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  1. I think the following improvements would make FM both more enjoyable and realistic. - Regarding training i think it would be better if you could ask a coach to put together a training schedule for a certain player or position, with variable success dependent on his coaching stats. - Youth acadamies that you can look at a squad for in different countries and then move them into your U-18's and reserves should you see good potential. - On your squad homepage you should be able to customise what stats you see for your players without having to edit coding. - When making your tactics you should be able to ask for assistant feedback on this screen on where he believes this will work and what he would do to improve it. Tactical and set piece coaches should also have a say in how they thing your current plan will work and what they would do to make it better. - Scouting is much too easy for lower league clubs, with a part time scout you would never get a 25 reports 3 days after scouting players it would take a few months. I also believe that lower scouts should actually show the wrong hidden attributes if they have bad scouting stats, this has happened many times in real life with players being completly wrongly evaluated. At the low end of football it should be incredibly hard to scout a host a good league 1 players whilst in the conference, if this did happen there would many more clubs making huge jumps up the league system. The knowledge system should also be brought down to regional areas of countries for very small clubs. - The finance system is good but it would be useful for th board to tell you why you are losing money when you appear to be entirly within budget. I think it would also be more realistic if clubs did have a chairmen who went through financial turmoil and would have to stop funding or even use the clubs funds. - The transfer systme need to be completly reworked. firstly for lower league teams it should be incredibly hard to pursuade good players to sign for you and even hard for you to find these players. why would a player with league1 stats be entirly ignored by all other clubs except you, this is unrealistic and should be addressed. - Also why do clubs never spend their budgets tht you would have if ou were managing them. i have frequently seen teams in the premiership and championship not by players despite glaring weak links in their first team. their is far more transfers in real life than on FM particually with the biggr clubs and this should be improved so that clubs by the better players they can afford so its more challenging. - invloving transfers again, why do clubs in the higher division never invest in young players. you can very easily scout the entire world for the best youth players and face no competion for their signature yet in real life all the big clubs know the majority of the best 16 year old players around the world. Each season all premier league clubs by around three U-18's with good potential and this should be reflected in the game with more competition for these high quality youngsters. - A small point about selling and loaning, this should be made easier to do particualarly when you offer your decent youngsters for a few K. loanees will almost always be taken up in real life by someone and this should be reflected in the game. - Your U-18's should be filled with more foreign players when at big clubs perphaps players from countries you have been scouting. this would reflect the multiculturalism seen in most league acadamies. - i would like to see other clubs more ative in improving their staff like a human player would. - In your competition perphaps more build up to big games with a more sky sports news type feel. clubs going on ig runs in any league or having lots of players sent off should come up along with stories of promising youngsters from around the world that have been unearthed. this could also include big game build up with genrated quotes from ex players and pundits it could also include the relegation and promotion permeatations from within your league sysstem. i think this would make the gamemore fun and also reflect real life more accuralty. - I think it would be more realistic if the board were more leinant when you are approuched with a job over. this should see them let you negotiaite with other clubs. - More chairmen influence on the game. perphaps your chairmen could have stats like patients, ambition, financial security, influenced by fans, inteferenc within club, popularity amongst fans, interest in improving club. you could have meeting with him regarding budgets, loss of form, your ambitions, what he wants to do, and regarding your sacking with stricter circumstances suggestded. E.G you must win your next game. this would be more accurate to real life were the chairmen and fans are the most important people around the club and the relations with these people should be improved. - more acuratly looking into you clubs facilities and perpahaps showing a model of your trining ground facilities more in depthe and stadium facilities and show where they are particually in need of repair. Perphaps suggestions regarding improvement could be more in depth with a 3D ground model shown and where the improvemnts will happen. a bit like premier league manager only done with more of the quality of FM. i know the list is long and sorry for any spellings withn. i think when making the new version the main focus should be making the AI use the games potential to the full like a human manager would be doing. then i would say improving the chairmen and fan situation and gorund and facilities. the game should also be made much harder when bringing a team up through the leagues. the stumbling blocks many of the clubs face like lack of quality player and staff, poor traing, finances, infering chairmen, chairment that dont chair, players demanding to leave by going on strike should be more accuratly represented within the game. Mainly a focus on making the AI do all the things a human manager would do to make the game very challenging would be my main area of focusing development.
  2. The main thing i would like to see on the next version is chairmen stats pages. This could include things like estimated wealth, relationship with you, buisness accumen, financial stability, expected involvement in running the club, commitment, patience with you. The chairmen could also take economic downturns and no longer be able to fun the club and even encourage mass sellings; as seen at portsmouth currently. this would make the game more realistic.
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