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  1. I'm having a problem getting my fm14 to load on my iMac,I've had my mac on for a wk and just put it into sleep mode but i turned it off yesterday and since then fm14 has been stuck on the loading page every time i try to play it!! anyone have any ideas how to resolve this? its purchased via steam. thanks
  2. thanks,i guess that confirms i'm losing the plot!!!haha
  3. can anyone put my mind at ease and tell me if all the championship in england have player faces,i started as blackburn last night and i'm convinced they had faces but just loaded my save and they're gone... am i going crazy or is it a bug stupid question but needed to ask if anyone else has had it cheers
  4. One of my favourite centre backs is Simon kjaer,he's rock solid defensively and contributes with his fair share of goals too!
  5. Thanks for the reply,i've just downloaded it now so i'll give it a go cheers.
  6. hi,i'm hoping for a tactic for my Napoli save i'm in the 1st season(11.3) and despite winning my 1st game 6-0 i've struggled in my last 6 winning only once! i would like a tactic that will make the most of my great attacking options of hamsik,lavezzi and cavani,the latter which i can't get firing despite all the rave reviews. any help is greatly appreciated. thanks
  7. basically my problem is that i installed a weder bremen facepack which included mezut ozil which replaced my original mezut ozil face thats with the game(hope i'm making sense?) now i've deleted the picture of mezut ozil from the weder bremen facepack hoping that the original will return but to my stress and bewilderment its a blank face?! i've tried downloading mezut ozil from the real madrid facepack and inserting that but still no joy! please any help will be appreciated,i know it sounds a small thing but it really annoys me little details matter in this game! cheers.
  8. thanks for the suggestions,i've actually brought in neymar from santos for £5m upfront then £20m over 48 months so hopefully he'll do a good job? but i'll definitely be looking into your suggestions,much appreciated.
  9. this is my 1st attempt at posting an image so please bare with me if it goes a bit wrong!but if it goes ok you'll see how well lucas barrios has performed so far! cheers.
  10. i'm currently playing as dortmund and into my my 2nd season coming up to january and my main striker is lucas barrios who's been an absolute goal machine but unfortunately despite the team lying 2nd he just wanted to move to a bigger a club!consequently he was sold for a measly £11.5m to lyon and i need to replace him with a similar style striker?i currently have romelu lukaku,christian benitez and oscar cardozo(joins jan) but i still want that extra striker in the barrios mould! any ideas?thanks.
  11. too true!it does seem to be a bug though as when i've signed the contract it doesnt show an expiry date and consequently it seems like i've signed a short term contract when infact its long term!anyway hop you get yours sorted mate,good luck.
  12. i just had the same problem with my arsenal save i won the league and fa cup in the 1st season and won the community shield in the 2nd signed a new 5 yr contract and 3 games into the 2nd season i get SACKED!? its ridiculous u spend night and day on this enjoying the ride then BANG your out the door!is there anything i can do to stop this ive got all the appropriate patches via steam,i just hope this does'nt happen on every game i start? any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated.
  13. Currently playing as Tottenham Hotspurs and have Rafael Van Der Vaart playing as advanced playmaker he's doing ok but whats his best position to get the best out of him? Also got Edin Dzeko playing as advanced forward he's scoring goals yet i see that people advise to use him as a deep lying forward(support)! Any tips to get the best out of these players would be appreciated,thanks.
  14. Try Otamendi(dc),Zapata(dc) and i have Lukaku,Neymar or try Pazzini!
  15. Quick update i've just signed neymar and baines so thats my squad ready for the 2nd season,keep you updated on how its going,cheers.