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  1. NEW SI FMO project to replacing FML?

    Hahaha! :o Who is it? Well, would be strange if they want people to help start up the game in UK if its just a joke.. check the links.. Position Overview Football Manager Online (FMO) is a client based free to play online football management game being jointly developed by Sports Interactive and Korean based KT Hitel. We are looking to recruit our first full member to the FMO QA department who will be based in Old Street, London. Initially this role is being offered on a six month contract but there is an opportunity for it to become a full time position.
  2. NEW SI FMO project to replacing FML?

    Hey guys! Is it just me that haven't noticed before today that SI are planning a new FMO game?! If anybody know anything about it... please.. respond with whatever you know! http://www.sigames.com/studio/careers.php?id=7 http://www.sigames.com/studio/careers.php?id=8 Please don't kill me if this is old news and i have posted it wrong or in anyway done anything wrong..
  3. FM12 data editor questions

    Yeah thats what i exactly want.. but i have now tried your db.. and are happy with the world league Though feel it strange that the elite team doesn't play in either carling or fa cup.. though the Kenco World cup... But i will try this db out now first for a season then see what i go for. But yes an cup/league beside the domestic leagues is want i want. but that is for sure not easy?
  4. FM12 data editor questions

    hmmm, well.. that would mess things up So it isn't possible to make another champions league comp that doesn't mess up anything else? I will take a look in fmbase but i don't think that is what i want.. i just want to create a champions league type of comp for european teams and add teams that i want.. like barca, real, man utd and so on..
  5. FM12 data editor questions

    hmmm, okay and that would not mess up anything else? i may ask too much, but could you have made one so i can see how it is done?
  6. FM12 data editor questions

    wow what a massive super league! But i don't want to mess up the original set up, i just want to add one cup and one league outside of all the others where i pick the best teams from each country not all, but some in one Super league and Cup. Isn't that possible?
  7. FM12 data editor questions

    Cool, thanks man.. i will check it out now and get back to you if there is something im uncertain of
  8. FM12 data editor questions

    Hey guys! Could anybody who know the fm12 data editor up and down please give me any good way to add a super league to the game, where i add teams from all over world in an Ultimate challenge? im not an noob, i got my own network game going on but i just want to make some new challenge for the guys! I want to make a European Cup and League with teams picked by me. I hope i don't need to replace an already made comp to make it happend, but then again, why so enable us to "add an comp" if thats the only way. if anyone got an already made and workable db with an superleague, that would also be much help