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  1. Thanks 'tubbycrabs', you've described exactly what I was trying to convey earlier in this thread. I take it people believed me about my reserves beating my first team in a first pre-season friendly, as what would be the point of me making this up? Also losing to a weaker team isn't the point of this thread as this happens in real life often, as people have pointed out. It's how this is portrayed that was the point at the start of this thread. The fact my reserves where instructed to play the same tactics and yet outplayed the first team is still unsolvable it seems, unless you think along simi
  2. Sorry Herne79, you've misunderstood what I was trying to say. I had no intention to say the game is scripted, just wondering how at the beginning of a new game the AI is able to make my reserves look like world beaters and my first team make irrationally bad errors and decisions. You say you need my formation and tactics to make sense of this, and I've already told you that the reserves are playing the same formation and I presume tactics as my first team as instructed by me. That being the case, what do you suggest I'm doing so wrong, or differently than my reserve team manager (AI), that wou
  3. If I may be so bold, I think our friend might be confused as to why opposing players of a lesser ability are able to look like Barcelona when compared to his side. Maybe to give the game a difficulty level this situation has to develop? I've played my first team against my reserve side and watched the reserves absolutely outplay my first team, despite their ability numbers being far below the standard of the first team players. In fact, the first team players can look like they've never played football. I've put this down to lacking tactics familiarity, even though the reserves are using the
  4. We are not talking of all your time on match prep, just the ability to change to percentages that are being recommended in threads about pre-season training. Even if this is the wrong thing to do when managing part-time, at least give the manager the option to **** it up just like full time training. Maybe the team talk situation is a bug in my current save?
  5. Exactly my point sir. Part-time training is only two days a week, so surely this is the realistic penalty? I've also noticed managing a part-time club that you can't give team talks, which is plainly stupid, unless this is some sort of bug in the game. Would like some feed back on this if possible?
  6. I've already mentioned this in another thread. To penalise part-time training in this way just doesn't make sense to me. Someone else felt it was ok because it differentiated between part-time and full time training, but I think they failed to realise that part-time training was already penalised by being exactly what it says it is, training only two days a week! Also, unless this is a bug, pre-match and half time team talks are unavailable to managers of part-time clubs? What relevance this has for part-time management is beyond me. Are managers at clubs of this type required to wear a gag?!!
  7. Is it correct that you can't use the slider that denotes the amount of time given to match training? If so it seems a bit harsh to make fluidity in tactics such a big issue in the game, when at footballs lower levels I presume it's going to take much longer to learn tactics. I would have thought there is a better way to show the difference between part-time training and full time? Not very realistic imo, it should be more about how capable individual players are of learning a tactic and how capable they are playing within that tactic, at any level of the game. Thoughts anyone?
  8. Sorry 'eple', didn't read your post properly due to the lateness of the hour. How to make yourself look stupid eh? Thanks again !
  9. Thanks for taking the trouble to reply 'eple', and from what you've said it confirms somewhat the way I was already thinking. Have you got any thoughts about coaching qualifications? Again I have coaches with qualifications who have lower attributes than coaches without qualifications. Is it possible that increases to coaching attributes would happen faster if qualifications are held?
  10. I'm also having trouble interpreting the quality of staff. I have an assistant manager with only three attributes and mentalities in double figures, namely Fitness 10, Man management 12, and Adaptability 10, yet looking at backroom advice he is 100% for everything other than training youngsters? Am I right to presume from this that backroom advice is not how good a coach is, more that it's what he can advise you on, and that high scores in attributes and mentality are still a better guide as to how good a coach is? I've seen lots of other Assistant managers with much better scores having lower
  11. Hi 'welshace', just wanted to thank you for indulging 'the owd git'. You were really helpful and I've finally took the plunge. Went for a Dell with i7 processor, 17" screen, Nvidia 650m graphics, 8GB ram, and at least I felt I understood a bit more about what I was buying. Paid more than you said I needed to really, but managed to get a deal so I was happy and I'm sure my Grandson will be very happy. Thanks again mate, and you Eugene!
  12. Thanks Eugene, and there was me thinking I was becoming a bit of a whizz kid...lol. I'll browse the options you've suggested.
  13. Hi 'welshace', can I just run this last model by you and get your thoughts? ACER V3-771G i5-320M 2.50GHZ (it says it has Hyper Threading?) 6GB memory 500GB Hard Drive 17.3" Display 1600x900 Resolution Nvidia GT630M GRaphics Blue Ray Optical Drive Windows 7 Weight 3.2kg It's on offer at £479.99 in Costco. Sounds a good deal, and I presume I can add an extra 2GB memory after the event. Am I right in thinking this will be ok for my Grandson? Thanks in advance. ps No thoughts about the XplorerX6....
  14. Presume such a high spec machine comes at a hefty price 'akkm'?
  15. Thanks for the explanation 'welshace'. Having second thoughts, do you think the Novatech or the Lenovo mentioned above would be a better choice than the Aspire? Also have you had any experience of, or thoughts about Xplorerx6 machines currently available at cyberpowersystem.co.uk? ps I've always used quotation marks when someone uses a nickname, or in this case a handle(as some call it), instead of their given name. No doubts mate, just pleased to engage on here instead of trying to trust a salesman to sell me what I need.
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