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  1. Hi guys We've been plagued with the "custom view-bug" for years, and it's still messed up. See this link, if you're unsure of what i'm talking about. Can we edit the standard views, to our liking instead? Those seem to be hardcoded, compared to the custom views.
  2. Great feedback guys! Will enable the custom database, and then remove it, after Basconia gets promoted. Seems like it will extend the joy of playing with this amazing club.
  3. Got it. It always annoyed me, that Basconia wasn't useful of anything else, than for dumping crappy players. I wanted to add the Tercera divisions, through editor data, and hopefully make them usable. If Bilbao gets promoted, Basconia should be able to get promoted (after adding the league), correct?
  4. I'm not sure, since Bilbao (B-team) and Basconia isn't affiliated to each other. They're affiliated to Athletic (A-team). Also, i think the link between them is hardcoded, since it's the "The partnership between the clubs is a long-term deal"-type. Does anybody have any experience with this from previous FM's?
  5. Does anyone know, if *theoretically* Bilbao and Basconia would be able to play in the same league?
  6. Bummer. Was really looking forward to a San Marino game, with only sanmarinese players. Hopefully someone finds a solution to this. I can't seem to get it right.
  7. Awesome, i will definitely try this out. Hopefully it works. Thanks man.
  8. This workaround is brilliant!! Been trying to do a San Marino save for so long, using only San Marinese players, and this will really help. Any side effects to this? Do you still get offered the odd 32 year old brazilian?
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