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  1. It's false Cleon. Totaly et definitvly since the beguinning of this game. You never made what you want, but only that you can. The really first step is, to calibrate the players capacities. Expecting find corresponding formation, tactical, stratégical modéle to plug in it. This is the foundation. And the game missing this point by its lack of inside utilities. And we don"t care about the usual easy false and generic supposedly "reality". Ask to coach Vahid for example ( in reality ) if he's not evaluate his opportunities and limitations. Be sure you'll get a kick. It's not really fun, its a kind of embarrassement for the most. But it's the rule. It could be fun, to observ mentaly of our anciliaries robots and the lack of theirs recommendations, looks like sometime "real" human's limitations. You know the assistants preferences which deserve any help in that's occurence. But is it really fun ? Could be a fundamental philosophical discuss about Aristotélician's rules of drama in the gameplay. I conceed. It's another story. I elude the fitness managing, rules of rotation and the indescribable confusion and constraint about the new way of training. The playable part is only to manage tactical regulation during the match. But there's an essential condition for that. For a good respons of statistic, and to know the right move to apply in this context, it's evident that the first rule is needed. If you don't, you ll never know if the player or the team, operating fall down in statistics by : their own over exploited limitations ( to take the foot in the carpet ) or ... by the opposite tactical design. ( base for a correctiv apply ) And no more, opportunities to manipulate the weak part of adversity. Anyway, the game is like it is and it's not your fault, but for introducing ... This is a really bad message to say, "you choose or you want, you have an idea". Because we have a very little chance to watch "the kind of football we like to see". Rationally we have only to choose the right calibration design in our contextual limitations for expecting manipulate something later, in an kind of effectiv positiv way. This is essential. Even for a beguinners, and perhaps especially. I elude too the usual philosophy of emptiness " everyone play a game like he want", "have no time to loose for calibration" etc ... blablabla Regards
  2. Great ! I love my Mum too ... It's tatoo on my heart. Subjugation is a thing, Submission an another ... Howether, you use it ? Well done ... May be you could explain to us how to restor 100 % condition, recovery the hot spot jadness beetween 2 matchs ? I m not talkin about the "rest day" use for the Season's jadness without different achievement. And i'll be curious to know how can you evaluate the necessary calibration which involve your player's potential ? Trust in your coaches ? At what point ? Before we had graphs to check it and interactions possibilities. Until now. But now ? Naks'sthread is brillant because it put somes questions in the box, and expecting answers. Still waiting ... Dont worry boy, it's not a "rants" specifical about you, but if you read some forums from differents countries, you could observ that the majority of reactions asking for "how to use it", and stand for the moment disapointed. Because it's a blind interaction. So, may be, if you have some tricks, methods, about right "calibration" for each player, and to manage and follow the best evolution, on the distance, please tell us !
  3. What kind ? Like stay at home, total rest for few days ? It s good for season jadness. And bad "motivation" and signal for the player, feel out of the team by his manager. It s not just a "slow motion training" about personnal recorvery beetween two matches, isn't it ?
  4. Yep, it s a big stuff, which recovery process affect the medium line of a group of players. Did we need to scout a band of Natural fitness high level upside 15 attribut value, to expecting get the whole team ready at times ? That's the sens of the question. which no answers to add an another subtilit :, the match jadness different for each player in terms of differents match activities even in a similar game line. Do you know Riz, it's a good idea to project an automatic calibration to clash with the old workshop system. Howether, condition is the "spirit of the game" since its beguinning. All factors depend of this minimum state of performance : restor the condition. Theres no interest to talk about nothing, motivation, team talk, tactics, centers or everything, but ...The Condition ! ( Before anything else ) The only one fundamental question is : how could we proceed to recorvery the condition beetween 2 matchs, for "each player" ? Because each one have a specific deal with natural fitness. That a group of players have not. About idea suggestion : the calendar have sens and interest, not about specific training issue in the futur, but certainly about a rotation of players needeed. ( because the fitness limitation, and the match exercice maintain. ) Thanks for your attention.
