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  1. Louwen

    Macbook 12" Retina

    FM runs great on my Macbook 12" 2016 with the M7 cpu. 2015 model might be a bit of a stretch though.
  2. Louwen

    Chivas/Athletic-style policy in editor?

    Bummer. Was really looking forward to a San Marino game, with only sanmarinese players. Hopefully someone finds a solution to this. I can't seem to get it right.
  3. Louwen

    Chivas/Athletic-style policy in editor?

    Awesome, i will definitely try this out. Hopefully it works. Thanks man.
  4. Louwen

    Chivas/Athletic-style policy in editor?

    This workaround is brilliant!! Been trying to do a San Marino save for so long, using only San Marinese players, and this will really help. Any side effects to this? Do you still get offered the odd 32 year old brazilian?
  5. Louwen

    [FM15][SKIN]Vexillium XXCXV

    Looks really nice. There are some sweet details already.
  6. I would keep it. I'm playing the beta on my MBP2008 with 2.4 GhZ Duo Core and 6GB ram. It works okay. Give FM13 a go. If you feel it's too slow, then get a replacement. (Which one is up to you, but if you watch games on full, i would prefer the MBP)
  7. Louwen

    Under 19s Champions Cup

    Nope. Arsenal used a 30 year old goalie in my game. He has the record for being the oldest player in the tournament.
  8. Louwen

    [WIP] Isteni

    It's really great seeing a new concept. Hopefully it will be released some day.
  9. Louwen

    Skinning suggestions and improvements thread

    Seconded. (thirded?)
  10. Wait a minute.... I KNEW there was something i forgot. That exact feature was one of those i was really looking forward to. Can someone enlighten us, if we misunderstood something, or if the feature INDEED was announced..
  11. *DROOL* Looks great. Really looking forward to it.
  12. Well spotted. S*L*U*T* (danish) = Quit/Finish