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  1. maybe i dont have a good enough striker, but i realised i hardly scored any goals from open play and when i did, it was usually one of the CM's who would hit a cracker from outside the box my topscorer was my CB with 23 goals in 38 games in all competitions (18 in the league), my next best was my winger with 9 , then my CM with 8 but nonetheless i finished the season 3rd with Lille in my 1st season, behind Marseille and Lyon
  2. ok im realising a trend.. my home form is poor.. always drawing, but i win away :\
  3. playing a new game with Lille in Ligue 1, using Eagle... must say, after 7 games im on a 6 game unbeaten streak (lost the opener vs Marseille cuz i didnt know they were a rival till i checked after the game.. silly me) and even that game i lost 0-1.. drew 1-1 with Lyon ONLY because my idiot of a CB gave away a penalty in the 94' (even though there was only supposed to be 2 mins injury time... damn refs) update: still going strong
  4. ok, im using V6 and in my 4th season i think... and now ive become somewhat unstoppable! currently on a 23 match unbeaten streak (10 game winning streak) in all competitions INCLUDING the Champions Cup where i was in a group with Barca (won both games too.. 2-1 at Camp Nou, 4-3 at home)
  5. to be honest, anyone can create a tactic that works at Home.. not that hard but to win away in this game seems luck of the draw
  6. found the source of my discontent in the squad...was looking at the 1st team but its not them, its my reserve team causing the problems.. alot of them are unhappy at not being in the 1st team, but alot of them suck! they dont even deserve to be in my reserve team :\
  7. haha, wow! i have had rockbottom squad harmony the WHOLE season, have managed to get great results still, and most of my players dont have slight concerns anymore, although 1 or 2 are still unhappy after 32 rounds, my table looks like this: but my strikers are woeful.. besides Teixeira who I bought in the winter transfer window
  8. i switched it cuz i my strikers were misfiring.. my scoring sucks, so i put Milito as a target man they are upset cuz of my league position, and some have lost confidence in their manager my best striker has like 3 goals in 25 games
  9. huge problem... my team is almost fully unhappy, there is no harmony, and the thing is i am not doing that badly in the league
  10. i think my team have a big team phobia.. they never play like a big team, but always as the small team thats suffering or dont have good players. I can have great players yet be whipped 3 or 4-1 by Milan or Juve or Roma (of all teams)
  11. my only prob is that my team gets raided by other teams tapping up my players.. so im ending up with unhappy players who are integral to my team! Milito and Quagliarella are both unsettled!
  12. wow... started a new game, chose Genoa in Serie A and bought Quagliarella, and some old Swede called Daniel Anderson (used the filter and he was the cheapest i could afford) using V6 and my oh my... wow is all i can say im currently 6th, and on an 11-game unbeaten streak which included: 1-1 draw vs league leaders Fiorentina at home 1-0 win vs AC Milan at home 0-0 draw vs Lazio away 2-1 win vs Napoli away was unlucky to have Juventus then Roma then Inter, but drew 0-0 at home vs Juve, lost 1-3 to Roma and 0-3 to Inter..infact, my 11 game unbeaten streak started after the Inter game
  13. ok my success came through using V5, but i decided to use V6 and i dont like it... yea, i score alot but i also concede alot and ive lost many leads.. 1 game in the UEFA Cup i was up 3-0 at HT, by the 70th min it was 3-3 and i only won via a penalty in the 87th then drew the away leg 1-1 to go thru 5-4 on aggregate also vs birmingham...BIRMINGHAM!! 2 goal lead turned 2-2 by HT, turned 3-4 by the end :confused: I LOST!
  14. works superb for me, although i still lose to big 4 opponents (except Liverpool).. currently in 5th, 8 points ahead of Liverpool but also 8 points behind Man City in 4th but, is there something i can do about fitness?? check this
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