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  1. as someone already have pointed out, i would say that the most important thing to think about in order to accomplice this to have the right type of players. I would look for fullbacks, wingers, wide midfielders, central mids and attackers with the following attributes close to 15 and above: Acceleration, tackling, work rate and teamwork. Those should be the attributes in your club DNA. I noticed that you like to use the shout - pass in to space - therefore i would also look for attackers who has preferred moves including - try and beat the offside trap - best of luck!
  2. @ Cleo In the other thread where you talked about counter attacking you pointed out that it was important to choose a formation that suited the mentality, like the 4-1-4-1 does because you have a lot of players back i defense. Would you say that when playing a controll or attacking tactic the opposite comes in to play? for example, would it be easier to create a possesion based tactic using a 4-2-3-1 formation with wingers then it would be using a straight 4-5-1? Are there formations thats better suited for attacking tactics and vice verca?
  3. @ Cleon. Based upon this: 0-1 in defensive and counter. 2 attacking duties in standard. 3 in control. 4 in attack. 5 in overload. Could you also tell us how many Defend duties and Support duties that should be implemented at the same time?
  4. Ok. TY for the answer and TY very much for a great thread!
  5. @ Cleo -a question reguarding this sentence: I’m not to sure how many of you pay attention to the roles and duties the AI uses via various skins and add-ons but as a rule they tend to line up something like this with regards to attack duties. Where can i find these skins or/and add-ons?
  6. From reading this thread i would like to disagree http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/442751-Important-FM16-Tactical-Changes
  7. I´ve felt so far that getting the most out of my lone FC is by using him as an Trequartista. Also been playing both my Fullbacks as CWA to get some attacking play going and both of this has worked out nice. Yet still struggling with the use of mentality and style of play Playing a 4-1-2-3 DM Wide, Counter/Rigid
  8. Think the most important thing is for the ML to be right footed and vice versa, after that of course Cut inside.
  9. TAV2: I just love this thread! One question though about the morale. I believe that the type "role" of contract a player has is important to bare in mind when you pick your starting 11. If a player like Suarez and Gerrard who are both Key players don't get picked as often as possible it will lower there morale and ultimately affect the rest of the squad morale. Do you agree?
  10. [quote name= I look at this phenomenon and try to use some metaphor to illustrate my idea. Let's think about approaching a girl (I think most of you are guys' date=' right?) If you are not attractive for her and you let her know that you want to approach her, your life is very difficult. The more you approach her, the more she defense and the less opportunity for you. Instead, if you don't let her know you want to approach her. Just do something else maybe some hobbies, She may interest in something that you do and start to interact with you more and more. Once you conquer her heart, it's time to do what you want. [/quote] And if you are Brad Pitt (Barcelona) you got the looks and cash so you can still use attack cause she will open up anyway because of you charm (skills)
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