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  1. The challenge mode is a welcome addition to FM 2013. Having enjoyed the scenarios on the old ISS games, and more relevantly, the challenges on the early LMA managers, this is an exciting mode. However I can't help but notice that occupying the top of the leaderboards are players using top teams e.g. Man Utd, PSG, Real Madrid etc. Unless my memory's mistaking me, I'm sure LMA had a system where say you chose a Man Utd and that was ranked 1 star difficulty, and for a Reading, it would be 5 star relative to the team's placing in the league. Is this sort of thing present, and it's just that most players opt for a big team, or is the ranking purely on results regardless of team quality? If so, I'm worried this will eliminate 90% of teams when it comes to players competing for high positions in the leaderboards. Thanks
  2. Although a great price, must say I'm annoyed Greenman break the norm by charging for pre-orders so soon.
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