samsung-NP-R530-JA0HUK-15.6%22-Laptop/000502028,default,pd.html
  8. Competition time!

    "Please pick me! Please pick me!"
  9. is this for real????

    In my last 3 league games with leeds i have conceded in the 90th min to draw all 3 games, I do not blame this on a bug, I realise I need to tweak things, but christ, its frustrating!
  10. A pretty major issue...

    Yeah just worked it out now and its fine, thanks for that. On with the marathon session!
  11. A pretty major issue...

    Ok I will have a fiddle now, not 100% sure what you mean but I will have a play around, sorry for being over dramatic, all these new options have left this weathered gamer dazed and confused (but still very excited!)
  12. Which I am sure has been raised and I apologise if it has been mentioned / should be in the bugs forum but after getting back from work spending 2 hours tweaking and researching and getting to grips with the new design I go to play my first match only to realise I cant click on the tactics tab during the game, so no subs, no changes to tactics etc. This is pretty important I am sure you would agree and I have downloaded the new patch so just wondering if a fix for this has been mentioned?
  13. Please Help Quick Answer Needed.....

    Right, new problem guys........ Having reinstalled I now get an XML error when trying to load a new game up. I have read the instructions on how to fix this however the command I am told to input - "C:\Program Files\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2009\fm.exe" --reset_preferences - is not allowed and I get a message saying - "The name ""C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\football manager 2009\fm.exe"--reset_preferences Specified in the target box is not valid. Make sure path and file name are correct. Now I know the middle part of that file name is different but when I change that I get the same message! PLEASE HELP.......3 DAYS, 0 FM09 GAMES PLAYED!
  14. Please Help Quick Answer Needed.....

    Ok thanks, think I am going to try this just out of pure frustration!
  15. Please Help Quick Answer Needed.....

    Yeah checked that, my error code gets a mention but no answer! Hmmpff! Thanks anyway, would uninstalling and re-installing solve this? but mean I would lose my game?