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  1. This is what I always do. If a player loses confidence, it's unlikely he'll recover it. Besides, there's always the risk it'll spread to other players in the squad if he's got influence. And it affects performance as far as I've noticed.
  2. Depends on the player and your tactic really. I've successfully had 40yo brazilian attackers perform well and score much in various clubs, while I've at the same time completely failed to make my 25-27 yo much better strikers score at all. >.<
  3. deleting saves by accident ffs

    One hint: hold CTRL and select all the files you wanna delete, then doublecheck that it's not any of the most recent, then delete. Simple as that. And what FrazT said... Rolling autosaves ftw.
  4. deleting saves by accident ffs

    How exactly do you even "accidentally" delete a savegame?
  5. Best 14-year-old ever?

    Good players, but personally I dont trust those attributes all that much, since I put alot of weight on their foot'edness. And none of the above is Either-footed.
  6. The difference here is that 762 teams enter the FA-cup while only 92 enter the League Cup.
  7. If other cups than the national cup (for England, the FA-cup) would count in Hall of Fame, some countries would get a huge advantage... Like Northern Ireland, which have a fair few cups. Hall of Fame is limited to count National League, National Cup, Continental Cups and International Continental and World Tournaments. Any other titles you can find in: 1) your manager history under Cup Wins and League Wins. 2) in your manager achievement screen.
  8. There's only the league and ONE cup in each country that count in Hall of Fame. League Cups dont count.
  9. Either-footed or one-footed? That usually plays a big part. What's his Flair?
  10. Global Career Advice

    It would make it easier to get a job on another continent if you'd win the continental title on each too, yeah.
  11. Global Career Advice

    South Africa, South Korea, USA, Brazil, England? Then start out in South Africa, move on to South Korea, then USA, then Brazil, and finally England? You'll have teams good enough to challenge for the continental titles too then.
  12. Then that sounds pretty damn odd.
  13. Penalties are FIXED!

    Shevchenko always were weak mentally though. That's why his move to Chelsea failed. ^^
  14. If there's no make offer button... Was he on loan to the club? Or is he retiring?
  15. Defence IS broken!

    4-4-2, Very Rigid, Control or Counter, very little creative freedom, much closing down, no roaming. Normal tackling, zonal marking. Defensive centrebacks (one stopper, one cover if you have guys with attributes for that), Supporting full backs, one central mid with defensive duties and one with support duties. Oughta be able to keep a clean sheet with that. My teams manage it on alot of different levels with such a tactic.