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  1. I've noticed this too (up to 11.21). I haven't started with 11.3 yet. Perhaps it's to do with the 11 men pushing on too much and getting caught on the break ? Lord knows, but it is definitely something I have noticed throught FM11 thus far.
  2. If this is as bad as 11.3 gets then I can't wait to play it !! It seems perfectly reasonable to be that a Youth coach wants alot more money for a promotion. Ok there could probably be a bit of negotiation but ni biggie.
  3. Dixienormous

    11.3 - scoring issue fixed?

    He was being sarcastic, not ironic. It's actually ironic that you accused him of being ironic......
  4. Dixienormous

    Board takeover before January?

    Highly likely but if not then you should simply ask for funds.
  5. Dixienormous

    January slump

    The weather /pitches have a huge effect. If your tactic relies on short snappy passing then the chances are that it will get found it in December / January.
  6. Dixienormous

    Scoring goals, very difficult!!

    Kenwyne Jones is a rubbish striker.....simple as. Even Fergie would struggle to get him scoring on a prolific basis.
  7. Dixienormous

    Quick Question!

    Alternatively every time you get a message about someone in whom you no longer have any interest simply right click and remove from shortlist.
  8. Strange that this fella is so nervous about uploading what is clearly a very successful tactic (if all is as described). Out of interest, did you buy / sell any players in the first window or simply go with what you had ? I saw the starting X1 but was wondering if you have a 100% happey and settled squad (which I think really helps). If all is as it is described then Kudos to you for finding such a winning formula.
  9. I have a question relating to this. There are some positions where the stats are highlighted in 2 colours (a darker blue and then a lighter blue if you use the default skin) which I have presumed that the darker blue attributes are the 'main' ones for the position and the lighter blue are 'secondary'. The 'complete forward' is a good example of this. Have you prioritised the darker coloured attributes over the lighter ones ? If so, how ? I hope this is understood. Hard to explain without a screenshot.
  10. Dixienormous

    amusing headlines

    I reckon it's a load of Pollocks personally....
  11. As the title says. I usually watch the match on TV mode and keep a window open for opposition formation, so that I can react to their changes. Thing is, the window opens but there are no players dots there !! Any ideas anyone ? Thanks.
  12. Dixienormous

    rediculous inconsistency..

    Real Madrid tried this during their 'Galactico's' era.....and clearly it didn't work, so i'd say that the little tactical tricks and touchline shouts employed by other teams in that era did work.
  13. Dixienormous

    funny takeovers

    Why is it stupid ? Many consortiums have a big name player as a named representative and investor.
  14. Dixienormous

    Chelsea Transfer Ban Bug

    Sounds like it got easier in your game
  15. Dixienormous

    Commentary Pack (V1)

    Very bitter !!! Anyway, we need some classic Ron Atkinson'isms (apart from comments about Desailly !!) When there's a flick on - He gave it the eyebrows When Ronaldo is doing stepovers - Ronaldo's giving it the 'lollipops' There are many many more....