  5. Sir Neil, you need to understand that we have heard it yet, and we are not satisfy. Anyway i take my chance with open heart, assuming all the ban risks. A geek meeting. It's a joke ? May be good to make game, but bad in antropology or sociology. Asking to different category of workers who continues to making their job at home ! And not only the five o'clock heroes. Even for the entertainements activities. Sometimes except the geek's ... ok It's sympaticaly to talking us with friendship and share your conversation, we are glad and thank you for that. But honestly you loose the goal. Or .. It's diguise posture, assumption ... In this case, it's becomes an another problem indeed. Also, be much better to asking how did they used the game functions, and why it's not easy to play with. At least how to make it better, and simple. And don't how to play without, under a mask. It's your job to play it, searching a better gameplay, and we are the clients which expecting good solutions about. If you don't check your own game, we are not surprise by the reccurent defaults. It's sound like, small ambition, small important match, small consitancy, low professionnalism, little temperament, middle loyalty ... What kind of personnality it could be ? Did it affect the FMC users ? ( .. jokin' ... ) I've describe them before on this subject about different points, you can read them but i ll repeat them. And i'm asking you, explain us the good management of rotation squad. And tell us why a large part of your clients don't know how to use it ? I'm asking you how choosen a good teamtalk without necessary informations on the page ? I'm asking you how made an good evaluation for the shape of the training graphs ? I'm asking you how to evaluate forces of the selection to chose an appropriate approche/strategy/style ? I'm asking you how to links semantics advise from assistant, zones action.... and the analysis page ? I know to do all of that. It's my pleasure. Cause i take my time to get a game immersion, read guides of holy Marc Vaughan and holy WWfan ( virtual football gods blessed them ), take tonnes of notes, making evaluation calculs under attribus selections. At this step, i m just beguin to play under a starting point. Ready to fight the opponant IA. The question is why i need to do it ? Why i don't have a wedge to plug moderation more simply ? ( Staff and its uncertain knowledge of the historical base ...etc no more enlarge the comment, ok i continue ) I don't want a collapse to play without it by a FMC. And i want to keep safe that pleasure, with more tools to play simply the differents actions that the gameplay request. The mixing point Theres no differences beetween the casual and the hardcore gamers. We have all the same game. We understand totaly why casual gamers have no patience, times and affinity with this aspect. It's just because the game is uncomplete. And the hardcore have the same feeling. Expecting a better improvement. The complain comes from it. "Times" is absolutely not the real argument. The real one is just, it's "boring to play" with all aspects actually under this uncomplete form. Even, if you know things where and what you need to collect Gives us the lever arms and the problems leaves immediatly. But FMC don't provid it like that, is an escape, a fake. > A go on vacations variation. Your game is full of smart things. Please just use them, to complete "by a bridge" beetween tonnes of values and the push button to use them. Like you seems to progress years after years on this way, until today. It's the way to the simple and pleasant gameplay for everybodies. And complain from everywhere fall down. Actualy it miss something, and you have to work on it. Leave the casual options for casual version FMH or something else if they like it. And keep safe and clean, even we had choice, the original game we'd love. If you don't heard the rest, unless for this point : you re gonna cleave definitly the community. Too late for this year, but think about for the futur. Your sincerely Thanks for your patience, and attention.
