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  1. I've checked the integrity of the steam files, no issues there. I've deleted the preferences and caches folder, changes nothing. For example when I'm on the squad page, and I'm moving the mouse up and down from the top of the squad to the bottom, it's like there's a delay and choppiness. As I said, the Steam FPS displays says I have around 10 - 15 fps in the top right corner of the screen which makes absolutely zero sense. It goes up and down when I go to different pages and fluctuates badly. Another person posted this video of what they're experiencing in a different thread and it's the exact same for me: https://streamable.com/un8o3 I have the latest Radeon drivers, I even rolled back the drivers also to see if that was the issue and it wasn't. I've left it on default and even changed some of the settings on the Radeon driver page to see could I find the problem and it has changed nothing. I'm not running any custom graphics or a huge DB and I have barely anything running in the background in the PC bar Skype and Steam. I'm able to run PUBG/Battlefield V on over 150 fps. (see image attached and fps counter in the top right hand corner)
  2. Hi, I've got a high spec PC and I'm fairly stumped by the fact that FM runs very poorly on my PC. The steam FPS display says my FPS is around 10-40 going between just the menus, I'm not talking about the match engine here. It's like the mouse is laggy around when I go through squads or go to click on the menus on the left. I've tried a few of the suggested things like verifying the files etc, nothing works. Also the suggestions is purely for Nvidia cards, nothing there for Radeon. PC specs: Fatal1ty x470 motherboard AMD Ryzen 3900X processor 32GB Corsair RGB Vengeance 16GB AMD Radeon VII Graphics card 1TB Corsair MP510 Corsair RM850x Power Supply Win10 Professional
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