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  1. It's not the discovery rule. I have 10 discovery spots for the season (I guess being an expansion team grants me more spots) but I used none. Now I'm trying to sign another player and it seems I can offer him a salary... I really can't understand...
  2. No, they would have a regular senior contract. What is this discovery rule that I didn't know about? Is it reported anywhere?
  3. I'm managing NYCFC. On midseason, I'm trying to sign some young foreign player, but I can't offer them any kind of salary, even though I'm well under the salary cap (around 500K € under the cap). If I let the director of football manage the signing, the fail for not conforming the squad rules. But I can't understand WHICH rules, since everything seems in order and I think I should have space for some new player. Here some pictures to better show the situation.
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