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  1. FM 9.1.1 Mac Patch

    ok, thanks..now I'm playing with Arsenal..my best club ever..
  2. Crash dump 24th July 09

    yes I have. But the result is the same! And I've only 2 divisions running...serie a and serie b.. the only solution is to restart the game and to delete italian serie c cup with the editor, I think..
  3. FM 9.1.1 Mac Patch

    I'm italian and I wanna play with Italian serie A! I'd selected only serie a and serie b championships, but the problem is the same.. heeeelp meeeeee!
  4. Crash dump 24th July 09

    don't you have any news?
  5. FM 9.1.1 Mac Patch

    uff... I cannot play without that patch..
  6. Does this patch resolves the crash between 24 and 25 july 2009 or not? many thanks