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  1. Yeah Leewolf go for it , that should make an interesting thread and I would follow it
  2. Well done mate, that's a great achievement reaching the top tier, hopefully you can stay up next season and build on it.
  3. Come on Tord hopefully you can the automatic promotion spot to save the agony of the playoffs, Good Luck
  4. Going to try this with city first season I'm in december sitting in 5th after 16 games My team would probably be Hart Richards Lugano Toure Kolarov Milner Yaya Toure Jovetic Balotelli Adebayor Tevez I'll report back after a few games Villa 3-3 City City 5-0 Napoli City 1-2 Arsenal Fulham 1-2 City City 2-0 Bolton Chelsea 2-2 City City 4-0 Wolves City 0-4 Arsenal Birmingham 2-1 City City 2-2 Liverpool Won 4 Drew 3 Lost 3 GF 22 GA 16 GD +6 EDIT: finished that season in 5th reaching the final of the euro cup getting beat 2-1 by sevilla now 2nd season im 5th after 28 games and already won the league cup and i'm still in the other cups, edin dzeko is a beast in the middle striker he has over 50 goals in about 40 apps
  5. same with my team, some days they are capable of beating the title contenders by 3 or 4 goals then other days we get hammered 4 or 5-0 by mid table teams, it's also very frustrating that my strikers can't put away 1 in 18 chances
  6. Good start to the season, keep it up and you could be in the premier league this time next season
  7. Are you controlling all these managers or are you letting the AI control them? i'm a bit confused on why there is 5 managers
  8. I've also started doing this but only on fm10 with Hogaborgs BK, I might have a thread up soon
  9. Great attack but the defence is awful :L my resuslts with fulham first season without signing players Portsmouth 5-1 Dinamo Tbilisi 2-0 Hull 7-2 Liverpool 0-5 (they had 10 CCCs ?) Dinamo Tbilisi 6-2 Villa 4-5 Andy Johnson 11 goals in 6 stefano okaka 6 goals in 2 very impressive on the attack
  10. Just finished season 1 with Leeds Carnegie and won the league now into the Northern Counties East Premier, does anyone know how much money you need to improve your youth facilities
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