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  1. Only to sell their best players for nothing and sign their worst players to the most expensive 5 year deals with tons of add ons, then resign the day after the transfer window closes.
  2. From experience previous versions of FM if you have a few players in his position already he'll sign for a team with less competition. Although your intention was for him to be 1st backup there may have been enough strikers on your team with higher CA to convince him to sign with QPR.
  3. Windowed so I can use the internet at the same time without having to alt-tab
  4. There were definitely a couple of hotfixes in FM11 also, though I see this as a good thing shows they are willing to take action to fix bugs quickly.
  5. Surely you or a friend will have mobile internet on their phone which you could use to connect your computer on patch day?
  6. It's usually around 1m per 1000 seats from my experience.
  7. This. I play the 442 Diamond but will move the attacking mid back to the middle when away or winning against a top team, and hate it when suddenly they show as red for that position.
  8. Going from previous years it will be midnight BST, here's hoping though!
  9. The editor must be in the 1% we'll download on Friday. Pity as it would have been nice to have the competition names amended and ready to go straight away, but that should only take half an hour or so anyway..
  10. You should be able to use the editor to get competition names corrected etc before it can be activated.
  11. I spend my time equally between FM and GT5, doesn't leave much time for anything else.
  12. Can anyone confirm if the bug where you get a new stadium and the following year the name has vanished from the game been fixed for FM12?
  13. Does anyone know if the sugar daddy option is working for the latest version of FMRTE?
  14. How much RAM does FM11 use? I remember on previous versions it was limited to 2GB.
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