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  1. Strange that this fella is so nervous about uploading what is clearly a very successful tactic (if all is as described). Out of interest, did you buy / sell any players in the first window or simply go with what you had ? I saw the starting X1 but was wondering if you have a 100% happey and settled squad (which I think really helps). If all is as it is described then Kudos to you for finding such a winning formula.
  2. I have a question relating to this. There are some positions where the stats are highlighted in 2 colours (a darker blue and then a lighter blue if you use the default skin) which I have presumed that the darker blue attributes are the 'main' ones for the position and the lighter blue are 'secondary'. The 'complete forward' is a good example of this. Have you prioritised the darker coloured attributes over the lighter ones ? If so, how ? I hope this is understood. Hard to explain without a screenshot.
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