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  1. Chris Sutton

    That's because Chris Sutton only ever had 1 cap for the full England team.
  2. Game wont launch..

    i've done this.. it doesn't work i've tried even puttin in the disc and now it wont launch at all. this has only happened today, yesterday it was working away perfectly. nothing has changed on my computer since yesterday either..
  3. Game wont launch..

    Looked in many threads.. no answer yet
  4. Almunia in England Squad???

    The Galicia national football team is the unofficial football team for the autonomous region of Galicia in Spain. They are not affiliated with FIFA or UEFA, because the region is represented internationally by the Spanish national team. from wiki of course lol
  5. Almunia in England Squad???

    That makes no difference. The court can say "yes, you can play for England on a legal basis" if Capello then says "I'm not selecting you for the squad" there's nothing the player can do.
  6. Almunia in England Squad???

    OK lets not use Almunia as an example. Use Novo as an example. He's always stated he would love to represent Spain, but he never will as he's simply not good enough. So he then made his comment about possibly applying for a UK Passport and playing for Scotland. That reason alone made most Scottish people say, "If we're your second choice because you're not good enough for Spain, no thanks"
  7. Almunia in England Squad???

    Exactly. And it will always be up to the country in question if they want to allow such a player to represent their nation.
  8. Almunia in England Squad???

    Correct. But At the end of the day, if the English FA says "we do not want you to play for our country or represent our country" there is not one little thing that the player can do.
  9. Almunia in England Squad???

    Yea I am, was just having a joke
  10. Almunia in England Squad???

    Wouldn't that player want to be a full international for their home nation though? Do you honestly think Almunia would be considering playing for England if Spain were knocking on his door?
  11. Almunia in England Squad???

    I don't have a passport at all. So what national am I?
  12. Almunia in England Squad???

    Article 17 Acquisition of a new nationality Any player who refers to art.15 par.1 to assume a new nationality and who has not played international football in accordance with art.15 par.2 shall be eligible to play for the new representative team only if he fulfils one of the following conditions : (a) He was born an the territory of the relevant Association ; (b) His biological mother or biological father was born an the territory of the relevant Association ; © His grandmother or grandfather was born an the territory of the relevant Association; (d) He has lived continuously for at least five years after reaching the age of 18 an the territory of the relevant Association. This has obviously changed recently, i.e, June this year. it doesn't mean the country will allow it.. If people want to look at that as being descriminate then fine.
  13. Almunia in England Squad???

    Explain why it is a 'cause for descrimination'. being born in a country makes you a national to that country.
  14. Almunia in England Squad???

    fair enough. He has citizenship, nothing more, nothing less. No other connection. If countries want to let those players play, go ahead, I personally don't agree with it. You can own a propery wherever you want, I don't see what that proves or it meant to mean. It will never work as crying discrimination... The EU can say "yes he's allowed to play for England/Scotland etc.." but if the manager/FA says "No thanks" then there is absolutely nothing that player can do. Spot on.
  15. Almunia in England Squad???

    When it comes to football, the eu has nothing to do with it. The country chooses who plays for them, not the eu. The eu cannot say "you must allow Novo to play for Scotland" the country decides, the manager decides, the people decide. At the end of the day he would be a Spaniard playing for Scotland.. "Nacho Novo will not be able to play for Scotland. Rangers' Spanish striker had claimed he would probably accept a call to represent his adopted country if he successfully applied for a British passport. But Scottish FA chief executive Gordon Smith has said players will only be eligible to play for Scotland if they qualify through a grandparent."