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  1. Hi guys, thanks for all your work providing this update - just wanted to point out a couple of things I'd noticed on the most recent download. David Gray has left Stevenage and he's now a free agent, he left in January and spent six months with Burton Albion but they released him last month. Craig Reid has left Stevenage and joined Kidderminster Harriers. Robin Shroot is no longer at Stevenage and has joined Norwegian side IL Hodd.
  2. Go On Holiday - It would help if the 'Return Date' options were broadened. Currently we have the option to return after 'x' specified days, on a specifically chosen date (next week, month or match) or to holiday indefinitely. I'd like to see a filter or something like that added which allows you to customize when you return from holiday - you could have a long list of check boxes with a number of different options (e.g. Press Conference, Squad Registration, Squad Bonuses, Transfer Bid, Job Offer, Next Match etc) and you select the options which would then trigger your return from holiday.
  3. How would I go about getting my wingers to pass the ball instead of shooting. The picture below describes the the sort of situation I often find myself in. Instead of attempting to find a team mate or even play it across the face of goal, the winger always shoots and 99% of the time will hit the side netting. I appreciate that in the above example there's no obvious pass but I'd be more satisfied if the winger attempted to play the ball as opposed to shooting. Sorry if this has been mentioned before, I did a quick search but couldn't find anything.
  4. Playing away matches

    Thanks for taking the time to reply furiousuk. I usually go defensive, generally everything goes ok until the opposition make the break through and then the floodgates open It usually results in 20 or so shots against me and maybe 5 in my favour if i'm lucky. I once took the game to my higher level opponents and ended up being tanked 6-0! I don't think it helps being tactically naive mind you!
  5. Playing away matches

    Thanks for your opinions, they're all appreciated, particularly to a weak tactician such as myself. How would you recommend I set up my team when facing a side much better than myself, generally speaking? Is it best to use a set up that best suits my squad (ignoring the level of my opponents) or try to stifle the opposition (using a system that doesn't necessarily "fit" my squad)?
  6. I use three centre backs and two wing backs, a normal defensive line (edged closer to deep than high), man marking (with tight marking for the three centre halves) and they stand off. In the 38 games only 32 conceded (which is good for me!) Looking in a bit more detail it would seem it's much more effective against similar/smaller ranked sides than the higher placed sides. So it's probably not as impressive as I first thought. Like BS1985 I'm interested to hear how others line-up, so many different variables to consider I suppose.
  7. Playing away matches

    I was pleasantly surprised to see his thread Alex as I'm experiencing the very same problem, it saves me starting a new thread and I tried the search function earlier but unfortunately it wasn't working. Like you I have developed a tactic that seems to be working fairly well for me at home but was poorer away. It wasn't really the results that bothered me, the performances were terrible, when I did get results they were very fortunate. I've followed andrjam's advice and I'll see how it gets on - so far in the away games I've played: won once, drawn once and lost once, but the performances have been better which is pleasing.
  8. Retained/Released Lists - Basically a way of informing the board, the player and other clubs that a player will not be retained at the end of their contract. I've missed out on a few potential signings as I haven't had the budget available to offer them anything more than a pittance. I thought I'd found the solution by releasing those that I didn't want just after the season finished but was stung when the club announced that the following season's budget would be cut down to the new "false" wage total (e.g had a 4k budget, released 1.5k and the new season's budget was 2.5k) It's not a massive issue, far from it, but something I'd thought of in the past.
  9. I usually stick it on teamwork and set the level to very high during pre-season, that's until either my assistant recommends lowering the level or I spot the familiarity bar is totally full.
  10. Rene Adler

    Signed for HSV in the middle of May, so he won't be available as freely on any updated database in future! Quality keeper on FM.
  11. Exactly, on my Vauxhall save I stuck to the small budget set, in fact apart from the first season where my budget was a tiny £250 p/w, I was always well under budget, and I was still losing money month after month. It was only the signing of a ridiculously good 15 year old who I eventually sold to Arsenal for £2M that helped me get and stay out of the red.
  12. I'd say it's relatively random, on some saves they're fantastic, others poor. Sean Dyche led a youthful England to world and european dominance in my most recent long term save.
  13. As a league's reputation can change on FM the prize money offered should change too. The change in prize money could be related to sponsorship that's updated every 3 or 4 years with the competitions's change in repuation being the determining factor to the size of sponsorship. Just an idea, maybe something like that is already in place.
  14. Danny Hurst was born in Manchester and played for a host of north-west clubs prior to signing for Barrow. He's played for Bolton, Fleetwood and Barrow all of whom operate on a full time/semi full time basis so he's probably a little different to the example I'm talking about. I'm not suggesting that no player in the history of the game has relocated to play football on a part time basis but surely it's not something that happens as regularly as on FM? I appreciate it isn't that easy to implement but do agree with the OP in that it's something that needs some consideration.
  15. I've had that happen before, 2-0 up in the 70th minute, pause to make changes and then when I hit play it was 2-2! The worst example was when I was 1-0 up made changes with 10 minutes left, the match finished with the score still at 1-0 and within a blink of the eye the score changed to 1-1 with the goal being down as the 79th minute (the time of my subs). Strange.