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  1. Regarding tac: "Possession Domination Tactic V3" of Mr Hough Can someone provide a different link, other than Hotfile.com
  2. Is there a different link to V3? Other than Hotfile.com anyone??
  3. Can anyone post the tacts again? the original links are not working anymore the original SeXy FoOtBaLl 4-4-2 tactic AND the version 2 (9.3) this is the original post http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=94657 but the links do not work :~( help plz :confused:
  4. The Links are not working :( Can someone help please with posting new links?
  5. For people talking about winning with Man U without tactic; i tried this tactic with lower leagues and it's doing great You just need to tweak some opposition instruction during matches; make sure you have an assistant manager with a high Tactical Knowledge to assist you during matches, it's EXTREMELY useful Some useful tips: - the right midfielder can score many goals if he has good long shots - the 2 midfielders should have good work rate/teamwork/creativity; 2 good DMs would do, you really don't need a Matias Fernandes-player here, if you have one it's great, but you can just have 2 strong mids - have your players hard-tackle the opposition goalie - fullbacks with good long-shot can score with this tactic I tried many tactics with 2009, and this set is proving to be the most stable all rounder Skoolblowsme, cheers
  6. I play Parma, 3rd season: tried the tactic set and results were great, used them in the last 7 games of the season; won 5 and drawn in 2 not only the results were good, but the performance was MUCH better, i started scoring much more than i used to do thumbs up :thup: