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  1. Lewis, did you see that someone tweeted this thread to Iain MacIntosh the journalist and famous FMer and asked if you were really him?
  2. I have created my own nation with a variety of different leagues and cups. The vast majority works correctly. I would like all of my cup competitions to have 3rd place playoff matches but they don't always work. I have a national cup (winner qualifies for continental competition). For this tournament the 3rd place playoff is played each time. I have additional cups but the playoff is not played. In the editor both cups have the 3rd/4th playoff option enabled and the settings for this are identical however it only gets played in the national cup. Any ideas appreciated. J
  3. Lewis, what's the latest from Avrilia? On my FM14 game we have reached 2073 and Leopold Petrol have won the first division for the third time in four seasons holding off perennial challengers Southern Cross. Celeste Spiders who won seven of the previous eight titles have dropped away since their manager quit. Many of the players from their successful sides have moved on.
  4. It's the summer of 2066 in Tontuga. The national team failed to qualify for the World Cup but have appointed a very experienced English manager (me!) as coach of the national team. At 85 years old, maybe the new manager is too old but he is the most successful manager that has managed in Tontuga. He is the manager of the reigning champions, Celeste Spiders, who have won four of the last five first division titles. The Spiders have climbed back up the pyramid over the last ten years after dropping down to the Third Division. As one of the Grand 4 clubs from the Dutch Eastern province of Tontuga the have always had a rich history but more as a bridesmaid than the bride in recent years. They finished 3rd in the top division 5 seasons in a row between 2032 and 2037. This season they have a real chance of breaking their duck in the African Champions League after finishing runners up twice in the last three years. In a remarkable development relating to the national census taking place in November 2066, all overseas players have been recalled. This has seen some huge names returning to play in the national leagues and provincial tournaments in the build up to the census. Included in this are Thijs Parrea, the goalkeeper capped 80 times by Italy who was the son of legendary Tontugan manager Santiago Parrea (manager of Elizabeth, Santana, Soria & Torino). Additionally Pedro Victoria, the free kick scoring Paris SG goalkeeper has returned to play for South Tusk Juniors of the second division. Mario Toledo the national team striker, who recently cost Tottennham £22m, has returned to play in the fourth division for his alma mater Leones who he won the first division with in 2055. The national team are 47th in the World Rankings and have 4 Nations Cup wins to their name (2031, 2033, 2051, 2063) and five World Cup finals appearances, losing to Argentina in the second round in 2030 but failing to make it out of the groups in 2034, 2038, 2042 and 2054.
  5. Great to get a news update from Avrilia - they are always worth waiting for! My game world has reached 2057 - we move at a slightly quicker pace than Avrilia. In the national first division, Clinton Tigers won the title for the second time, having broken their duck back in 2054. Tigers come from Clinton, a suburb city on the southern banks of the Elizabeth river, across the river from the nations capital Kensington. They won the title on goal difference from the nation's most successful side, Southern Cross (19 titles since 1960). Previous winners Celestehaven (4) and Esk Sporting Club (7) came in third and fourth recovering after struggles in recent years. Both have had long spells in the lower divisions. Two other former champions Leopold Petrol (6) and Elizabeth (7) were relegated along with tiny Lake Ford, a well back village team from Elizabeth province. Large clubs Leopold City (9) and Port Clinton Arsenal (3) remain stuck in division 2 as smaller provincial clubs Sporting Hoogveld, Toledo Mariners and Anduja Stars were promoted to the top flight. Other big clubs are in ever bigger dire straits. Capital club Kensington Alliance (7), the most storied club in Elizabeth province were relegated to Division 4 along with Libertad de Soria (4) the second most successful side from the Northern Spanish province. The third division was won by Army side National Barracks on goal difference from semi professional college side Electors. Independence Cup The Independence Cup was won by Sons of Willeminawijk for the fifth time. They triumphed 3-0 against Southern Cross at Independence Cup. All of their 5 triumphs have come in a very successful last 14 years which has also seen them win the African Confederations Cup 3 times. Provincial Titles Elizabeth Province: Played since 1905, it is the oldest tournament in the land. Kensington Alliance (29) are the most successful club but they have only won the tournament once in the last 30 years. Their city rivals Kensington Elizabeth (23) have made in roads in the past few years including a tournament best 5-in-a-row between 2029 and 2033 (when they were also National title winners 4 years in a row). Both semi finals were won on penalties. Little Lake Ford triumphed over Uruguay to reach their first provincial final, whilst factory team Tontugua Metal lost to Clinton Tigers. Tigers triumped 3-1 at Independence Stadium in the final in front of a capacity crowd of 58,900. Goals from Tangles Jerome and Collin Sylvester inside the first 11 minutes gave Tigers a great start. Kiko Sylvester responded for United but only after Lou Orlando had seen red. Esk Province: First played in 1920, the Esk Province trophy has been dominated by three clubs, Southern Cross (44), Eskmouth Oil (37) and Esk Sporting (19). Therefore it is a pretty big deal if another side from the province breaks through to make the final! Since 2005 only Wickham Juventus have won the title. Southern Cross overcame Esk Sporting in the most recent final on penalties after a 2-2 draw. Xerzes Spinters scored twice for the Stars whilst Garcia Cleveland and Dungue Van Meer replied for ESC. Oosten Tontuga Bekker: The Eastern Province of Tontuga was founded by Dutch settlers and their OTB started in 1935 with Batavia Coal triumphing over Celeste Spiders. Wins in this tournament have been far more evenly distributed than the Esk Province although the Leopoldsburg sides, Petrol (24) and City (28) have dominated recently. Having said that Sons recently won 6-in-a-row between 2050 and 2056 but lost the 2056 final to Celestehaven (15). The Oranje won 3-2 thanks to a hattrick from Juan Lappi. Spanish Province: This began back in 1926 and has largely been dominated by Lions of New Leon (34). Soria (23), General Patista (19) and Port Banacor (19) are the other most successful teams. Leones have been in the doldrums in the past 20 years but won the most recent title 4-1 against Toledo Mariners with a hattrick from international striker Mario Toledo. The Mariners have reached the top flight in recent years with big backing from a sugar daddy but have never won the provincial title. FM16 - I've also been developing my database in fm15/16 so it now works in the new game. I've added a few new teams and competitions but haven't quite got involved enough in it yet for it to be as addictive as the original game above!
  6. Hi, I've created a new league and cup structure for a made up country using basic/advanced rules. Does anybody know how to successfully create a third placed play off for a cup competition? I've had a look through the advanced rules but can't really tell which one you might use for this purpose. Does any one have any ideas? Thanks
  7. What are the latest goings on in Avrilia? Re-reading I see I didn't answer a question. My nation is definitely integrated in the wider football world with the Tontugan national team having won the African Nations Cup. We are now in 2041 and four Tontugan sides have won the African Champions League. Eskmouth Oil did it first under AI control. Then my human managed teams Leopold City, Elizabeth and Southern Cross have all won it too. Southern Cross are consistently Africa's top ranked club and the first division is now the top ranked African league. I've just resigned at Southern Cross and am looking for a new challenge after 5 straight league titles. The last of which was played solely with players of Tontugan nationality to try and make a more even playing field.
  8. In addition all clubs have a healthy starting bank balance and available transfer budget. The transfer preferences are just the default settings. I did try adding a transfer window but that had no effect on AI transfers. Thanks for your help so far!
  9. I don't actually have any transfer window set. I have since created new competitions in other countries to test the problem. I created an Algerian league structure with no transfer window. Their clubs sign players freely. For my custom league plus Nigeria: no sides controlled by AI sign any players. When playing as a team in my custom league and in Nigeria I can sign players though.
  10. I've created a custom league using a heavily edited Sao Tome. During testing I have noticed that the teams in this nation never sign players from other clubs. Is there any obvious reason why this could have happened? In the editor I have set a couple of rivals to not sign players from each other but that surely can't be preventing the whole nation from signing players. Some loan deals are happening but no free transfers or paid deals.
  11. Have you been testing the leagues so far? I've just transferred my custom league from FM14 to FM15 and have noticed in testing that the AI clubs don't sign any players!
  12. My database was made in fm14. Just re-read my message from before. I meant to say that Fm15 hasn't had a look in yet! Interestingly my Fm14 FB does work in the fm15 editor so I'm having a play around with it as I had a few ideas for improving the level of detail in my game.
  13. Keep it coming. These updates are fun to read. Thanks again for posting the original thread last year - not sure if I've ever been so hooked on a save as I am now with my own fictional little world! I've been zipping through and now find myself in December 2036. My original human manager has taken the job at Southern Cross, one of the biggest clubs in the country who were going through a title drought. He previously had success turning around Leopold City and Queenstown. My second human manager won three national titles on the bounce with Elizabeth and has dropped a couple of divisions to wake up Soria, a sleeping giant from the Spanish Province. Needless to say FM15 has had a look in so far!
  14. Thanks for the tip! I was a bit annoyed when I installed on a new laptop and had lost my place in the Hall of Fame!
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