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  1. Hi, I have had the same issues. In my case, this is the information: Windows 10 Home Intel UHD Graphics 620 Default Resolution 1920 x 1080 When I loaded the game, in order to select any button, you needed to aim the cursor above where it should be clicking. Initially I couldn't play the game in windowed mode with these settings. I needed to change the resolution of the laptop to make this possible.
  2. Lewis, did you see that someone tweeted this thread to Iain MacIntosh the journalist and famous FMer and asked if you were really him?
  3. Lewis, what's the latest from Avrilia? On my FM14 game we have reached 2073 and Leopold Petrol have won the first division for the third time in four seasons holding off perennial challengers Southern Cross. Celeste Spiders who won seven of the previous eight titles have dropped away since their manager quit. Many of the players from their successful sides have moved on.
  4. It's the summer of 2066 in Tontuga. The national team failed to qualify for the World Cup but have appointed a very experienced English manager (me!) as coach of the national team. At 85 years old, maybe the new manager is too old but he is the most successful manager that has managed in Tontuga. He is the manager of the reigning champions, Celeste Spiders, who have won four of the last five first division titles. The Spiders have climbed back up the pyramid over the last ten years after dropping down to the Third Division. As one of the Grand 4 clubs from the Dutch Eastern province of Tontug
  5. Great to get a news update from Avrilia - they are always worth waiting for! My game world has reached 2057 - we move at a slightly quicker pace than Avrilia. In the national first division, Clinton Tigers won the title for the second time, having broken their duck back in 2054. Tigers come from Clinton, a suburb city on the southern banks of the Elizabeth river, across the river from the nations capital Kensington. They won the title on goal difference from the nation's most successful side, Southern Cross (19 titles since 1960). Previous winners Celestehaven (4) and Esk Sporting Club (7) c
  6. What are the latest goings on in Avrilia? Re-reading I see I didn't answer a question. My nation is definitely integrated in the wider football world with the Tontugan national team having won the African Nations Cup. We are now in 2041 and four Tontugan sides have won the African Champions League. Eskmouth Oil did it first under AI control. Then my human managed teams Leopold City, Elizabeth and Southern Cross have all won it too. Southern Cross are consistently Africa's top ranked club and the first division is now the top ranked African league. I've just resigned at Southern Cross and am
  7. My database was made in fm14. Just re-read my message from before. I meant to say that Fm15 hasn't had a look in yet! Interestingly my Fm14 FB does work in the fm15 editor so I'm having a play around with it as I had a few ideas for improving the level of detail in my game.
  8. Keep it coming. These updates are fun to read. Thanks again for posting the original thread last year - not sure if I've ever been so hooked on a save as I am now with my own fictional little world! I've been zipping through and now find myself in December 2036. My original human manager has taken the job at Southern Cross, one of the biggest clubs in the country who were going through a title drought. He previously had success turning around Leopold City and Queenstown. My second human manager won three national titles on the bounce with Elizabeth and has dropped a couple of divisions to
  9. That's very cool! How do you include pictures in your posts? My league is going well. My side Leopold City have become dominant in recent years so I'm preparing to move onto a new challenge. I have found the the AI clubs are really lax at renewing contracts so it would be really easy for me to poach top players from rival clubs if I wanted to but it would really ruin the competitiveness of the league. I might have mentioned this before but when I create leagues I keep finding things I want to change in the pre game editor - it's hard to know when to stop!
  10. I've found the my club reputations and attendances have fallen through the floor for some reason and almost all of the professional teams have turned semi-pro. In addition most players are on 1 year contracts and are very reluctant to sign anything longer. Fortunately the in game editor can boost these things but it shows that the league isn't perfect yet!
  11. League tables and histories or player screenshots would be interesting to see. The problem with using the editor is that I always find more stuff I want to add. I've set up a game and holidayed until 2020ish. In going to start playing properly now. I've taken over Leopoldo City who are one of the Grand 4 clubs from the Dutch Province. Despite winning the first national championship in 1960, they have fallen upon hard times since the start of the save and have spent the last three years in Division 3. Hopefully will be a fun ride back to the top!
  12. Posted some screenshots from a few matches here: http://worldfootballreportfm.blogspot.co.uk/ I'm giving a career a go now after a lot more editing. I've bumped up the reputation of the country and clubs which has improved the quality of the league so far. I've done a fair bit of holidaying overnight and noticed that lots of clubs end up with no players and choose to become semi-pro. We'll see if this iteration is worth persevering with. I think at the moment that I might not have enough players/non-players of my nationality in the database.
  13. Loving the Avrilia updates by the way. So detailed! Can we have some more screenshots?
  14. Not officially got started with mine yet. Up to 64 teams now with 16 in national divisions. Like you Lewisq, I have added lots of cups. There are the four province cups, a cup winners cup for those four teams, a 64 team national cup plus an 8 team group stage/knockout college cup for 8 teams who have a maximum age of 21. I'm getting a better spread of names for regents by adding new players to the game with the names of my choice but all of the regens have dark skin. My idea was that they would be more mixed but that's not too important. I think when I'm happy with the quality of the players
  15. Thanks for the comments. Having a great time making this world! Only downside with the editor (which is excellent) is the names of the players. I have added lots of players from the database who have no club with Spanish/English nationality and assigned them Tontugan nationality and Tontugan clubs. So far all of the newgens have Portuguese style names though. There is one guy called Sweetzer in the database but in game there are 13 people with that name! Must be a limited number of Sao Tome names in the hardcoded DB! Have been doing lots of editing this week (school holidays) creating 54 team
  16. I've been inspired by this thread to set up my own country. After about 10 hours on the editor plus a couple of weeks of thinking about teams and structures, I'm getting closer to having something playable. I created the country of Tontuga (still not convinced about the name) which is a large island lying off the coast of Africa. It replaces Sao Tome & Principe in the database and is a volcanic island that replaces it on the map but is probably 50 times bigger in size. I imagined that this island was settled by British, Spanish and Dutch explorers/settlers in the past so the island still
  17. Nice thread. Great idea and so in depth. Look forward to reading more. Which team are you managing?
  18. Hi, I've been using V4 with Atletico Madrid in my second season. At the point I started using it the team had won 1 and lost 3 league games. The first league game against Almeria somehow ended in defeat despite taking the lead. In the next league game we spanked Getafe 6-1. Thus far since adopting the tactic the team has won 6, drawn 1 and lost 2. The second defeat came at the hands of Barcelona - Nakamura missed a late late penalty for us which would have made it 2-2, and with us going gung ho Henry scored to make it 3-1 on a counter attack. We were defeated in the cup by second division N
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