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  1. No, if my tactics repeatedly allow my wide players to get behind the defence and into a position to deliver a killer cross then why would this be a tactical problem? The fact the player takes about 3 seconds of standing still to come to the conclusion a cross is indeed the correct course of action is fairly obviously a ME problem. If you're so confident it's a tactical issue please advise on what could possibly be causing such a delay in delivering the obvious ball.
  2. Trying to palm this off as a lack of tactical coherence is ridiculous. Tactical issues or not, footballers are not computers that stop working when the 1s and 0s don't line up properly and if they're in a position to quickly roll the ball across the box to an unmarked team mate for a tap in you would expect him to do it more often than not regardless of whether I've told them to cross from there, or what tempo I'm playing, or if they're to work it into the box blah blah blah. Things happen in football that aren't tactical that should just be common sense, the ME should be able to portray that.
  3. They've taken real world stats and made the ME conform to those numbers rather than create a ME that actually represents football and the way it is played and therefore stripped out the ability to be innovative or "new" tactically.
  4. I always thought that involved hitting the crosses from deeper, which like you say isn't what I'm after.
  5. Someone please tell me there is a way to get wingers/full backs etc to actually put the ball in the box while on the move. I mean through balls are pretty rare and effectively pointless anyway since world class strikers ping it straight at the blind limbless keeper 95% of the time so I'm basically forced to play and win via crosses. My player beats his man or collects a pass that has taken his marker out and instead of putting it across the box while moving they constantly stop, wait, get tackled/thump it off the now recovered defender's legs. Is this curable or has the ME been deliberately kn
  6. Do you use those faces? I was looking at them but what's it like in terms of duplication of faces? If there are only a couple of hundred faces once you're a few years into a game it's bound to be copies galore.
  7. There we go, it's an SI problem. I didn't realise because I've not used the SI skins at all since they caused me to vomit violently approximately 5 seconds after initially seeing them. Apologies.
  8. One other thing if you've got the time. When I get messages in my inbox about scouts finishing assignments, the results are all in black text on the dark background and I was wondering how to change that or if there was a missing panel or something?
  9. Is there a bug on match day where the "Pause/Play/Continue" etc button is white with white text, the text turns grey when you hover over the button? Kinda spoiling things a little bit.
  10. Throw ins. Off the top of my head there doesn't even appear to be AI attached. Not good enough.
  11. Those were things that have been a problem for years and years and have been consistently reported.
  12. They don't provide any support after a few months so what difference would it make to make all ME versions available?
  13. I'll help him with some stuff off the top of my head. Too many woodwork incidents. Wide players standing on the byline doing nothing until they get tackled. Throw-ins having seemingly no logic at all. May as well use an RNG to decide which opposition player they're going to pick to throw it to. Lack of through balls and off the ball movement. Massive abundance of passes even from teams with negligible passing ability. Top strikers' inability to score CCCs.
  14. I can't even bring myself to look at this game after the update since no matter what the tactics, no matter what the situation I will have 3 central midfielders running around after the player in possession like a cluster of 4 year olds at school. There is still sooooooo much wrong with this game, but if we're really good, they might charge us £35 in a few months to not fix it again!
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