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  1. Throw ins. Off the top of my head there doesn't even appear to be AI attached. Not good enough.
  2. Those were things that have been a problem for years and years and have been consistently reported.
  3. They don't provide any support after a few months so what difference would it make to make all ME versions available?
  4. I'll help him with some stuff off the top of my head. Too many woodwork incidents. Wide players standing on the byline doing nothing until they get tackled. Throw-ins having seemingly no logic at all. May as well use an RNG to decide which opposition player they're going to pick to throw it to. Lack of through balls and off the ball movement. Massive abundance of passes even from teams with negligible passing ability. Top strikers' inability to score CCCs.
  5. I can't even bring myself to look at this game after the update since no matter what the tactics, no matter what the situation I will have 3 central midfielders running around after the player in possession like a cluster of 4 year olds at school. There is still sooooooo much wrong with this game, but if we're really good, they might charge us £35 in a few months to not fix it again!
  6. Yea, he's probably being greedy expecting more than 4 months support for a full price game.....
  7. Really? I'm pretty sure I saw them default back to the role they had before I changed it and it going blank. Going blank also didn't happen immediately but after I left the training screen and went back in. Next time I went in I seem to remember it had reverted to original training.
  8. Been issued a warning because of spreading disinformation apparently. Maybe a mod can actually point me in the direction of some meaningful, working and non fluff features. I'd maybe counter the mods "opinion" on what constitutes "disinformation" when one of the most common complaints (of the many) on Steam involve lack of meaningful and useful features.
  9. Wish people with knowledge of the game and games would crowdfund some competition. Every year things get more and more "meh" First version I'll not have bought in 20 years, but you know, meh.
  10. ***LAST YEAR'S FEATURES, NOW WITH GLITTER!!*** That'll be £28 No thanks
  11. Had this problem with Icardi when I signed him for Arsenal. Going by the star system as it's the only quantifiable measure we have of coaching, I also improved the coaching team, but he got bitchy and started moaning. Clearly a bug.
  12. The Emirates looks nothing like real life either. It's some sort of old style 4 stand monstrosity.
  13. I've noticed full backs make some horrendous decisions when it comes to throw ins late in the game. I might be leading 1-0, in control, keeping possession and seeing out the match and get a throw in high up the pitch. Despite possession instructions, more disciplined approach etc, my full backs have a habit of trying to throw the ball over a load of opposition players rather than taking the simple and safe throw option. Often this concedes possession while the full back is massively out of position and leads to counterattacks and quite often equalizers/winners. I know I can change the throw in takers but I don't think I should have to when the full backs should be aware of the position and not take the unnecessary risks.
  14. I'm sure it's been mentioned a thousand times already, but for the love of God SI, please fix goalkeeper handling at the near post
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