  6. Of course, it's a new social marketing mechanics tendances. The cynical world run & rules on it. FM comes from the ancient wave of developpers, which make games with substances behind. It's a smart game. By a smart developpers, just may be, they missed some interface's links beetween some good ideas and push button to used them. Not to evict, but for playing with. That's the point. But for the less, it's why we are playing it across a decade. A point which bringing together the community around a good gameplay, but not in this case who's gonna cleave it more, and definitivly. I ve expecting some usual small improvments like always, except this years. The only good point is the national taxes regimes. They had my sympathy ... since today. We could even imagine editor and broadcaster pressure to explain why they follow this way. But the arguments'used are a pity ... And the necessary real improvment away. PS : @ Kenco If you find it one day, can you share a DLC's for a red fish proprietor with a timing dilemn ? Edit : you just need to understand that the real improvment which made the game more simple and quick to use, aren't this FMC trap. That you could play easily in classic mod, without anxious state of mind and no need to delete the gameplay in benefits of your own money in place of, a mask function. A man which carve its game on the watering - pot ( watch on FM Tv commercial )
  7. Hello, I m searching for a FMC version "i have a wife, 3 kids, 2 divorces, 4 maistress, 2 red fish, a turtle, one old dog, a dead cat" I have lots of money, i could pay lots of DLCs without problems. Did SIG save my wasting times ? For my next divorce can i argue to the judge : i ve played FMC to save my marriage ? Let's the FMH lovers played FMH, and don't borring the standard version 's players quiet with stupid marketing arguments. It's the same songs by the same kind of person on all games since i play online ( almost 20 years now ). For making a game more simple and speed to play, just need to make it ! For make it no need to rewrite nothin, just made a bridge with the existing files. And clean the interface. Because if the game is "complex" it's because it's not a complete game. We want "play" to push on lever arm. We don't want a general mask "go on vacations". Because if you don't buy your players, don't manage the match given instructions to correct the move, or watch it => It s exactly the same than the preference : going on vacations. At this point the question is : did you play really ? Or did you play President Manager ? Buying with real money, some cheats options. Necessary if you manage nothin and be sure to pass by, the "challenges". Why not after all. But it's may be an another game indeed ? A casual game on Androïd for example ? So let's go on it ! The lever arms we need to have a nice game are simple : evaluation for choose the "fist step" of approche and strategy which shape our selection. Too much values to calculate. Having numeriques values in front of the cursor, just to graduate correctly and not in blind ... Without expecting a skin of it, find on a forum. "First step" because, "the game's fundation" is to manage respons, front of the IA opponants during the match. Find the "space". Assistant council missing the links with the analysis page. For the most of user's it's stand a great mystery. All of the rest, is the way to go on. By maintain performances ... need a natural fitness evaluator for the rotation. OOohh a good idea for a calendar .... By maintain the moral, with information of personnalities, and differents values to know on conversation, if it's an advantage to choose the respons A or B. Never on this place when i need to have it. By shape the individual training from the graphs on cursors, an exisiting one ( individual) by default, don't need a test gauge of 2 months period to evaluate the player's needs, and have the training activities arrow in a menu from the selection team page, to manage it. Don't worry, the training stand exactly the same, with no doubt : the complement of the match's exercice influence. So a lots of small, but necessary links beetween existing files to play the game more quickly and simple, because if we get the lever arms, we know what to do for beguining to play. but not on a blind way. This is the simple way. And the way to play an exciting game. FMC is a fake. A disguise trap for take some little money to lazy casual gamers. Nothin more, nothin less. Of course we can choose the classic version, until now. The question is until when ? We are affraid by the way it taken. Because this is the first bad step in a bad direction. Apologizes for my lack of english, like always Support grep and Jim Morrow
  8. With no doubt. I support the way you feel. Theres nothin new about the game goals since Marc Vaughan's guide Hints & Tips 2007. Except the FMBritain and WWFan's tributes. We need rules to play chess. We need rules to play with attritions parts too, and understanding to manage them. The futur "new thing" about president according way of sportiv project threw differents points, illustate that perfectly the needs. Of course, we knows at least, harmony's advantage, patience, money and support, or disharmony, were less important than victories. So to provid more needs, make the board happy. Like the management's heart of moral aspects, follow a line beetween the "too much", and the "not enough", it's better to have possibilities to choose the positiv factors of harmony. But why only for the President ? Personnalities attritions affect all actors, coachs, medias, players too. The user's don't care about the freedom to use "ton" like role playing, but they want to know how to use them to obtain better results and playing "management game". "Immersiv" argument don't mean mystery. Mystery is absolutely not a pleasure. Pleasure is a resolution of a suspens. ( ie The Poetic of Aristote ). The drama comes from the knowledge. Theres enough random factors, to provid surprises anyway. I suggest to the SIG developpement's room, to take inspiration from Crusader King II, more than The Sim's world. Accumulation of politics, culturals, laws or religious , like traits and genetics caracter's attributs appears in details, and under a general ratio determinated the relationship on temporal line, which provid an "immersiv" result : a submission or a revolution. Evaluation is the point. Evaluation about training graphs, evaluation about tactical creator, evaluation about personnalities, about condition for rotation, about match's stats. All the interface, threw menus make only the half way of that. Evaluation isn't a resolve of the goals, but a starting point, to play with. The game seems hesitate beetween the values informations in a confusing distribution, with the tools to use them. It miss something beetween. Clear interface to link the goals and evaluation tools. That the way to make a game more simple, to use. And to stop to turn around a false argument about society timeline acess dedicated to play with it. Complain, and confusing comes from the unknowledges of linked informations beetween semantics coach assistant, action's zone % and anaysis page. And about all the mysterious consequences of personnalitie's interactions. More "ton" to choosen, is a another mystery. FMC and cheat money resolve nothin for the gameplay ... Like always apologizes for my lack of english
  9. Of course spang, i guess we are on same line. Just don't forget an important step in the argument, we need a calibration register first. With Flat distribution. According the general volume with condition without problem, until the calibration respect a flat uniformity. If not, we distinguish some workshops and mislead the real partition respons of opportunities or limitation, in front of the whole. The more complicated aspect of this tool, if that the graph show activities. It's like an electrical intensity, or a water flow pressure. Cursor ares some kind of valves. You can open more, but without available pressure, you can't get enough effects. It's that the point you have well explain. And the most misunderstanding of usual users, when they read the graph.
  10. No, It seems that the philigram's message suppose, all is summarized by the hapiness, indeed ... or FM user's auto satisfaction, in an another word. Largely extanded in true. It's a point of view. And desesperatly not mine ...
  11. Vaughan never said u need a flat training for beguinning the season. It's my own conclusion, in logical way to use all mechanics and electonic's tools usualy. in view of apply the Vaughan 's principles. And it's my own responsability, i confess, to promote this way to apply it like that. We had talkin about last year here, with Naks and Jim Morrow on the Matranlux subject in first, but i guess she don't catch or understanding the whole process, like a certain SFraser too. I remember cleon and LlamaZA (?) ... Same discuss ... Never mind but, are you really interesting ? It's not a new thing. In french we call it "étalonnage". I think it's call "calibration" in english. So... Same in french too but, only for the ..."guns". It's like a white balance for video camera, white sound for sound system ... according the shape of the machine with it's environment. And it's the point which seems according everybodies : Environment ... How to appreciate it ? We have the graph after a calibration process. The graph observ the respons of everything across the player capacity of activities, in each workshop. Stuctures, level of the coachs, numerous of partners, his fitness shape, his age, his match exercice, his condition, his position, CA & PA ... And without forget, that the attack worshop cost higher level for a defender, and the opposite ...etc Even "may be" the personnality ! The system knows better all things happen, and interfer than every smart projection ... But be careful ... We need a single individual training for him and only him. If it's not a single one, the graph show the respons of all are presents in it ... And for nobodies in particular, in a sens ... Of course after this point of 2 months, we restored our own influence by cursor apply looks like the graph ... On the graph ! So, calibration is over. And graphics show now the cursor régulation ( for a part ... ) For a part because if you stand really attentiv, you could observ a small variation on the workshop graph, if you stand at the same level every time. It's means, he don't need no more, the cup is full. For the moment, at least. Anyway, we get 3 others tools or alert's system in the game, to advertise us and manage maintain or potential progress, in regards with condition evolution along the season. Satisfaction comments, trainings activities arrows, and % of condition for the general volum of course. And more, the form comments too ... Match prep, PPMs, new position, specifical train, tutoring ... Take the part of their influences, and "volume" !! And we take count about it too, in our process without problems. It's not a different principe since 2007 i guess. For my part, i play like it since 2009 ... And it's working well until today. The fact, in this way, we follow the whole potentiality orientation of the player at his moment, in relation with the possibilities. Making our tactical adaptation in the natural provision of him, it's not a problem. Best way to obtain the whole PA's shape more quickly. Better performances, less injuries, best moral ... Disavantage, a little management ... Advantage result in, like i use to say, if we can't save time, but we could try not to loose some ... Don't know if you wish to talk about details for management of this process. Tell me ... Or if you stand on the Sacred dictact to Force the things ... It's another school ...
  12. Thank you. Interesting. That was what I supposed. The decision makes the remainder. Simple and logical explanation.
  13. No idea ? It's often a usual factor in lots of games, for lots of units ... why not in this one, under a sub invisible layer ? It's just a question ...
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