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  1. GT7 pushed back to 2022 https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.eurogamer.net/amp/2021-02-23-gran-turismo-7-gets-pushed-back-to-2022
  2. What's everyone else's stats like? Add me if anybody wants to run some games. Snowy#9949884 mista_morgan on PS
  3. Zlaner's response to the video's by BBB Waiting on part 2.
  4. I've got £10 off next stadia game purchase that needs to be used by end of Dec, so I may get the cyberpunk offer, would be £39.99 for game and stadia premiere edition.
  5. Having a look around doesn't seem as if you get to keep the $$$ but all you do is remove and copy the malware. Which is what you have done. I had the same message when I hacked it too and thought I f'ed it up too
  6. Did you hack it correctly? If this is the correct mission I think You're on about.
  7. Played 6 hours of it after launch and never had a problem. Started a Nomad save and only had a few graphical issue like npcs walking through a locker etc but no random crashing. Don't like the driving in the game though, feels half arsed tbh
  8. You get email a code after the game releases to get the Premiere Edition https://www.reddit.com/r/Stadia/comments/k4o9s3/psa_for_everyone_who_didnt_bother_to_read_the/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share
  9. Should be fine. My mate has his Xbox behind a wall and has no issues
  10. I know it's very unlikely to happen again but is replacing the Armco with concrete blocks a good idea? I mean, if it was to happened again, there is no forgiveness at all. Unless they put a tire wall Infront of it but that will take a long time to construct
  11. That was horrible to see. Feared the worst. Glad to see him out of the car and looks to be physically ok. Hope any Marshall's weren't in and around that area and caught up in any debris
  12. You need an Activision account to be able to play crossplay with PlayStation and Xbox players. I personally don't like it. Played the Alpha and the Beta and still bought the ultimate edition, I guess I mainly bought it for the warzone stuff, easier to rank up the weapons. But I've not played it much after the first weekend. Once the warzone update happens and we see what's what then I may go back to it to grind the weapons but that's about it. Zombies isn't bad, but never really been a fan of it. Probably will have a go at the campaign
  13. tbh, I'm not that far into the game. Just had the fight with the stranger and now just going into the mountains. Loving it so far, but yeah, every fight I've had to restart multiple multiple times. I don't really play these sort of games, but I might just start doing so now.
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