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  1. Getting into FM has become harder and harder each year. I think it's a result of SI adding new features every year. What did we get this year? Adjust the size of the pitch! Great, another factor to take into consideration when doing tactics! Other than that I feel that more than before the game decides how we play it. In FM08 you can no longer leave teamtalks to your assistent, they just pop up. Just like Opposition Instructions (which I use when I feel they are needed, not always). I also think the added 'realism' (if I understand correctly the game balances out results in case they don't fit in with other 'factors') made it impossible to achieve enjoyable success. In my opinion CM and FM pre FM07 were about placing the right players in the right position and determine a course for your team in years to come. Tactics worked in previous versions if you had the right players in the right place, nothing more and nothing less. In the last two versions much more came into play and that made the game a lot less fun for me (a casual gamer). It's so weird, is there any other game out there that offers so little in return for the time you invest in it? I just hope SI somehow offer something for people that struggle with the game. The included advisor thing that's in FM08 sure didn't help. I know how to sign a player, arrange a fixture or scout a competition!
  2. Numbers on the sliders to easily recreate something that's thought of in the tactics forum would be nice too!
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